Halloween Costume Ideas For Women From Your Favorite Spooky Characters (2023)

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you’ve been invited to a last-minute home party or want to head out on the scariest night of the year, fear not; we’ve got you covered with some simple and recognizable characters for the year 2023. This year alone has provided us with many spooky options, but at the same time, we can look back a few years for some memorable characters too. Whether you want to be recognized or have your costume be a conversation starter, these looks can be recreated with your own wardrobe or by stealing from your friends or family members. Take inspiration from the most frightening TV and film villains or just some killer characters (wink wink) to make this Halloween the best yet. From A24’s best to James Wan, we’re covering it all in this list. Pick your favorite to be the party starter.


Spoilers Ahead

1. M3GAN (2023) 

The first horror movie of 2023, M3GAN, was definitely a highlight of the month of January. Not only was this killing machine extremely entertaining, but she’s also a significant upgrade from previous sinister dolls like Chucky and Annabelle. M3GAN’s costume is simple: a striped t-shirt on the inside with a khaki-colored dress on top. The important bits are the big bow on her neck (which is very recognizable), her hair, and the white socks. Don’t worry about being perfect, and have fun with the rest. Contour your face to look like a doll’s, and if you want to be extra scary, paint some blood splatters on your face to prove you’ve killed some people who hurt your best friend. Now you’re ready to be a dancing killer machine like no other. If anyone asks you who you are, reply with “Model 3 Generative Android”. 


2. Morticia Addams 

In a world full of Wednesdays, be a Morticia. The mother of the Addams family is the perfect sexy Halloween costume with no tweaks. What we mean is, instead of trying to be a sexy nurse or bunny, choose to be the hottest member of the Addams family to make heads turn. All you need to look like Morticia is long black hair, a form-fitting maxi dress, and ghostly makeup. Again, the important thing here is the long hair and creating an hourglass shape. For extra effect, carry a skull with you and add long fake nails to complete the look. Additionally, if you want to go as a couple or a full family, then the Addams family is a fantastic choice, especially with Wednesday being all over since the successful show last year.

3. Velma 

While the new TV show deserves a “jinkies,” considering the IMDB reviews may be more interesting to read than watching the series itself, this iconic character from the Mystery Incorporated gang has been a fan favorite since time immemorial. Again, the Scooby-Doo gang can be recreated for a group to add extra fun to the mix, with one member dressed as the scaredy-cat Great Dane himself or just carrying a stuffed animal. For Velma, all you need is something orange to wear on top, a red skirt, and some orange socks to create her iconic sandwich effect. There’s no need to stick to the rules and go with a turtleneck sweater that’s too long and a pleated skirt; do your own version of the character by making sure the colors are right. The most important detail is her bangs and her large glasses. Additional details can be large freckles on your face, like in the cartoon version, and a magnifying glass or torch as a prop.


4. Pearl or X (2022)

At this point, any character played by this modern scream queen can be an icon of horror, but we’ve chosen the simplest and best options from last year. Ti West and Mia Goth have created two fantastic slasher films that are gritty, cruel, and fascinating to watch. The showstopper of these films is, of course, Mia Goth herself. While X does have many other characters, all played fantastically, she is the clear protagonist. All you need are blue denim dungarees (the short ones), blue eyeshadow, and a 70s blowout. To be Pearl, you need a red vintage-looking dress; a skirt and blouse would also be great; some bloody hands; and an axe if possible. But the most important thing to complete her look are her braids and bows. Additionally, if red isn’t your thing, her other look is a blue polo with full-length denim dungarees. If someone tries to reject you, all you need to scream at them is “Please, I’m a star”. 

5. Dani (2019)

Midsommar Dani is a fantastic character study, but she’s also played by Florence Pugh, making her a born icon. The look is simple: a white cottagecore dress (brownie points if it gives Scandinavian summer festival vibes), a very large flower crown that appears to be big enough to engulf your face but only covers your forehead, and an innocent, bright smile. On other days, this costume can make you feel like a princess, but on Halloween, carry a stuffed bear or dress your partner in a bear suit to make an even bigger and more disturbing statement.


6. Lady Death 

The Fall of the House of Usher deserves an article of its own because there are so many iconic looks for each character. To begin with, we’d recommend being Verna because, even if no one recognizes Flanagan’s character, you can also pretend to be a female version of the Grim Reaper. For Verna, you could just dress in your biggest black dress or wear the red cape and white mask from Perry’s episode, which would be a real treat. Additionally, going around making deals with everyone would be your way to make clear what you’re meant to be! Within the show, there’s Camille and Tamerlane, whose looks are also very prominent with the white wig and the green dress, if Death herself is not your vibe.

7. The Sisters from ‘Evil Dead Rise’

Whatever you want to say about Evil Dead Rise, it’s truly a treat to watch in the cinema. Now, the costume is very simple: wear some black shorts and a white shirt, and then mess up everything else. Cracks on your lips, broken bones (not actually breaking them), cuts, scratches—do whatever you like to make yourself look undead, and you’re good as Ellie. On the other hand, for Beth, you need a purple silky top, but don’t worry too much about it; anything black that looks like it came out of 2005 and some black shorts and boots are enough. The best part of her look, though, is to cover yourself in blood and go all out. Bonus points if you are able to carry a fake chainsaw (even a drawing would be funny). Of course, you can do either of these characters alone too.

Let us know in the comments down below if you want part two of this article! If these girls are too frightening for you, we can always do just some pop culture references that are iconic but less fearful.

Ruchika Bhat
Ruchika Bhat
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