‘Expats’ Episode 2 Recap Summary: How Did Mercy Lose Gus?

Episode one of Expats, the brand-new show on Amazon Prime, is about Margaret trying to get over a tragedy in the city of Hong Kong. Amidst the chaotic times Margaret and her family are going through, she was throwing a 50th birthday party for her husband, Clarke. The party was a disaster, as Margaret had a meltdown over spotting Mercy waitressing at it. Margaret and Hillary, who had not been on good terms since the incident, were back to being friends for a brief period but went back to their lives. The show was like Anurag Kashyap’s film Ugly, but Expats so far is more emotional than dark.


Spoilers Ahead

Where Did Mercy Meet Gus For The First Time?

Mercy met Margaret and her kids at a yacht party. It is assumed the party was thrown by Mercy’s rich friends, and she was invited because her best friend was always concerned about her wellbeing. Mercy reveals she is a Columbia graduate but was struggling to find a decent job for herself in a city like Hong Kong. She ran into Gus, Margaret’s third child, when he was trying to be mischievous. Mercy was able to stop Gus from falling off the boat, and Margaret was grateful for her stopping him. Mercy was aware she could people of influence at this party, as she was surrounded by people from a family of means who might be willing to offer her a job.


Why Was Hillary At A Children’s Home?

Hillary was a career woman, but she and her husband had been trying to have a baby for a while and had not been successful. She visited the children’s home to meet orphan infants and offer them some comfort as they were abandoned at birth. Hillary probably wanted to check if she had maternal instincts or not. Hillary was not sure if she wanted to have a child, which is why the visit to the childcare home was crucial for her and David. Hillary could sympathize with the infants and hold them close, but she seems to have not formed the bond that is required for a mother.

Why Did Mercy Jump Into The Sea?

At the yacht party, Mercy was having a horrible time fraternizing with her friend’s rich colleagues and acquaintances. They were not willing to help her or get to know her because of her poor financial background. Mercy’s family was not rich, and she received her degree purely on scholarship and merit, but that was not important for anybody on the yacht. She believed the rich do not have to hustle to find a job, as she struggled to get through a decent conversation about her qualifications. Out of pure desperation and wanting some attention, she jumps into the water and swims under the boat just to prove she is adventurous. Of all the people on the yacht, it was Margaret who came to her rescue. Margaret and Mercy somehow formed a bond while onboard, and the young woman could understand what Margaret was trying to convey. Margaret, too, was having a hard time conversing with rich wives obsessed with money and kids and never about their careers. Mercy and Margaret became fast friends, and Mercy offered to be the nanny for her kids.


Was Margaret Jealous Of Gus Spending Time With Essie?

Gus was obsessed with Essie, the help Margaret and Clarke hired to help raise their youngest child. She was troubled by the idea of Gus being more attached to his nanny than her, a problem she never had while raising her first two children.  As Hillary’s dilemma over wanting a child increases, Margaret reveals she didn’t want Gus when she first learned about her third pregnancy. Her mind changed the moment she first held her child. She advises Hillary to face the storm, which is motherhood, instead of worrying about survival after the child is part of her life. Margaret was complaining and sounded jealous about Essie sleeping next to Gus at night until he fell asleep.

Why Did Margaret Want To Move Back To America?

Margaret and Clarke had only moved to Hong Kong for a brief period. They had planned to move back to America, where she could go back to being a landscape architect and contribute financially to the family. Unfortunately, Clarke revealed his contract was being extended for another year. Margaret was not livid, but she had hoped Clarke would understand what she wanted from life other than running their home and taking care of the children. Margaret wanted to be a career woman as well, unlike the other local women, whose only aim was to be the loyal wife and take care of the household. Being a woman of another ethnicity, Margaret could not come to terms with women giving up their identity and lives just to become housewives. She had plans to move back and begin to work on herself—a plan she would have to keep on hold for the sake of Clarke.


Was David Bored With His Marriage To Hillary?

David and Hillary were trying hard to become parents, but they had no luck so far. David reveals he had a difficult relationship with his parents, which led to his alcoholism. Hillary claims David wants a child after years of having decided not to want one. As Hillary conversed about her time at the childcare home, David lost interest in her conversation. David was either tired of trying to have a baby or the pressure on him and Hillary was too much for them to conceive a child the normal way. David had been sober for many years, but months of trying to conceive drove him to alcohol again. David was probably bored with his marriage because they would spend time being romantic through dinners frequently, which would not translate to the bedroom. This could be an indication of Hillary being worried and wanting to keep David happy for the sake of their marriage.

How Did Mercy Lose Gus?

Mercy and Margaret met again for dinner, and the latter brought her kids along as an informal way to introduce them to their new nanny. Mercy was desperate for a job, which is why she spent most of the evening deciphering Margert’s moves, texting them back to her friend, and asking for tips to make sure she got the job. Mercy and Margaret became fast friends, and the kids had begun to like her as well. Margaret, for the first time, could converse with a woman who was career-oriented. Margaret was prepared to offer Mercy the job, but the young woman was nervous through the night.

As they walked through the crowded night market, Mercy was holding Gus’ hand; she was busy responding to her friend on the phone. Mercy was planning to take the job, but she was finding it hard to balance between holding onto Gus and messaging her friend. It was irresponsible of Mercy, as the job she would be hired for required her to remain alert.

Mercy was with Gus and Philip one moment, and the next second, the toddler was gone as if disappearing into thin air. Mercy had no time to panic, as Margaret was quick to realize that the young woman had just lost her child. It would be wrong to blame Mercy for losing her child, as she was distracted for just a second. Her distraction cost everyone their peace of mind, as Gus was nowhere to be found.


David appeared at the scene of the crime. There was never any explanation offered in this episode on why he was there and giving police a statement, but this was the first time she met him, which subsequently led to their affair. It is implied he lied about where he was, which caused issues in the police investigation into the case of Gus’ disappearance. The episode ended with Mercy being physically shaken up over the incident. She could not offer them comfort, an apology, or sympathy. Their brief friendship ended. The night market was the scene of the crime, and Margaret wanted to visit the place in the first episode with Hillary. The place probably haunted her, but she wanted to confront the demon of wanting to face the scene of the crime without breaking down. Margaret had not recovered from Gus’ disappearance, and that was the reason she never wanted to leave Hong Kong.

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