‘Dragons Of Wonderhatch’ Episodes 1 & 2 Recap & Ending Explained: Why Is Gyro Defending Kotawari?

Dragons of Wonderhatch, the latest Japanese adventure drama series, zooms in on the adventurous journey of its two main protagonists, Nagi and Tyme. Nagi is a regular high schooler in the real world, while Tyme belongs to a mysterious wonderland where dragons and humans coexist and can also communicate. These dragons help the natives protect their land and people. The story kicks off with Nagi in her school, where, while observing other kids play, she stumbles, knocks herself out, and immediately dreams about a mysterious utopia called Upananta. The said dreams also lend us a glimpse of Tyme, budding through his teenage years, trying to learn and understand how his world functions.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Does Nagi Always Dream About Upananta?

As you’ve noticed, Nagi was an extraordinary student with a plethora of subtle artistic capabilities, which helped her bring her imagination to life. But make no mistake, this exemplary talent came at a cost. Nagi’s mother was also bestowed with the same talent as hers, but as her talents passed down to her children, so did the vexing curse of connections with Upananta. In reality, their ancestry was never actually meant to enter the earth, and they had a pretty fulfilling life on one of the islands in Upananta, but fate dealt his cruel hands, and Gyro took control of all of Kotawari in their world. For the uninitiated, Kotawari was a special mineral that was native to the Pytonpyt island in Upananta and was a must to ensure the survival of any island across Upananta. As Gyro took control of Pytonpyt, he cut off the supply for Kotawari and made sure no species in the world touched the precious mineral except him. Nagi’s ancestors rebelled against the tyranny and fought Gyro’s forces, but because they were heavily outnumbered, they lost. As a punishment and to make an example out of the rebels, Gyro sent Nagi’s ancestors to the real world, using his magic bubble. This left their lineage cursed with a perpetual desire to return to their original world.


What Happened To Nagi’s Mother?

Even though Nagi’s mother, Hana, battled with the same curse, she managed to carve out a tranquil life in the real world. However, to keep herself sane, Hana created dozens of stories around her dream, which also extended to comics, with Gyro at the center. Unfortunately, tragedy struck again, and soon, Hana’s behavior spiraled out of control. She isolated herself from the outside world and people, and she spent hours drawing what she often saw in her dreams. But this was just the tip of the iceberg, as sometimes, out of the blue, Hana danced in her room uncontrollably and often screamed so hard that it scared little Nagi. Nagi’s father, Taichi, out of concern for his daughter, confronted Hana and suggested taking her to a psychiatrist to treat her mental health. However, Hana was aware that her problems ran deeper and that no treatment could ever fix her. Thus, left with no other alternative, she left her family in the middle of the night and was never seen again. This left Taichi devastated, and he retreated to his wife’s room and locked himself in until Tyme arrived in the human world.

Why Is Gyro Defending Kotawari With His Life?

As the world of Upananta took form, each island required Kotawari, a unique mineral abundantly found in the region. As already discussed, these minerals were essential for everyone’s survival on the island, and the lack of it would lead to absolute chaos, destruction, and death. Since these minerals were in high demand, the elders of the island came together and formed a pact that stated every island would get their fair share of Kotawari, and in exchange, they would’ve to contribute to its preservation. However, Gyro harbored sinister intentions and planned on becoming the most powerful dragon of Upananta, someone everybody would bow to. Thus, he decided to take control of Pytonpyt and massacre hundreds in search of a worthy master. But why would the most powerful dragon look for a master to tame him? In reality, Gyro wanted to enter the prestigious fights, which wasn’t possible unless he had a master. Gyro believed that if he won the esteemed competition, he would earn everyone’s respect. Slowly, Gyro’s search for a master turned into an excuse to murder innocents, and he started killing, regardless of the threat they posed to him. From the looks of it, it appeared that Gyro liked the island getting weaker day by day. Everyone who opposed or went against Gyro was either killed or sent to the human world via the magic bubble.


How Does A Dragon Choose His Master?

In the world of Upananta, every dragon needed to be tamed first in order to enter the prestigious fights and show off their talents and powers. However, there were some conditions that stated that dragons could pick their master only if the said person could communicate with them. If you haven’t picked up on it yet, the dragons in Upananta had a social status, meaning the stronger the dragon you tamed, the more respected and recognized you became. This made everyone want to tame Gyro, since he was the strongest dragon in Upananta. Unfortunately, no one was ever able to communicate with Gyro. Even fighters as young as Tyme tried to tame Gyro, but it ended in failure. Thus, Tyme had to accept Gatz as his mount. Things turned interesting when Tyme tried to tame Gyro again, but, as expected, they ended up being transported to the human world. However, this didn’t affect Tyme that much, as he was more than happy to reside in the human world with Gatz.

What Can We Expect In Episode 3?

Toward the end, we saw Tyme and Gatz entering the human world, so it’s possible that they would join forces with Nagi and find a way to return to their homeworld. However, this won’t be a walk in the park as Gyro is getting stronger with every passing day, while the people of Upananta are too feeble to even entertain the thought of retaliation. So, Tyme and Nagi’s biggest concern, should they choose to join forces, would be to weaken Gyro and rekindle the rebellion. The possibilities are endless, as the first two episodes have given us a lot of ground to cover. Not to mention, the episodes also gave us a glimpse of a scientist in Upananta who seemed to have some connection with the human world.


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