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Dom, the Amazon Prime Video original series, is the three-season-long saga of Pedro “Dom” and his father, Victor Dantas. Both are from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and have lived complicated lives. The show is based on the true stories of Victor Lomba and his son Pedro “Dom.” Victor was an ex-police officer who had spent all of his life fighting the drug trade. Pedro, on the other hand, was exposed to small-scale robbery and narcotics intake from a very young age. Throughout the three seasons, many characters walk in and out of the lives of the father and son. Some have a good influence, while many others leave a terrible impact on the two of them.


Spoilers Ahead


Gabriel Leone, as the real-life Pedro “Dom,” is the younger son of Victor Dantas, who has lived half of his life-consuming hard-core narcotics. The man is only 25 years old, but his exposure to the world of drugs happened at a very young age. Pedro “Dom” and his friend Lico were drawn to the life of crime and the high they received from not being caught. Sadly, Victor had warned him of the life he might have in the future if he continued committing felonies. Yet a young Pedro refused to understand his father’s concerns. Pedro has been in and out of rehab for years, and yet none of them could help him. Victor has been a supportive figure since Pedro was a minor, but after a certain point, he and Pedro’s sister chose to give up on him.


Pedro is a sensitive man, yet he slips into drug abuse time and again, which leads him to become one of the notorious yet skilled robbers of the city. This job he chooses for himself takes him on a roller coaster, which has him being helped by a police officer who begins to ask for a share of loot from the robberies. Pedro has a girlfriend, Jasmin, who is a part of his robbery gang, and she soon realizes the man is spiraling and chooses to keep her distance. Pedro, however, is helped by his father yet again, but he relapses. His life takes a turn when he learns Jasmin is pregnant. He hopes to be a good father figure, and he understands how much Victor sacrifices in the hope that Pedro will soon become sober. Since the show is based on a true story, people are aware of how life will turn out to be for Pedro and his family and friends.

Victor Dantas

Flávio Tolezani portrays the real-life Victor Lomba, who spent his life working for military intelligence to gather details on the drug menace across the Rio Coast. Years later, he joined the Rio police force. His exposure to the drug mafia and their work from a young age made Victor staunchly against the distribution and consumption of illegal substances. His several assignments to bring down the trade while being in the police made him realize the system is corrupt. His colleagues and several high-ranking members of the army as well were taking bribes from the drug lords and did not interfere in the workings of the syndicate. His strong values about this subject made him want to keep his younger son Pedro from becoming a drug addict. 


Even though Victor and his wife Marisa are divorced, he makes sure to dedicate as much time as he can to help Pedro become sober. Sadly, Victor realizes his boy is an adult, and he cannot go after him all the time he falls into trouble. Victor also has an on-and-off relationship with Paloma, the woman he met during his younger days working with military intelligence. His platonic relationship with her is another highlight of the life he has led so far. Victor, despite giving up on his son’s spiraling behavior, goes back multiple times, seeking Pedro in the hope this will be the last time he will have to do this, but life has other plans as his son does not want to be rescued. 


Raquel Villar plays Jasmin, Pedro’s girlfriend, who meets him as a prostitute and has a gang lord fall for her. Pedro and Jasmin begin to sleep with each other discreetly, but soon, the mafia lord is arrested. This allowed Jasmin and Pedro to be in each other’s company more often, and she joined his plan to rob rich people in the city. Jasmin, just like Pedro, is addicted to snorting cocaine and has no plans to give up living life high on the loot they steal. 


Jasmin tries to be there for Pedro when he loses his best friend to a drug overdose, but his erratic nature and his spiraling due to the tragedy force her to back away from his life. Even though Pedro goes back to the life of crime, Jasmin chooses to quit her habit of snorting and focuses on getting back to normalcy. Jasmin is pregnant, but at the beginning of the third season, she plans to live on a meager salary, she chooses to stay away from her old life. Jasmin makes it clear that she wants a normal life now that she is pregnant with Pedro’s child and wants to remain alive. 


Laila Garin, Pedro’s distressed mother, is one of the good characters who is stuck between doing the right thing and wanting Pedro to stay alive. As a mother, she is forever distressed as her marriage to Victor crumbled; she hoped her relationship with her children would remain intact. Sadly, her life never worked out the way she planned. Marisa hoped she and her son would find a middle ground and find ways to help Victor make Pedro sober, but none of their efforts worked. Marisa is the first to figure out Pedro is an adult, and he will have to decide for himself if he wants to continue being a criminal or get out of this life. 



Isabella Santoni, as the self-destructive Vivianne, is the spoiled woman of the robbery gang, whose leader is Pedro. Just like Pedro, she got a high school diploma after committing a crime and wanted to do more just to be able to fund her drug addiction. Long after the group breaks up because of Lico’s death and its severe effect on Pedro, Viviane is the one who forces him to go back to committing a crime that caused mayhem in the city. 

Vivianne is also the person who is asked to leave the group a while later because of her mishaps, which almost forced Pedro to leave the city. Vivianne soon gave herself a changed narrative, at least for the media, and did not think twice before speaking up about Pedro. Vivianne is a hypocrite and petty person who is willing to throw Pedro under the bus.



Wilson Rabelo, as Arcanjo, is the boss Victor worked under. Arcanjo is a person from military intelligence. Just like Victor, Arcanjo is also keen on getting rid of the drug menace in the country. He planned to make use of the young Victor and his good nature and help him infiltrate a gang in the hope of getting information about all the drug-related links. 

Arcanjo, however, is aware of the rampant corruption happening in the army and the police. There is a time when he is helpless in many situations that would expose the nexus that joins his employers and the drug mafia. At times, Arcanjo is helpless, but in his crusade against the drug trade he always remains undeterred, and he refuses to back down, just like Victor. He has always been a great mentor to Victor. Victor, on the other hand, hoped to be the same sort of guiding figure to Pedro.



Mariana Cerrone, as Laura, is the older daughter of Victor and Marisa. She is the stable child they had, and as parents, they knew she would find a way to settle down. Sadly, Laura believed everyone treated her like a cushion, a person all three could fall back on in times of trouble. Pedro especially runs off to her for all kinds of support. 

Laura loves her family, but she plans to have a life away from crime and unwarranted attention. Just like Pedro, she never had Victor around growing up because of the demanding job of a police officer. Laura has had a good relationship with her parents during her adulthood, yet she finds it hard to be an ear to any one of them. She chooses to be independent and marries the man of her choice; she is distressed to watch her father obsess over Pedro. She is also hurt to watch her brother take the self-destructive route. Laura is vocal about her problems with being ignored by her family, but she also runs to save them and be there for them when things are not fine. She is the typical sibling who everyone expects to sort her life out; but she needs an empath in her life as well. 



Aline Borges, as Lia, is the new girlfriend of Victor. She ran into him when he got hold of a robber who took her phone away. Their regular meetings bring them close, and upon learning he is Pedro’s father, Lia refuses to leave his side. Lia herself is a judge who understands the line of work he was in and the trauma he faced while confronting drug lords from across the country. Lia has been a good influence on Victor for many years, and he feels secure enough to share his cancer diagnosis with her. 


Roberto Ramalho: Renato Livera, as Roberto Ramalho, is the honest cop in the Rio police. Victor could see shades of himself in Roberto, but he is always trying to make him see the real picture of the Rio police. Roberto, along with the secretary and the state governor, were after Pedro. While Roberto’s reasons are honest, he is unable to perceive the politics behind the people who are helping him. Victor and Roberto argued over ethics and sincerity. While Victor had given up on expecting honesty from his ex-force, Roberto is still hoping the system is not entirely corrupt, and that many want to get rid of Pedro because of his crimes.


Xandao: Xandao is a thug working for Colibri, Pedro’s new boss. Initially, Xandao and Pedro never get along, and he is forced to join his team to rob. Xandao soon has full-blown respect for Pedro after he saves him from being killed by the police after their robbery goes wrong. Xandao and his family are forever grateful to him, and their bond ever since has been unbreakable. 

Aldo Lima: Leandra Miranda, as Secretary Aldo Lima, is one of the polarizing characters in the show. He is a politician who is not only corrupt but also creates an image of himself as someone who cares for the well-being of society. His intent to capture Pedro could be noticed along with trying to paint himself as being in opposition to the drug trade and the mafia, all while he worked hand in hand with them. Aldo Lima works with Roberto and gives him a hope of having a crime-free street in Rio, while on the other hand, he plans to make deals with many local drug lords to get his hands on Pedro. 


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