‘Dom’ Season 3 Ending Explained & Recap: Is Pedro Dead Or Alive?

Seasons one and two of Dom, the ambitious Amazon Prime Video project that chronicles the lives of Victor Dantas and his son Pedro “Dom” and his fight to get his son out of a life of crime. The first two seasons chronicled how Pedro’s life went downhill, but he refused to give up the robberies that gave him quick money. Season two extensively covered the life of a young Victor Dantas, who was writing a draft for his memoir titled ‘The Witch’s Kiss’ that described his life as a spy working for military intelligence and later working as a police officer in Rio de Janeiro. Both times, he was crusading to finish the drug trade and mafia in Brazil. Season two ended with Pedro being chased by Rio police. 


Spoilers Ahead

What happened a month before Pedro was chased?

Season three began with Pedro being confronted by Roberto Ramalho of the Rio Police and his team. He stalled them by throwing a grenade, but soon, he was shot in the leg. An injured Pedro had to jump off the bridge to save himself, but it did not seem like he could be rescued as the police outnumbered him, and only the series finale ending would reveal if Pedro would survive the bullet wounds or if he would be saved by his father, Victor Dantas.


Was Victor Dantas sick?

One month before the chase and Pedro’s injury, Victory was diagnosed with cancer. His only goal was to rescue his son from the criminal life he had been leading for many years. Pedro was hardly twenty-four years of age, and yet his elderly father was adamant about getting him proper rehab care that would drag him out of the life of thievery he was leading. Pedro had become a known name in Rio, and Victor wanted to get rid of this brand and make sure his son turned sober eventually. Victor had not shared news of his diagnosis with his children for obvious reasons. He soon met a beautiful woman named Lia, who was a judge with the court and was willing to help him find a way out to aid Pedro. Both had begun to meet regularly, and they eventually fell in love. 

Why did Pedro arrive in the city?

Pedro was happy to learn the news of his daughter’s birth, yet Jasmin asked him to stay away from the hospital as the police expected him to visit the hospital. Pedro decided to visit Jasmin and his newborn daughter Bruna, but they’d already left the hospital. He was aware of why Jasmin took his daughter away, but he had hoped to come clean with his life and live for both. As expected, Pedro was being followed by Ramalho and his team, who reached the hospital to arrest him. Pedro exited the hospital without being caught and soon made up his mind to live for the sake of Jasmin and Bruna. 


Why did Colibri assign work to Pedro? 

Pedro wanted to leave behind the life of robbery, and his group had been reduced to two people, including himself. His boss, Colibri, was not very keen to let him go so soon as Pedro was the most notorious yet skilled thief in the city. Even though his pictures were being plastered throughout television channels and newspapers, it didn’t stop Pedro from taking up the job. He hoped the loot would help him get rid of the debt he owed Colibri. 

On the night of the robbery, Colibri had given him and his group the wrong tip regarding the house they were supposed to rob. Pedro decided to rob the neighbors instead, and it went awry very quickly. They soon learned the house they robbed belonged to a journalist who was running several segments on Pedro in his news channel. On their way back from the robbery, one of their men Xandão was shot by the police, and he was saved by Pedro before could be arrested. Though Xandão was forever grateful to Pedro for saving his life, Colibri, on the other hand, was livid at Pedro for deciding to change the robbery plan. He was also not enjoying the limelight Pedro was receiving, having saved his friend from being arrested or worse killed. 


Did the police raid the Rocinha favela?

Since Pedro had robbed the home of a renowned journalist, the police and other forces led by Roberto Ramalho and his boss Aldo Lima took it upon themselves to arrest Pedro from the Rocinha favela of Rio de Janeiro. This was made news to many in the favela, and many began to hide to avoid being casualties in this ambush. On the day of the attack, Ramalho and his men were able to almost catch Pedro, but his best friend Quinado surrendered himself to help Pedro escape from the police. Even though Pedro barely escaped, Colibri used this opportunity to get rid of him in the hope of making a deal with Roberto Ramalho. Colibri was willing to offer him intel on Pedro, and in return, he demanded no interference from the police. Ramalho was unwilling to take the offer, as he could not turn a blind eye to the growing drug menace in the city. 

Ramalho was not a corrupt officer which resulted in him losing Pedro. Pedro, on the other hand, was on the run, and sadly, he witnessed his friend Quinado’s body being taken away by the police to be dumped in the sea. He had to make sure to stay out of the limelight in the hope that Ramalho or any other police officer would not catch him.


How did Laura learn about her father’s past?

Laura was made aware of her father’s cancer diagnosis. During her conversation with her father, she spoke in detail about how she felt like she didn’t know him at all. Victor felt dejected to have lived a life away from his children, and Pedro chose to get into robbery and drugs because of his absence. Victor was glad Laura turned out normal and he shared his draft of ‘The Witch’s Kiss’ with her. He felt it was his duty to let Laura know about his past and had hoped she would understand the kind of work he had carried out. His draft included stories from his time on the Colombia-Brazil border. Victor and his teammates were asked to get closer to a Colombian drug supplier, blow up their goods, and retrieve the money. The whole mission went as planned except the money got blown with the stash, which made the Brazilian army livid. 

Victor soon learned the army had really been after the money, and they’d asked him and his mates to carry out this mission for their own gain. In this process, one of Victor’s friends was killed by a Colombian side. His death was a wake-up call for Victor, as he realized the whole system was rotten and no one wanted to get rid of the drug mafia, as everyone earns enough money or more from them to help each other sustain themselves. 


How did Colibri catch Pedro?

Pedro was informed by Kelly, Colibri’s girlfriend, about his boss’ plans to give him away to Ramalho in return for no interference from the police in the favela. She also informed him about Vava, another drug lord with whom he had plans for the supply of narcotics. Kelly was physically attracted to Pedro, and they had gotten intimate on several occasions under Colibri’s nose. This allowed him to find shelter under Vava, to whom he offered a book. The book revealed Colibri was working against Vava, and Pedro was happy to have found an ally in him. Vava was quick to confront Colibri about the information Pedro shared. Colibri was killed by Vava because of the betrayal. Pedro, however, was in shock to see Colibri dead, though he hoped that with his death he would be free to go back to live with Jasmin and Bruna. 

What was the deal between Aldo Lima and Victor?

Victor was helped by Lia, his new girlfriend, who was a judge, to fix a meeting with Secretary Aldo Lima. Aldo Lima along with Roberto Ramalho and the state governor were after Pedro, who was now deemed one of the most notorious thieves alive in the city. Victor, on the other hand, wanted to formulate a deal that would help Pedro receive a safe exit from the city of Rio. Victor had hoped to send his son away to a farm that belonged to his old boss, Arcanjo. However, Aldo Lima promised Pedro’s life if the surrender was peaceful, as the young boy had managed to make many people angry. Pedro and Victor met up and discussed fatherhood. He also promised Victor he’d come back and set things right in the hope of leading a life of peace and tranquility. This was their first meeting in a long time, and just before it, Laura had informed Pedro about Victor’s cancer diagnosis. This news made him seek out his father and have a proper conversation. 


Who outed Pedro?

Vava had offered one last job to Pedro, even though the latter was not very keen on taking it up. Pedro was made the boss of the Rocinha favela, but he was not interested in being the gang leader. He was honest about not wanting any job that would have many follow in his footsteps. Since he was a father now, he wondered if he should be a role model to young guys who were carried away by the kind of life these gangsters lived. Almost none of them go to school to study, and they give all of their time to committing crimes and supplying drugs. Pedro confessed his role was only to rob the rich, and he would always be good at it. Vava proclaimed he never required a thief like him, as he was far more powerful than Colibri. He only wanted to send a message to someone very powerful. Vava had hoped to use Pedro to declare war against the state governor and Aldo Lima. Since he was the unopposed leader in the favela, he had hoped his message would force the law to back off. Pedro also realized this was a job that did not require a team. 

Pedro and his friend distracted the police outside the governor’s apartment building, and he managed to write a blasphemous message on the walls of their home. The task was done, and Vava divulged Pedro’s location to Aldo Lima. Vava had probably received protection from Aldo in return for outing Pedro. This was the same offer given to Ramalho by Colibri, but the former was an honest man who refused to fall for the rules set by criminals. 


How Did Pedro Die?

Pedro, on his way back, was confronted by Roberto Ramalho and his team, and this would connect to the first scene of the third season and the second season. An injured Pedro headed towards a parking lot in the hope of keeping himself alive. Since he had bombed the police officers, the peace deal between Aldo Lima and Victor was off the table. They had to kill him as per the orders. The governor also wanted Pedro dead, as his death would earn him favor in the elections. Ramalho, on the other hand, understood what Aldo Lima would gain from this death. The police officers shot him in the parking lot, and his death was publicized everywhere for everyone to know of the success of the operation. Ramalho was not happy to witness Aldo Lima politicizing Pedro’s death. He soon understood Victor’s words about the rotten system. He sensed the war against drugs would never end as long as the police and politicians took money to protect these criminals. 

Aldo Lima had no option but to work with the drug mafia. This was a win-win situation for everyone, as Pedro’s death would mean no details about the tasks he carried out at the behest of another Rio police officer. There would be no revelation of connection between the police and the drug mafia. Vava, just like Colibri, had seen Pedro as a threat, as many from the younger cadre had begun to look up to him. With Pedro out, life will be back to normal. He simply became a scapegoat. 


Dom season 3 ended with Victor being brought to the mortuary to identify Pedro’s body, and he broke down upon witnessing Pedro’s mutilated body. Victor went all out to make sure Pedro was saved and not killed. He had hoped his son could live a long life away from Rio, but fate had other plans. Since the whole three seasons were based on true incidents, there was no way the makers could have changed the ending. The final montage of the show had the real-life Victor Lomba talking about the bullets found in Pedro’s body. His years of experience in the police force made it easy to conclude that his son may have surrendered upon seeing the force approaching him. However, the aging father claims his only agenda was to make people aware of the menace of drug consumption and how it deeply affected the families of the deceased who passed away because of this ghastly habit. He probably wanted to talk about how the local forces and the system do nothing to curb it. Pedro had died at the age of twenty-five, and there was nothing he could do to stop his son from consuming the drugs that were easily available on the streets. If the police could go after people who consumed it, they should also have arrested those bringing illegal narcotics into their country. Arresting and killing the consumers would not end the problem. Families and friends of the deceased should stand up and fight against the menace, as he had tried to put an end to it as a part of the force years ago. 

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