‘Depp V Heard’ Episode 3 Recap & Ending, Explained: What Did The Unsealed Documents Reveal?

In episode 3 of the Netflix docu-series Depp V Heard, the trial concluded with the jury’s decision. Given the evidence gathered by Depp and the inconsistency in Amber’s statements, people easily predicted the trial’s result. However, the documentary series maintained a neutral stance and revealed significant legal loopholes that mirrored the trial’s conflicting aspects. Even as the trial ended, the public remained perplexed about the truth, struggling to decide whom to trust.


However, the audacity that Amber and Depp both displayed by openly portraying their conflicting and vulnerable accounts to the media deserved applause. Unlike many celebrities who avoid such bold steps and opt for out-of-court settlements to avoid airing their dirty laundry in front of fans, this renowned rivalry between Depp and Heard lets each of them uncover the other’s flaws and present them to the world.

Who Was The Eyewitness In Amber Getting Assaulted By Depp?

The sole eyewitness to the incident in which Johnny allegedly assaulted Amber was her sister, Whitney Henriquez. Whitney testified in court, stating that both Johnny and Amber exchanged foul language, but Johnny was the one who held her and repeatedly struck her. She also claimed Johnny pushed Whitney in a fit of rage. Additionally, Amber recounted an incident where she was shoved down the stairs, but mistakenly mentioned Kate Moss’s name.


Fans started speculating that Amber was most likely fabricating her story based on the rumor about the Kate Moss staircase incident. Kate Moss was one of Johnny Depp’s well-known partners for a brief period. During their relationship, a somewhat similar incident occurred where Kate fell down the stairs, injuring her back. Initial rumors implicated Johnny as the one who pushed her, but Kate clarified that he wasn’t involved and that it was an accidental fall. Seizing an opportunity, Depp’s defense introduced Kate Moss during the trial to demonstrate that she hadn’t been harmed by Johnny. Under oath, Kate Moss recounted her version of events, which shattered Amber’s credibility as her statements were no longer reliable. This further damaged Amber’s reputation, eroding the remaining public trust in her.

Following that, Depp’s legal team introduced a psychiatrist named Shannon Curry to the court. Curry was tasked with conducting a personality assessment on Amber. During her testimony, Curry revealed that Amber had both borderline and histrionic personality disorders, which could lead her to fabricate stories and crave attention. At the same time, the psychiatrist whom Amber used to see was summoned to testify. This psychiatrist diagnosed Amber as a victim of post-traumatic stress disorder, stemming from her difficult upbringing and abusive parents. In the end, even the psychiatric evaluations couldn’t be considered reliable, as different therapists provided different diagnoses that did not establish Amber’s credibility.


What Was The Boston Plane Incident?

Another significant incident was brought up during the trial regarding an on-flight altercation between Amber and Johnny. In May 2014, Heard boarded a flight to join Depp in New York. However, upon Depp’s arrival, an incident took place. Allegedly intoxicated from drugs and alcohol, Johnny became aggressive toward Amber and reportedly kicked her in the back. Despite Johnny’s strong denial of the claim, Amber persisted in trying to establish that it surely happened.

Johnny Depp’s sound engineer and friend, Keenan Wyatt, was also present on the flight. He stated that he didn’t have any recollection of such an event taking place. Even though Amber provided an audio recording of the incident with Johnny crying and moaning, Keenan asserted that he couldn’t remember any such incident. The inquiry was then extended to Mr. Stephen Deuters, a film producer and Depp’s assistant. Some astonishing text messages between him and Amber were submitted to the court. However, these texts were neither verified nor deemed relevant, leading the court to reject the evidence.


Curiously, while the entire trial proceedings were openly broadcast on camera, presenting every minute piece of evidence, the contents of the texts between Amber and Deuters remained hidden. This raises the question: What was in those texts, and why were they kept hidden?

What Did The Unsealed Documents Reveal?

During the trial, a lot of Johnny Depp’s dirty laundry came to light, creating a significant rift between his character and personality. One of his close friends among Hollywood A-listers was Paul Bettany, and text messages between them surfaced two years prior to Johnny’s wedding with Amber. In these messages, he wrote to Paul, suggesting they should burn and drown Amber. The grotesque and horrifying nature of these texts, especially coming from someone who was soon to marry Amber, was deeply unsettling. It was becoming evident that Johnny was no saint; he exhibited violent behavior when under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

As the trial reached its conclusion, the outcome followed the expected pattern, resulting in a clear victory for Johnny Depp. Johnny Depp presented convincing evidence and won the defamation case on all counts. The court ordered Amber to pay $10 million in compensation, plus $5 million in punitive damages. Even though Amber won only in one instance, she had to endure damage to her reputation and relentless online harassment, which remained a heavy burden for her.

Following the conclusion of the trial, certain significant sealed documents were disclosed to the general public. A YouTube commentator used crowdfunded cash to unseal these documents. However, upon their revelation, die-hard fans of Johnny Depp were taken aback by some shocking revelations. Texts revealed a conversation between Deuters and Amber about the Boston Plane incident, in which Deuters mentioned Johnny kicking Amber. However, Deuters later denied writing those messages, suggesting text manipulation. His phone didn’t show those chats, leading the court to dismiss them as irrelevant due to doubts about their authenticity.


Following the trial’s conclusion, NBC conducted interviews with both Depp and Amber’s lawyers, revealing contradictory statements regarding the jury’s impartiality. When questioned about whether the jury truly remained shielded from the social media uproar, Amber’s lawyer, Charlson Bredehoft, argued that it was unrealistic to expect the jury to avoid the influence of the social media campaign launched by some of Depp’s fans to support him. On the other hand, Vasquez and Ben Chew, part of Depp’s legal team, expressed their confidence in the accuracy of the jury’s judgment, asserting that they adhered to all court rules and restrictions.

Amber Heard was also interviewed by NBC, where she expressed her disappointment with the trial’s outcome. She claimed that her loss was a setback for all women who have suffered from domestic abuse. However, some fans went beyond this point, creating memes based on Heard’s court appearances and statements and even mocking her NBC interview.


Final Words: Whom To Trust?

After the Depp-Heard case, things got trickier for women speaking out about abuse. While this type of case motivated survivors to share their stories, particularly during the Depp v. Heard trial, some people doubted the allegations of abuse. Amber Heard’s legal battles showed that proving their stories can be tough for women in the future. The case made evidence a big deal, which could make it tougher for some women to get the understanding and help they need.

Furthermore, in a complicated and emotionally charged situation like this, finding the real truth is really tough. Lawyers are trying to prove different things; evidence can be seen in various ways; and fans of both Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are reacting strongly. This is why it’s important to stay neutral. People’s opinions can be influenced by their own feelings and extreme support, so it’s not wise to decide if someone is right or wrong based just on their popularity and our immense love for them. Since we don’t really know everything about the people involved and the details of the case, it’s better to avoid making quick judgments. It’s smarter to understand that things can be more complicated than they seem and not rush to pick sides without knowing everything.


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