‘Depp V Heard’ Episode 2 Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Amber Really Donate The Divorce Settlement?

In the first episode of Depp V Heard, they showcased the famous 2022 trial clips from Johnny Depp’s defamation case against his ex-wife. A lot of damaging information about Amber Heard’s life was brought to light through the evidence presented by Depp in court. This led to a significant decline in her public image and subjected her to mockery and harassment by both the general public and social media content creators, making her life extremely difficult.


The Netflix docu-series, Depp V Heard, not only made the trial accessible to viewers but also made the bold decision to bring attention to the distressing issue of an individual’s personal life becoming a target for harassment. Additionally, Depp V Heard highlighted the ongoing struggle between public perception and trust. Because, even after the result of the trial and despite the series’ efforts, the truth remained elusive.

Episode 2 of Depp V Heard kicked off with a social media uproar. This uproar actually ended up boosting Johnny Depp’s support significantly. Many dedicated Depp fans immediately sided with their beloved actor, hoping he would come out victorious in this legal battle. Their trust in him was so strong that they didn’t bother delving into the actual truth of the matter. Amber Heard, on the other hand, found herself painted as a villain on a global scale, and she became the target of relentless harassment on social media. Various YouTube content creators, such as Popcorned Planet, Darth News, and Emily D. Baker, took advantage of their platforms to express their concerns about the trial. However, their involvement wasn’t solely about discussing the trial itself and engaging their audience. It was also a significant opportunity for them to gain fame, money, and viewers, which ultimately benefited them. Therefore, the 2022 trial turned out to be advantageous for numerous individuals, not just Johnny Depp alone.


How Did Johnny Cut His Finger?

Johnny and Amber got married in 2015 on a beautiful private island owned by Johnny Depp in the Bahamas. Their wedding was a private affair without paparazzi or media intrusion. However, the happiness of their marriage quickly soured for Amber. Shortly after their wedding, she discovered Johnny with a pack of MDMA. Meanwhile, from Johnny’s perspective, Amber was upset about not having a prenuptial agreement, fearing she wouldn’t gain anything from the marriage. This led to an argument, and Amber’s anger turned into violence over time.

In Australia, at Depp’s mansion, a frightening incident occurred. The property manager, Ben King, was forced to intervene when he discovered a chaotic scene: shattered objects in the hallway and bloodstains everywhere. Depp’s nurse, Debbie Lloyd, explained that during a physical altercation, Depp had injured his fingertip. Johnny’s account of the incident pointed to Amber breaking a bottle and throwing it at him. However, Amber’s version was darker and more unsettling. She claimed that Johnny had been violent toward her, even sexually assaulting her with a bottle. Fans swiftly rejected Amber’s statements without hesitation and prematurely jumped to the conclusion that she was lying. This impulsive reaction prevented many from seeking the truth objectively. Rather, they were determined to support Johnny and believed he would win the case.


Johnny’s devoted fan base then took matters into their own hands and initiated their own investigation. They dug deeper into the history of a Milani cosmetic product that Amber used to conceal her bruises. The compact powder showcased by Amber’s lawyer in court became the subject of intense scrutiny. Fans uncovered the fact that this specific cosmetic item was introduced in 2017. Consequently, Amber’s claim that she used it to conceal her bruises throughout her entire marriage was proven false. A few fans were even driven to personally present this information in the courtroom.

Meanwhile, TMZ, the entertainment channel, had their testimony. The TMZ channel’s former employee, Morgan Tremaine, who was involved with various assignments for Amber, came to testify about the video of Johnny slamming cabinets in the kitchen. He specified that the video that they received was shorter than the video that was played in court, which indicated the video could have been edited later. This suggests that the video evidence’s accuracy and context are in doubt. We’re uncertain if the video truly shows the entire situation or if it was altered. The difference in video length could affect how we understand what happened in the video, affecting the trial’s overall understanding.


During this period, Johnny took a strategic step by openly talking about his troubled past in court. He shared his honest account of the traumas he experienced during his childhood and his struggle with substance abuse. This tactic was clever because it revealed Johnny’s personal struggles before the other side could bring them up and use them against him. Johnny candidly discussed his addiction to Roxicodone and revealed how his mother’s violent and abusive behavior had a profound impact on his life. Fans immediately started to pour their sympathy upon their favorite actor, which helped Johnny garner a lot of support in the trial.

Did Amber Really ‘Pledge’ Or ‘Donate’ The Divorce Settlement?

During the trial, a lot of inconsistencies in Amber Heard’s past statements were exposed. One major point revolved around her divorce settlement with Johnny, which was worth 7 million dollars. Amber initially stated in an interview that she had donated all her money to the ACLU and the Children’s Hospital, claiming that she asked for nothing. However, in the 2022 trial, Johnny Depp’s lawyer, Camille Vasquez, challenged her on this claim, questioning whether she had actually made the donations.


Amber altered her narrative, substituting the term pledge for donation, believing they were synonymous. She asserted that she had pledged 7 million dollars to charity, a claim that turned out to be false. The ACLU verified getting 1.3 million dollars out of the intended 3.5 million dollar donation, while the Children’s Hospital stated they received 250,000 dollars from a 3.5 million dollar pledge.

Fans immediately used this information to mock Amber, hurting her credibility and making her victory seem unlikely. Still, some of her steadfast supporters argued that celebrities often interchange pledge and donate, not just Amber alone. As the trial neared its conclusion, suspicions emerged about the impartiality of the jury. The court had laid out clear rules for the jurors, stating that they should refrain from watching or hearing news about the trial outside of the court and should avoid any engagement with social media discussions related to the case. The jury was expected to form a neutral opinion solely based on the trial proceedings. However, concerns arose regarding whether the jury truly remained sequestered from social media influences and the fanatical Johnny Depp fanbase’s opinions. Despite being sternly prohibited from having any association with social media regarding the case, jurors had families who might have been active on social media. This ultimately raised doubts about the integrity and unbiased judgment of the jury.


As Depp V Heard nears its conclusion, the outcome of the case remains a subject of global awareness. The upcoming and final episode of this limited series promises to reveal intriguing details beyond the mere result of a winner or loser. This episode is likely to provide more in-depth insights beyond just what happened in the closing argument.

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