‘Dead Girls Dancing’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: What Happened To Ira?

Dead Girls Dancing reminded me of movies like The Virgin Suicides or Lady Bird. It’s all about breaking free from home, living on the edge, and ditching strict rules. You know that feeling when you finish school and feel like you have to have big plans and dreams? Well, thank goodness Ira, Ka, and Malin took the leap and left home before the pressure of being 18-year-old girls got to them. This coming-of-age story will make you wish you could escape like they did, even if just for a few days. I mean, who hasn’t wanted to run away from home and live life their own way? Along the way, they meet a new friend named Zoe, and together, their adventure gets wilder and crazier. They even explored an abandoned village and kind of vandalized it to make it their own. But, as they say, actions have consequences. You only turn 18 once, but escaping social expectations isn’t easy. So, what kind of consequences will they face? Let’s find out together.


Spoilers Ahead

How Did They End Up In The Abandoned Village? 

We meet Ira, Ka, and Malin on their high school graduation night, and right away, we get a sense of who they are. Ka and Malin come off as fun and edgy, dressed in feminine attire, while Ira appears uncomfortable in her “girly” dress like it’s not her style at all. It’s clear she’d rather be in a T-shirt and shorts—something more suitable to her tastes. Throughout Dead Girls Dancing, they’re all grappling with the pressure from their parents to choose a career path that promises prosperity. It’s like they’re not allowed to chase their dreams; they have to pick something that’ll make money or make their parents proud. But come on, it’s their graduation night; they should be celebrating, not stressing about the future! They start thinking about what they will do after this vacation ends. Maybe some of their friends will marry, some will have children, some will become rich and successful, and maybe some will even turn to crime. But for these three? They have no idea what they will do. Perhaps they’ll just stay in the moment and enjoy the present rather than worrying about the future.


To ease the tension, they decide to drink and come up with the idea of going to Italy for a few days, just to be happy. So, with empty pockets and a beat-up car, they hit the road. Eventually, they stumble upon a motel and desperately need a shower. But they’re broke and didn’t book a room. Ira, with her charm, persuades a girl named Zoe to let them use her room for a shower. From the first appearance, you might think of Zoe as just a wannabe, a typical “pick-me” girl, trying to stand out and be different from them. Her being a hitchhiker and not having any parents but possessing an American Express Black card—her story just doesn’t add up. But Ira’s drawn to her charm and personality. As they share stories and smoke weed together, the smoke alarm goes off, and chaos ensues as the owner starts chasing them because they did not book a room in the hotel and used the hotel shower for free. They flee the motel and drive into the mountains, enjoying the scenic beauty until their tire blows out. Stranded in the middle of nowhere, they spend the day in the car, unable to move until a mechanic can reach them. But suddenly, they hear bells ringing and decide to explore, stumbling upon a village. It’s a stroke of luck—they can spend the night there while they wait for their car to be fixed. Who knows what adventures await them on this unexpected detour?

Is The Village Really Abandoned? 

Once they entered the village, it looked straight out of a horror show. It was abandoned, with no one in sight. They kept yelling out, asking if anybody was there, but no one replied. Maybe it was haunted—why else would it be abandoned? The village seemed as if everyone had suddenly decided to pack up and leave, leaving the place waiting for their return. In the village, we see what these girls are like and how they think about surviving in a place with nobody around. It feels like a quest for survival for them. So, they break into a home and start getting to know each other better, as if they didn’t already know each other enough. There are no people, no rules, no expectations—they can be free and be anything they want to be here. They start dancing, going through people’s photos and clothes, wearing them, and embracing their own unique personalities.


Through all this, we see Ira and Zoe getting closer. They start talking about how Zoe believes in witches and fate, while Ira is more rational, not believing in such things. Zoe’s charm is somewhat unexpected and peculiar. It feels like Ka might not be thrilled about Zoe and Ira getting close—maybe she secretly likes Ira. Perhaps she’s also confused about her sexuality and her preferences, and these feelings are new to her. They vandalize the church, raid a wine cellar, and celebrate their youth—their once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I feel at this moment that a perfect song like I Want to Break Free by Queen would have been fitting. They stock up on food from the supermarket, feeling like the world has ended and this place is their only refuge. They can set their own rules now, right? But wait a minute—is this place really abandoned? As they’re in the house, they suddenly hear a car approaching. Who could it be? Maybe someone who lives here has returned. They know they have to run, but it’s too late; they’ve already seen them. They hop into their car and speed away as fast as they can. But the man follows them, appearing out of nowhere and causing them to crash. Thankfully, they’re all safe, but Malin realizes she doesn’t have her phone or her belongings. They have to go back.

What Happened To Ira? 

The next morning, when they returned to the village to retrieve Malin’s phone from the house, the police arrived to check if anyone was there. That’s when they realized the real reason for the village’s abandonment. There was a wildfire in the mountains, forcing the evacuation of the village. But Ira, thinking ahead, knew their friends might get in trouble with the law for breaking into the house. So, she decided to take the blame. She pretended to hold Zoe hostage at gunpoint and confronted the police officers. But maybe there’s more to it—perhaps she didn’t want to return home just yet. Maybe she feared facing her family’s expectations and pressures, especially about going to university and making her wear “girly” clothes against her will. At the police station, the psychologist explained to her that her friends would be let go, but she had to stay until the country’s public prosecutor decided whether she should be treated as an adult or a juvenile for the hostage situation prank. The court of law is strict, and even though it might have been just a prank, actions have consequences, and she must face them. So much for escaping society’s rules and expectations, right?


During Dead Girls Dancing‘s ending, we see that Zoe isn’t actually an orphan; she does have parents who come to pick her up from the police station. It turns out she was just a wannabe who made up stories to make herself seem more interesting. Ira feels betrayed by this; she doesn’t know what to believe anymore. While the case gets closed, Ira has to stay in a church because she doesn’t have any friends or family in the area. But then, at the end, we see flocks of birds flying in the sky. Maybe it’s a sign that better days are coming. In many cultures, a bird flying is seen as a sign of a message of good or bad luck from the spirit world. Let’s hope it brings good luck for Ira.

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