‘Dating Santa’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: What Happens To Lucia And Sergio?

Jose Sierra’s beautiful direction in the film Dating Santa (originally titled Santa Mi Amor) shows how a mother bonds her daughter and her recently found love. Leonara is a great fan of Christmas, and when she learns of her mom’s affair, Lucia tries convincing her that Santa is her new boyfriend. How long will Lucia and Sergio trick Leonara? What will happen when she eventually comes to know the truth? A lot of questions come up while watching this romance comedy! The amazing cast of the Mexican film Dating Santa includes Ana Serradilla and David Chocarro, whose amazing acting skills have added a greater charm to the movie.


Spoiler Alert

Why Does Lucia Lie To Leonara?

After going on a blind date, Lucia develops feelings for Sergio. She is, however, not sure how her daughter Leonara would react to it. Later, when Leonara finds out about her mother’s affair, she gets very upset, and in order to cheer her up, her mother tells her that she has been dating Santa Claus. The little girl believes her mother and cheers up, as she is obsessed with Christmas! Leonara’s obsession with Christmas stemmed from the lie that her mother had told her about her father. She was unsure of the identity of Leonara’s father, and had told her that she was a special Christmas gift from Santa. On seeing Sergio, Leonara, however, asks why Santa is alone and does not have his other friends and the elves. They tell her that Santa had fallen out with them and, hence, was maintaining his distance from them. She also questions his appearance and wants them to take her to the North Pole. Sergio changes his makeup and paints his hair and beard gray in order to impress Leonara. They also plan a family trip to Sergio’s resort and ask him to lie to Leonara about it being the North Pole.


What Happens After They Go To The North Pole?

After they go to Sergio’s resort, they want Leonara to believe that it is the actual North Pole. They make up all kinds of lies to make the little one believe in the ruse. Before entering a cabin, Lucia requests that the people inside refer to Sergio as Santa Claus so that her little daughter will believe in him. When Sergio bumps into the mayor of the town, he persuades her to let him borrow a few people from the town to enact the role of the elves to surprise Leonara. He creates a world of fantasy right before Christmas just to impress Leonara. He makes her meet the elves, takes her to the cookie house, and gives her a ride in the carriage. Leonara was initially a bit suspicious of Sergio, thinking that he was not the real Santa, but she later started believing in the fairytale world that he had created for her.

While the three are having a good time together as a family, Sergio gets a call from investors wanting to open a restaurant with him. He tells Lucia that he is going to the town, and she could fly back the next day. Lucia thinks that Sergio is not responsible enough and will not be able to take care of Leonara. Later, Sergio, however, comes back to spend Christmas with Leonara, as he had promised her. Sergio’s sudden decision to leave for the town does not sit well with Lucia. They fight, and she tells him that she should not have lied to her daughter about his identity or anything about her being a gift from Santa. Leonara overheard their conversation and realized that everything she had been told all this time was a lie.


How Does Leonora React When She Learns The Truth?

When Leonara learns the truth, her heart gets broken, and she loses faith in Sergio and Lucia. She wants to go back home, which her mother agrees to, and they start packing their bags. She blames Sergio for the event, and he tells her that she was responsible for creating a world of fantasy around her daughter all these years. She eventually decides to walk away from him and leaves the place. While leaving the place, Sergio tells Leonara that every snowflake is different from one another, and so is she. He told her how special and unique she was. The very chirpy Leonara, however, goes completely quiet as she feels betrayed after losing all her faith in her mother. She tells Lucia that she should not have lied to her. Leonara’s reaction was quite mature for her age, as she did not throw a lot of tantrums over the lies that her mother told her. The mother and daughter are similar in nature, as they are both seen crying all alone in their room without bothering each other much. However, Leonara soon gets out of her heartbroken phase to make sure that her mother’s heart is mended and she does not feel dejected after being separated from Sergio.

How Does Leonora Help In Re-Uniting Lucia And Sergio?

Lucia and Leonara go to a party that is being hosted in a restaurant where Sergio has been working as a chef. Leonara, along with her aunt, Pia, goes up to the receptionist to request that she give her letter to Sergio. Shortly after, he comes up to meet Leonara and Lucia and tells her that his relationship with Lucia had attained its complete meaning after he had met Leonara. He hands over Leonara’s letter to Lucia, which reads that she did not want a skateboard as a Christmas gift from him anymore but wanted her mother and her personal Santa to stay together happily ever after. The spark between Lucia and Sergio gets reignited, and they eventually get back together. The magic element of the film is heightened when it immediately starts snowing after Lucia and Sergio hug each other. Later, when Leonara refers to him as Santa, Lucia tells her that it is not Santa but her boyfriend Sergio. Lucia has learned from her mistakes, and it is most likely that she would never make her daughter believe in any fantasies anymore and eventually start getting her introduced to reality.


Final Thoughts

Dating Santa has a magic element to it, which makes us believe in the world of Santa Claus, just like Leonara. The festive vibe of the film is sure to fascinate the audiences and make them crave a personal Santa for themselves to make all their dreams come true! The world of fantasy that parents often introduce their kids to should be measured. Reality can be a hard pill to swallow, but when it comes to life, transparency is the best tool that a parent can provide their kids with. The effort that Sergio puts in for Leonara is something that is noticeable throughout the film. He plays along to make sure that her bubble of a fantasy world doesn’t get ruptured. Besides having a wonderful plot, the film gives a very good message to parents about maintaining transparency with kids. With Christmas around the corner, I would suggest watching the 1-hour, 30-minute romantic comedy, as Dating Santa is sure to lighten the mood, lighting up a festive spirit in your heart.

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