‘Custody’ (2023) Ending, Explained: What Happened To Dakshyani?

Custody, directed by Venkat Prabhu, is an action-packed crime drama that prioritizes thrilling action sequences over intense storytelling. Shot simultaneously in Tamil and Telugu languages, Custody immerses the audience in a world of relentless action as it explores the pervasive issue of corruption among political leaders. Naga Chaitanya portrays A. Shiva, an honest and hardworking constable determined to bring a criminal political leader to justice. From the start, the movie grabs your attention with high-octane action scenes that keep you on the edge of your seat. While Custody doesn’t delve deeply into the intricacies of the corrupt political system or offer an in-depth character development, it compensates with adrenaline-fueled sequences that keep you entertained. Custody revolves around the challenges faced by Shiva in his quest for justice. Throughout the film, Shiva encounters a series of obstacles, including bribe-taking uniformed guards, who repeatedly stand in his way. 


Spoilers Ahead

Plot Synopsis: What Happens In ‘Custody’?

Shiva was a dedicated constable at Sakhinetipalli police station, known for his commitment to justice. While his fellow officers often prioritized following orders, Shiva chose to uphold the law and do what was morally right. Despite having a supportive family, they bore the burden of grief from the loss of their son, Shiva’s elder brother Vishnu, who had died in an explosion at Morampudi Junction a few years earlier. The explosion, caused by a fire in a toxic gas-filled manhole, had nearly claimed the lives of forty innocent people. But the question remained whether this incident was a mere accident or a premeditated bomb blast. Determined to uncover the truth and bring the culprits to justice, Shiva embarked on a journey to uncover the hidden secrets behind the incident.


Custody highlighted Shiva’s integrity as a police officer. Despite holding a modest position, he consistently prioritized humanity, as demonstrated by his decision to halt the Chief Minister’s convoy in order to allow an ambulance to reach the hospital. His actions had earned him praise from Chief Minister Dhaksyayani However, in his personal life, while Shiva grappled with the pain of his brother’s loss, he faced obstacles in his love life as well. Revathi (Krithi Shetty), his girlfriend, had come from a family that did not approve of their relationship due to Shiva’s lower rank as a constable. They had already arranged a marriage with her to a man named Prem. Nevertheless, Shiva and Revathi, two independent and deeply in love adults, had been determined to build a life together against all odds.

Who Planned The Explosion At Morampudi?

One day, Sub Inspector Rangappa, who was acquainted with Revathi’s family, forced Shiva to stay at the precinct for the night shift to keep him away from Revathi. As Shiva and his colleague were on their way to Revathi’s house, they were hit by a car. A criminal named Raju, also known as Raazu (Arvind Swamy), and a CBI officer named George (Sampath Raj), who were engaged in a fight, emerged from the car. Unaware of their true identities, Shiva arrested both of them. However, in jail, George informed Shiva by revealing Raju’s misdeeds, including his involvement in setting the bomb at Morampudi Junction. Shiva was taken aback to realize that the person behind the explosion was now in his custody. This revelation ignited a strong desire for revenge in Shiva, as Raju was  linked to his brother’s tragic death.


Shiva contacted a CBI officer, Verghese, to verify the truth of George’s claims. Verghese confirmed that George was telling the truth and warned Shiva that the individuals protecting Raju were extremely powerful and dangerous, and thus George’s life could be at risk. Meanwhile, CM Dhaksyayani was informed about Raju’s capture, but she didn’t seem pleased with the news. Suddenly, everything became clear when the SI, SP, and DSP arrived at the precinct to free Raju and eliminate George. These officers, who appeared to be law enforcement workers, were secretly working under the corrupted Chief Minister Dhaksyayani’s orders. It was revealed that Dhaksyayani was the one who had planned the Morampudi Junction explosion to dispose the body of an IAS officer, Radha Krishna, whom she had killed herself. Radha Krishna had discovered the CM’s involvement in various illegal activities and confronted her. In order to eliminate all evidence, the CM had Radha Krishna killed and instructed her loyal workers, Raju and Natraj, to create a bomb explosion to make it appear as if Radha Krishna had died in the blast.

Did Raju Make It To The Court?

After clearing out the entire precinct, the DSP and SP were on the verge of killing George, but Shiva intervened to save him. In the chaos, one of the officers accidentally shot Raju, causing a minor injury. Shiva and George escaped the police station, taking Raju with them, while the other officers pursued them. Shiva’s father, who worked as a mortuary van driver, aided their escape by providing them his van. Despite Raju’s warnings that the officers loyal to CM would kill Shiva and his family if they caught him, Shiva and George remained determined to bring Raju to the Bangalore court and present the evidence against the CM. During their journey, Shiva encountered Revathi, who had managed to escape from her house by tricking her fiancé, Prem. Revathi successfully eloped with Shiva leaving Prem behind. However, the officers relentlessly pursued Shiva, frequently obstructing his path to the Court. The CBI inspector, Natraj, who was also loyal to the CM, was assigned to locate Raju and eliminate him to prevent him from reaching the Court and testifying. Unfortunately, instead of Raju, Natraj managed to kill George. Nevertheless, Shiva, Raju, and Revathi escaped during the commotion. Despite Raju’s initial belief that Natraj had come to rescue him, he was taken aback to discover that the entire team he had once worked with was now trying to kill him. As Raju’s injury worsened and posed a threat to his life, Shiva sought refuge at the house of a former military officer, Agent Philip, who treated Raju’s wounds and nursed him back to health. Shiva contacted CBI inspector Verghese, who then informed a trustworthy CBI inspector, Ranjitha. Ranjitha arrived at Philip’s house and accompanied Shiva, Raju, and Revathi. However, Natraj once again obstructed their path. In a desperate attempt to distract Natraj, Agent Philip and Ranjitha fought bravely, but tragically lost their lives.


Meanwhile, Raju, Shiva, and Revathi arrived at a wedding, which happened to be that of a relative’s wedding of Revathi’s. Revathi’s father was informed of her presence, but Shiva managed to defeat Revathi’s father’s men, ensuring Revathi’s freedom. During this encounter, Raju managed to escape. After some deliberation, Shiva and Revathi deduced that Raju might be hiding among the crowd at a carnival. Their search led them to find Raju, but Natraj arrived, holding Shiva’s father captive. Natraj threatened to kill Shiva’s father if Shiva did not hand over Raju, but Shiva’s father vehemently urged his son not to fall into the trap. In a heartbreaking turn of events, Shiva’s father sacrificed himself, taking the bullet meant for Shiva. Overwhelmed with grief, Shiva couldn’t hold himself back from seeing his father one last time, allowing Natraj and his men to locate them. However, Raju’s brother arrived just in time, driving them away to a secure location in their car. In the hidden location, Raju expressed remorse for his decision to work for the CM and blamed his fate. However, he faced treachery once again, this time from his own brother, who stabbed him in the stomach. Despite the shock, Raju fought back, ultimately killing his brother. He managed to escape and reunite with Shiva and Revathi. However, the SI once again spotted them, and despite Shiva’s attempts to evade capture, Natraj killed Raju on the train, which had separated into different compartments.

‘Custody’ Ending Explained: What Happened To Dhaksyayani?

Since Raju couldn’t make it to the Court, Chief Minister Dhaksyayani believed she was spared from facing legal consequences as there appeared to be no further evidence against her crimes. The political party built upon the illegal activities of her father and ancestors seemed poised to rise again. However, during the court proceedings, the defense attorney informed the judge that a witness was present, namely Constable Shiva. Here’s what happened: Shiva had actually noticed a cameraman on the train and had a brilliant idea to capture Raju’s confession on film before he could succumb to his injury. He played the CD containing Raju’s confession in Court, revealing his involvement in the explosion and implicating Chief Minister Dhaksyayani as the one who killed the IAS officer and orchestrated the explosion to conceal the evidence.


In a somewhat comical twist, Raju also professed his love for the CM, creating an awkward atmosphere in the courtroom. The Court finally had strong evidence against Dhaksyayani, who was likely to face sentencing. Outside the Court, the CM confronted Shiva, whom she had once praised for his sincerity. However, this time, Dhaksyayani was unable to utter a word out of anger and embarrassment. Custody ended with Shiva successfully delivering justice to all the innocent victims of the blast, including his own brother. In a surprising cameo by Venkat Prabhu, Shiva and Revathi finally unite, bringing a happy conclusion to their journey.

Final Words

Custody is not a film that captivates audiences with its intricate organized crime plot, but it offers an entertaining storyline and intense action sequences. However, I found that the movie had a lot of unnecessary songs and action sequences that didn’t contribute much to the overall plot. One of the film’s weaknesses is its poor editing and occasionally disorganized storyline, with recurring flashbacks scattered throughout, making it feel haphazardly put together. Despite these shortcomings, the performances, particularly by the lead actors Naga Chaitanya and Krithi Shetty, were commendable. While the movie lacks mind-blowing twists or a deep storyline, it can still be enjoyed if approached with relaxed expectations, especially by fans of Naga Chaitanya who appreciate his action-packed films.


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