Charly In ‘Crooks’ Explained: Why Did Charly Want The Money For The Coin?

Once upon a time, there was this super famous gold coin in the Berlin Museum. Guess what? It was found in a potato field in Fichtenwalde when in 1780 Catherine the Great was ruling! And hold onto your hat, because this coin wasn’t just any old coin – it was worth a jaw-dropping 3 million euros! But here comes the drama! This gang called Al-Walids got their sneaky hands on it. They were all set to sell it on the Russian black market for a fortune. But wait, that’s not the end of the ride. So, there’s this man named Charly. He’s a skilled locksmith in town. And guess what? He’s been given the task of getting that coin back from the Al-Walids’ safe. But here’s the twist – Charly’s got a dark past. He’s done some shady stuff in his time, but he’s turned his life around. He’s not keen on diving back into that shady world again. But life’s not so kind to him, and it seems like he’s got no choice in the matter. Now Charly’s caught in the middle of a wild chase. There are gangs from every corner of Berlin after that one coin! So how will he survive it all? Well, buckle up, because we’re about to find out!


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Charly Want The Money For The Coin? 

At first glance, Charly seems like an ordinary guy, just your average locksmith in Berlin. But as we dig deeper, we find out that he’s got a dark past. You see, Charly spent some time in prison for burglary. Now that he’s out, all he wants is to live peacefully with his wife, Samira, and their son, Jason. But what he wants and what he’s dragged into are two different things. One day, after the famous coin robbery, a guy named Stepan calls him up with a job offer. Stepan wants Charly to crack open the safe belonging to the Al-Walids and grab that coin. In return, they’ll fork over a hefty sum of money. But Charly doesn’t want to go back to his old ways. He’s content with his ordinary life now, so he turns down the offer. But when Stepan’s man shows up again at his house now, things get serious.


Charly knows he has to take the job this time, or else his family will be in danger. He strikes a deal: he’ll do the job, but he won’t take any money. He just wants his family safe, and they will never see each other again after doing the job. But here’s where things go haywire. When Charly tries to get the coin from the safe, a guy from the Al-Walid gang named Karim shows up, and all hell breaks loose. Bullets start flying, and Karim dies. Even though Charly never wanted any bloodshed, Karim’s brothers are out for revenge. They’re hell-bent on hunting down Charly and his family. Suddenly, the money Charly rejected before becomes a lifeline. He needs it to get his family to Marseille, where they can start fresh and safe. So, Charly comes up with a plan. He’ll hand over the coin to the Big Guy, but this time, he’ll demand the full $2 million to ensure his family’s safety. He tells his family to head to Marseille without him while he deals with the aftermath.

What Kind Of A Friend Is Charly? 

Let’s dive into Rami’s perspective to get a closer look at Charly’s life and what kind of man he is. Back when they were both in prison, Charly became Rami’s lifeline. Whenever Rami was on the brink of despair or in danger, Charly was there to protect him and keep him going. He turned his own life around and encouraged Rami to believe in tomorrow and to keep pushing forward. Charly saved Rami’s life countless times during their time behind bars, creating a bond that made Rami feel indebted to him. Now, with Al-Walid thugs after Charly’s family, Rami steps in to provide them safety in Marseille. It’s clear what a good friend Charly is. Meanwhile, in Berlin, Charly shows his loyalty and friendship in a different way. He meets a man named Joseph during the gang war chaos. Joseph is in a tough spot because Big Guy’s brother, Red, wants him dead. Why? Because Joseph is Big Guy’s son, and he’s inherited all the money. Red’s out for blood, wanting to take it all for himself. When Red orders his man, Zwanziger, to kill Joseph, Charly steps in and takes Zwanziger out, saving Joseph’s life. Together, they even manage to snatch the money from Red’s safe, denying him what he desperately wanted. And when Joseph falls back into his old habits, battling alcohol addiction, Charly is there to support him, calm him down, and remind him he’s not alone. Charly’s actions show he’s a true friend through and through. He takes Joseph under his wing when Joseph needs help the most, proving that he’s someone you can count on, no matter what.


What Happened In Marseille? 

How Samira and Jason stood by Charly’s side says a lot about his character. Samira always knew Charly was an ex-con and understood the risks of marrying him, but she was willing to take the chance. Why? Because she saw the good, determined man he was, and she believed his past didn’t define him. Charly has always been a devoted family man, committed to keeping his loved ones safe from the very beginning, and he’s still doing it now. When Al-Walid’s gangsters threatened Charly’s family, he turned to Rami for help. But Rami had his own troubles. There was this woman named Griselda Delacroix after him because he couldn’t complete her task. And what was her task? Retrieving tons of cocaine hidden in corn soup containers on a ship. So, she took Rami, Jason, and Samira hostage, hoping Charly would come to get them and do the job for her. But Charly had been in situations like this before. He played along with Griselda, pretending to be a skilled locksmith who could help.

With Joseph’s assistance, he made a key to the room where his family was held captive. He guided Jason on how to use the key to escape while distracting Griselda. Charly never intended to steal the cocaine for Griselda. His only goal was to reunite with his family and use the mission as a distraction. When Griselda discovered his plan it was too late – with Joseph’s help, Charly sent his family to safety and was left behind to face off against a member of the Al-Walid clan, Hassan. Even in this dangerous situation, Charly and Hassan came up with a plan to escape, they realized they should put their differences aside because being killed by Griselda was a bit low for them. They jumped off a cliff into the water below Griselda’s house, successfully evading capture. Charly’s determination to protect his family and his resourcefulness in difficult situations show just what kind of man he truly is.


Finally, at the end of the series Crooks, we see how Charly succeeded in keeping his family safe and alive all along, and finally returned to Berlin. Now, we hope he can live in peace with them. But will he? The coin still hasn’t safely returned to the Russian gang, so there might be chaos again. One thing is for sure, though: Charly, with his quick thinking, ability to make allies, and steady mind, will get through any challenges that life throws at him!

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