‘Clemens’ In ‘The Last Voyage Of The Demeter’, Explained: What Happens Between Clemens And The Dracula?

At first glance, The Last Voyage Of The Demeter‘s protagonist Clemens appears like any other regular individual. He doesn’t stand out in a crowd, and there’s nothing overtly exceptional about his outward appearance. However, beneath this unassuming facade lies an extraordinary mind brimming with a unique and insatiable hunger for knowledge. Clemens possesses a natural curiosity that drives him to delve deeper into anything that captures his attention. He’s not content with surface-level explanations; instead, he longs to plunge into the depths of understanding, to dissect the intricacies of whatever piques his curiosity.


Spoilers Ahead 

Clemens’ Personality 

Corey Hawkins, known for his roles in various projects, including The Walking Dead, brings depth and authenticity to his portrayal of Clemens. Among the ensemble of characters, his rendition of Clemens resonates strongly with audiences, making him a standout protagonist. Clemens is characterized by a distinct blend of qualities that set him apart. The confusion and quiet nature he exudes make him intriguing and multi-dimensional. Unlike the more overt personalities around him, Clemens carefully navigates through the challenges he faces, never revealing all his cards at once. This demeanor contributes to his allure, drawing viewers in to unravel the layers of his character.


One of Clemens’ defining traits is his unwavering focus on his surroundings. This attentiveness is a key aspect of his persona. When an opportunity arises to board the Demeter ship, he seizes it. The chance to become part of the crew under Captain Eliot’s leadership becomes a huge opportunity for him to reach London. However, his arrival on the ship isn’t met with immediate acceptance. Initially, he faces skepticism and perhaps even resistance from the crew members. Yet it’s his heroic act of saving Captain Eliot’s grandson, Toby, that bridges the gap and earns him a place among the crew.

Clemens’ Perspective On The World

Upon his arrival on the ship, Clemens quickly forges a close bond with the young man, Toby. Together, they navigate the intricate workings of the ship, giving Clemens an opportunity to understand its mechanisms intimately. While Clemens may come across as quiet and unassuming, his true nature is anything but ordinary. Educated at the prestigious University of Cambridge, his mind is a repository of extensive knowledge. Clemens possesses a unique perspective on the world. Unlike many who find the world perplexing and complex, he has a knack for unraveling its intricacies and getting to the core of matters. He doesn’t see the world as an enigma but rather as a puzzle waiting to be solved. This ability allows him to penetrate beyond the surface, comprehending the underlying reasons for the apparent shallowness that coexists with inherent goodness.


In his pursuit of understanding the world’s true purpose, Clemens yearns to find his own sense of direction and meaning. He deals with existential questions, seeking a deeper meaning to his existence beyond surface-level interactions. However, the trajectory of Clemens’ life takes a dramatic shift upon his entry onto the Demeter ship. Initially taking time to rest and acclimate, Clemens’ tranquility is shattered by the piercing and painful screeching cries of the livestock. The walls of the ship reverberate with this haunting sound, drawing him into a horrifying discovery. As he investigates the source of the distressing noise, each of the innocent livestock lies cold and lifeless, bearing the marks of a merciless and cold-blooded demise. This chilling tableau upends his perception of the world, thrusting him into the midst of a malevolent force that defies understanding.

Clemens’ Relationship With The Crew

With the haunting aftermath of the livestock’s demise, a sense of unease settles over the Demeter ship. In the midst of this unsettling atmosphere, Clemens’ interest in the enigmatic occurrences that encircle the vessel grows. He becomes increasingly drawn to the mysterious presence that seems to weave through the ship’s corridors. However, Clemens’ pursuit of understanding is met with skepticism from his fellow crew members. His identity as a person of color becomes a target for baseless suspicions, a situation further fueled by prejudice and unwarranted bias. This unwelcoming atmosphere makes it clear that his quest for answers won’t be easy.


As Clemens delves deeper into his investigation, he begins to discern that the events taking place aboard the Demeter are far from ordinary. The eerie incidents that unfold can’t be conveniently explained by scientific reasoning alone. This realization marks a significant turning point for Clemens, challenging his steadfast reliance on the logical and rational. Clemens, who had approached life with a scientific mindset and a belief in the empirical, is confronted with phenomena that defy such conventional explanations. The presence of the supernatural, which he had previously dismissed or perhaps never fully considered, becomes undeniable. This shift in perspective forces Clemens to confront the existence of forces beyond the boundaries of the known.

Clemens’ Ultimate Plan

When Clemens learns about Dracula from Anna, a girl he discovers within one of the wooden boxes on the ship, their attempt to thwart the vampire’s terror with a well-intentioned plan leads to unexpected consequences. As the narrative unfolds, Clemens becomes privy to the chilling truth about Anna herself. She reveals that she serves as a means of sustenance for Dracula, providing him with the blood he needs to remain alive and thriving. This revelation transforms Anna’s presence from that of an innocent passenger into a crucial figure in the deadly dance that unfolds on the ship. With each passing night, Dracula’s malevolent rampage claims the lives of the crew members one by one. Faced with this relentless assault, Clemens devises a plan to trap the vampire. His intention is to safeguard the remaining survivors, putting an end to the reign of terror that has been plaguing the ship.


As Clemens executes his strategy, the unexpected occurs. The plan intended to ensnare Dracula results in a catastrophe that claims the lives of everyone except Clemens and Anna. The ship, once a haven of salvation, turns into a tragic scene of destruction and loss. Despite the chaos that ensues, Clemens and Anna cling to the belief that they have successfully imprisoned Dracula. Their hope is shattered, however, when Clemens discovers that the vampire has managed to escape. On the other hand, Anna, subjected to Dracula’s bite, undergoes a tragic transformation into a mindless creature. The impending dawn, heralding sunlight, becomes a harbinger of her demise. As she meets her end, Clemens watches her die with no other way to help her.

Clemens And Dracula

Clemens is no ordinary individual; he’s marked by a resolute nature that refuses to leave matters unresolved. Even after the dramatic events aboard the Demeter ship, Clemens recognizes the gravity of the situation. With Dracula now unshackled and free to roam, he poses a renewed threat, leaving Clemens with a compelling mission that he can’t ignore. The Last Voyage Of The Demeter teases us with a final showdown between Clemens and Dracula, yet it deliberately leaves certain details in the shadows. How Clemens manages to track down the elusive vampire remains a tantalizing mystery, a gap in the narrative that sparks intrigue. What’s clear, however, is that Clemens might be close to getting his hands on the tools to unearth the deeper mysteries of Dracula’s origins and existence in Transylvania.


Given Clemens’ extensive knowledge and unyielding curiosity, it’s safe to assume that he would ardently study the annals of history, poring over ancient texts and exploring the hidden corners of folklore. His determination to understand the nature of Dracula, his motives, and the means to counter his malevolence is unyielding. Clemens is a character forged through challenges, one who has faced adversity head-on to become the person he is today. This indomitable spirit is what drives him to take up the mantle of the hunter, determined not to let Dracula’s evil persist unchecked. His journey as an unassuming individual mirrors The Last Voyage Of The Demeter‘s exploration of light and darkness, both within the characters and the world they inhabit.

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