‘Choona’ Season 2: Is It Renewed Or Canceled? What To Expect Next?

Choona is an exceptional tale of a heist coupled with political satire set in the Hindi heartland of India. This Netflix original did everything right in almost all departments and allowed the audience to indulge in the political nitty-gritty of a state that is known for rampant corruption. Several characters in Choona come forward to dethrone a corrupt politician who seems to be too confident for his own good.


The first season of Choona ended with the gang completing the heist, robbing 800 crores of cash from Shukla’s party office. The man was in utmost shock at the way the entire burglary was conducted. It is understood that this gang took advantage of Shukla’s belief system and his paranoia regarding the protection of the money he accumulated. All of them made sure to come forward and reveal their identities to let Shukla know the motive behind this robbery. All of them were unapologetic about the deed they had done, and they planned to use the money for their own benefit. The money they stole was essentially a bribe, which means they never stole the public’s money. All of them can use it without any guilt.

Shenoy Builders, by the end of the show, had changed their allegiance and started working for the Chief Minister as expected. The man wanted Shukla to pay back all the money he lost in the robbery for the plan gone wrong. It is implied that Shenoy was rescued by the CM and his men. Shukla ended up having to sell his home, party house, and cars for the repayment of the money. He also had to serve time in prison, which we assume is for the Pathan Tola fire and the subsequent cases around the redevelopment of that area. The Chief Minister must have found countless charges against Shukla and made sure he remained behind bars for some time. Shukla gets out of prison aiming only to rejoin politics, but this time from his hometown.


The first season ended with the idea that Shukla might make a return, and he would come back with a vengeance. Though Netflix and the showrunners have not let out any statement regarding the next installment of the show, we are hoping they will consider a season two because the subject matter needs to be expanded on, and we feel there is more to all the characters in the show, especially the ousted minister Avinash Shukla.

Avinash Shukla is a true-blue politician, and he was used to being in power all these years. The second season will be about Shukla rising from the ashes like a phoenix and going after everyone who wronged him and was responsible for sending him to prison. This season could mirror the second installment of Narcos.


Shukla will go through this phase, which will allow him to gain stupendous power eventually. He will also not make the mistakes he made the last time and aim to become more ruthless purely based on actions and not words. Shukla is bound to have allies who are willing to see him as the Chief Minister, and he’ll end up utilizing them to make a strong body of alliances that will help him tackle the current leader of the state. This time, Shukla will not be vocal about his endeavors. He will probably play the game by going behind the scenes. This will allow him to stay under the radar and away from the limelight. He will probably show interest in being the kingmaker and push a candidate who could be his puppet. He will probably see the power of being a kingmaker and might pursue that in the second season, and will also try to bring Mintu Grenade and Arunoday to the pit against Ansari.

Ansari will also get into full-time politics and will probably have the backing of the CM now that he has the capital to finance rallies. Ansari wanted to become a CM just like Shukla, and he would most probably stand up against Shukla’s candidate. Ansari might get enthralled by the support he will be gaining, but he will not be ready to be treated as a puppet in the long run. He will want full control, just like any other politician. Ansari will either let the power get to him or not pay any heed to his friends, especially Baankey. Bela might also come into the picture to help him understand that he might not be on the right path after all. Even if Ansari’s intentions to be the leader of the state is justified, the path he might choose will be wrong.


Shukla will slowly and steadily go after each member of the heist crew, and these people will probably regret showing their faces at the end of their crime. These men should have disappeared with the money instead of waiting around to let Shukla know why they robbed him. Shukla is known as a ‘calculator’ for a reason, and he will most likely find a way to get back to all of them one by one. It will either be in Ocean’s Twelve style, where Shukla will demand his money back with interest, or he will make sure all their endeavors go kaput. Jhumpa and Triloki might get married, as her business will most likely flourish. JP will be able to pay his loan amount back and will most probably restart his construction business. Bishnu will be the one whose life we hope is explored in detail. Hopefully, in the second season, we will also learn why Shukla killed his wife. Bishnu will have to end up listening to his brother-in-law’s justification. Shukla might be a criminal, but his story needs to be heard out.

Pandit might end up losing his life eventually, and he could once again become collateral damage in the fight between Shukla and the barrage of enemies he has accumulated. The end would depend on whether the writers want the protagonist to be the winner and present the fact that in real life, awful people are always triumphant. At least one of the leads that carried out the heist will end up getting killed by Shukla, and there will probably be no end to his rage. The show will either take the House of Cards route, where Shukla noiselessly creates havoc and enjoys the drama that unfolds. Shukla might get the power he was seeking, and the second season might project him to be the most immoral man there is.


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Smriti Kannan
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