‘Cabinet Of Curiosities’ Episode 3: Recap And Ending, Explained: What Was The Creature’s Mistake?

The third episode of “Cabinet of Curiosities” is titled “Autopsy.” Other than the bizarre title, and unlike the first and second episode, the third episode fails to deliver anything extraordinary. The first transition from the galaxy to the stones is commendable, but other than that, nothing else arouses curiosity.


Spoilers Ahead

‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ Episode 3 ‘Autopsy’ Recap And Ending 

The episode starts with a man behaving abnormally while carrying something with him into the mines. He then throws it, and suddenly there is a huge blast that costs the lives of a number of men. Later, an autopsy specialist named Carl can be seen meeting with a sheriff named Nate. Carl was asked to do an autopsy on the bodies found in the mine. He was asked to prove whether the lives that were lost were due to a bomb blast or not. However, Nate told him that there were previous events that led to the mine’s happening. He told him that there once was a man named Abel whose body was found in the woods. Later, when the police inquired more about Abel, they found out that Abel was last seen with his colleague Eddie Sykes. When the police tried to locate Sykes, they found out that Sykes had left work and gone to see a meteor shower. He went missing during that period. But, later, he suddenly arrived and went by the name of Joe Allen. The police concluded that right after his return, he had attacked Abel. Anyway, the police found a typical round-shaped thing in Joe Allen’s room. They grabbed that thing and went looking for Joe Allen. When they finally encountered him, he broke the window of the police car and grabbed that round-shaped thing. The police chased him, and that leads us to the events of the starting sequence of the episode. The police doubted that the blast had happened because of Joe Allen, since they suspected the thing he was holding was some sort of bomb.


Anyway, Carl finally started examining the bodies found in the mine, and soon he found out that there was no blood in a couple of bodies. Later, Carl’s curiosity led him to understand that the thing Joe Allen was holding might have been his attempt to escape from the mine. But, anyway, all his knowledge failed him in assuming the events that were about to take place. Because the dead body of Joe Allen started crawling towards him. Then we learn that Joe Allen’s body was being used as a vessel by a creature from a different planet. This creature was small in size, and the round-shaped thing was its spaceship. Humans were its food, and by the time the police had surrounded Joe Allen, the creature knew that once the police caught him, there was no way to feed itself. In other words, the creature needed a new vessel to survive, and it had picked Doctor Carl. Doctor Carl was already suffering from stomach cancer, but the creature said that it could cure it. However, at the end, when the creature started moving into the doctor’s body, Carl cut himself and wrote a message on his chest. He knew that the creature would try and take over his friend Nate’s body later, so he decided to cut himself. The more he started letting go of the blood, the more the creature lost its strength. Later, when Nate came in, he found doctor Carl lying on the floor unconscious, perhaps even dead. The creature would soon die inside him.

‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ Episode 3 Ending Explained- What Was The Creature’s Mistake? How Did Carl Kill the Creature? 

Doctor Carl was recording the whole autopsy session on a tape recorder. He was examining the bodies minutely. From the moment he started figuring out that the bodies that were close to Joe Allen were missing blood, he got a different feeling. He even heard a voice coming from somewhere right after the first autopsy. The voice told him to stop and run. However, we don’t know much about the voice. Maybe it was the representation of the human instinct to understand the dangers that might lie ahead. Anyway, Carl ignored the caution and carried on with the autopsy. Soon he encountered the creature, and the creature seemed very confident about whatever it was doing. The creature’s movement among humans was only possible because it maintained the secrecy of its existence. But, the tape recorder was on while the creature was blabbering about its advancement and how it occupies human bodies. It even described the happenings in the mine and the reasons behind them. So, that was the mistake made by the creature as he blabbered about everything, and it all got recorded. Carl had also left a note for Nate. He wrote with the blood on his chest to listen to the tape recorder and burn his body. 


Carl understood one thing: that he was helpless to save himself. But he wanted to make sure that no one else suffered the same fate as him. It was hard to fight against the creature, but he understood that the creature could not do anything without the help of the body it used as a vessel. So, he thought, what if his body became useless? He already had stomach cancer, and the doctor had given him six months’ time. He knew that he was already a goner. So, first, he left a message for Nate, where he gave the advice to burn his body. Later, he cut his ears and eyes so that the creature could not see and listen to any movements near Carl’s body. As a result, it won’t be able to attack someone else and make their bodies its own vessel. After that, he cut off his throat to drain all of his blood. In that process, the creature could only last for a while. Once Carl’s body was burnt, there was no chance the creature could escape the fate of doom. Carl sacrificed himself and saved his friend, Nate, along with the rest of humanity, by disclosing the creature’s secrets through the tape recorder.

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