Anzu Murata In ‘Burn The House Down,’ Explained: How Did The Fire Change Anzu?

Life has the power to hurl unforeseen forces at you, ones that defy comprehension. Anzu Murata in Burn The House Down experienced this firsthand on the fateful night of the terrible fire, which not only tore through her home but also shattered the unity of her entire family. Like a fleeting mirage slipping through her grasp, the tragic event forever altered Anzu’s life completely.


Spoilers Ahead 

Anzu’s Past

The haunting image of her mother’s face on the day their house was reduced to ashes stayed etched in Anzu’s memory. It was an unforgettable incident that Anzu could never shake off, etching itself deeply into her memory. The sight of her mother bowing in front of Anzu and her father, falsely accepting blame for a crime she did not commit, pierced Anzu’s heart. This single moment shattered the foundation of trust within their family. Anzu’s father, convinced of Satsuki’s (her mother) guilt, added to her heartbreak. His decision to remarry Satsuki’s friend, Makiko, was a profound blow to Anzu’s already wounded spirit. It felt as though the entire narrative of her parents’ relationship, built over years of love and trust, had crumbled into a pile of lies. Anzu struggled to reconcile this new reality, unable to see her mother in the same light, burdened by the weight of the arson accusations that still loomed heavily over Satsuki’s head.


Despite being a young girl, Anzu possessed remarkable maturity and intelligence, shouldering responsibilities as a daughter and a sister with unwavering reliability. She observed how her father constantly pressured Satsuki to juggle the demands of their clinic business and household affairs, often subjecting her to ridicule from others. Anzu, however, understood the immense resilience her mother displayed, silently enduring hardships without ever complaining. She witnessed her mother’s silent strength and resilience, earning Anzu’s admiration and pride. Years passed, and Anzu may have started to bury or accept the painful incident of the fire, allowing time to soften its sharp edges. However, any semblance of peace or closure shattered when she glimpsed the malicious, grinning face of Makiko, her mother’s once-closest friend. This encounter reignited Anzu’s lingering doubts and suspicions, reopening the wounds she had tried to heal.

Anzu Murata, formerly known as Anzu Mitarai, was driven by a single smile from Makiko to embark on a quest to uncover the truth and exonerate her mother from baseless accusations. Despite her tender age, Anzu’s determination knew no bounds as she sought the support and assistance of those around her, only to be met with indifference. However, the transformation of Makiko from a seemingly ordinary woman into a copycat version of Satsuki was a sight that struck Anzu to her core. It was an unbearable reminder of the injustice her mother had endured and the pain she had been forced to carry. Anzu realized that merely longing for her old life was not enough; she had to take action to rectify the situation. Anzu’s motives went beyond personal gain or a return to her previous lifestyle. Money held no allure for her. Instead, her sole focus was on compelling Makiko to apologize to her mother, to acknowledge the immense stress and suffering she had caused, and to help alleviate the amnesia that plagued Satsuki.


Anzu And Yuzu’s Similarities And Differences

Anzu and Yuzu had always been like opposite poles of a magnet, each possessing their own unique qualities and perspectives. Anzu, being the elder sibling, carried the weight of knowledge about everything that had unfolded within their household. She was well aware of the repercussions and challenges that their mother faced, having witnessed firsthand the struggles and hardships she’d endured. Anzu’s keen sense of responsibility drove her to be proactive in understanding and addressing these issues. On the other hand, Yuzu may have appeared to be someone who didn’t delve too deeply into family matters, often lost in her own little world. However, beneath her seemingly carefree demeanor, she possessed a remarkable attentiveness. Even as a young child, Yuzu was astutely observant and attentive to every detail, always focused on ensuring her sister’s happiness. This deep care for each other was a shared trait between Anzu and Yuzu.

As they grew up, Anzu and Yuzu transformed into strong women who were well aware of the hardships their family had endured. Each of them, despite being responsible and capable, made mistakes that led them to significant problems. But what made their bond unique was that they always turned to each other for support, solace, and to learn from their experiences. Even in the past, when they faced challenges individually, they would seek comfort in each other’s company. They understood each other’s struggles and provided much-needed consolation. Their relationship was built on mutual understanding and a deep desire to protect and support one another. Together, they faced the atrocities their families had faced, never hesitating to lend a helping hand or a listening ear.


Anzu’s Impact On Kiichi 

As Anzu grew up, she faced a great deal of discrimination from her father. He failed to take up his responsibilities and neglected not only Anzu but also her sister Yuzu and their mother, Satsuki. Anzu understood the feeling of being deprived of love and left alone. She carried this weight with her as she navigated through life. When Anzu first met Kiichi, the eldest son of Makiko, she developed a crush on him. Kiichi became a source of inspiration for Anzu, and she began to emulate his likes and dislikes. Being someone who didn’t have many friends, Kiichi set an example for her. However, after 13 years, Anzu was shocked to discover that the once highly energetic and smart Kiichi was now confined to his room, never setting foot outside his house. 

Initially, Anzu’s intentions were to manipulate Kiichi into her plan for revenge, but something unexpected happened. Anzu’s perspective on life underwent a profound transformation, which, in turn, had a significant impact on Kiichi. Through her company and support, Anzu helped Kiichi find the strength to step outside and shed his feelings of vulnerability and worthlessness. Her presence and influence on Kiichi’s life were powerful, and Anzu’s feelings for him remained unchanged. Anzu, despite her own traumatic experiences as a child, exuded a compelling aura that attracted people toward her. Her determination to get things done and her love for her mother and Yuzu served as a driving force that extended beyond motivating her family alone. 

Anzu’s Happy Life 

Anzu’s deepest desires and heartfelt prayers were finally answered when her mother returned home. It was revealed that Shinji, the youngest son of Makiko, was responsible for the fire that had caused so much pain and turmoil. This revelation brought a sense of relief, knowing that her mother was not to blame. However, it didn’t diminish the happiness that awaited Anzu with Kiichi by her side. Throughout her journey, Anzu yearned for all the little things in life, and despite the hardships she endured, Anzu now had the opportunity to experience the joy that had eluded her for so long. Kiichi’s presence in her life was an important source of strength, and the revelation about the fire didn’t change that. Anzu was not dependent on external circumstances but rather on the love and companionship she shared with the people she loved. 

Anzu, who had always been reserved and kept her thoughts to herself, found that the things she held dear in her heart were validated and came true. This realization brought a sense of fulfillment. She had endured so much, but her faith and hope had been rewarded. Anzu’s journey taught her that sometimes, what we truly desire and hold close to our hearts can manifest in unexpected ways. Now, with the opportunity to live for herself, Anzu embraced the chance to pursue her own dreams. The experiences she had gone through had shaped her into a resilient and determined individual, and her character serves as an inspiring reminder that our efforts can come to fruition, even in the face of challenging circumstances.


Raschi Acharya
Raschi Acharya
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