‘Bros’ Series Recap And Ending Explained: Did Pini And Nisso Sell Their Bar?

Bros is a brand-new Israeli show based in Jerusalem from Netflix Middle East that extensively talks about friendship, love, and brotherhood. The show partly takes place in Jerusalem, with its second half set in Poland, as two friends take a trip to watch a football match. This trip to Poland was cathartic and memorable at the same time, as they began to open up about their crucial life decisions. This article will take the readers through their life in Jerusalem in 2008, followed by their trip. 


Spoilers Ahead

What are Pini and Nisso afraid of?

The show began with Pini rescuing an unconscious Nisso while driving the car really fast, which eventually met with an accident. The show moves ten days back to Jerusalem when Pini and Nisso come to know of Adir, who has purchased an old store and plans to open a discotheque. Pini and Nisso were afraid his space would take away customers from their bar, Piniones. They had run their bar on a fifty-fifty partnership for the past ten years, and it had become a regular neighborhood spot that got them a good customer base. 


Why was Alma livid at Pini?

Alma and Pini were trying to conceive, but the doctor recommended that he make lifestyle changes to improve his fertility. Since Pini was the owner of the bar, he was busy drinking, indulged in recreational drugs, and had erratic sleep hours, which began to bother Alma. She gave him an ultimatum to change things around him so that they could have a baby in a year or two. Pini was having a hard time changing his lifestyle, and he quickly began to binge drink hours after he promised Alma he would reduce his alcohol intake. 

What happened after the accident?

A drunk Pini and a sober Nisso got into a minor bike accident. Nisso not only got severely injured, but his tests revealed the presence of a tumor in his body. Nisso’s father had died of cancer, and a test revealed the presence of a gene that could cause cancer. He had not expected it to appear at the same age his father was when he was diagnosed, and he wondered if he should try to make some changes in his life. Meanwhile, Pini was asked to give the doctors a sample of his urine so they could check if he was drunk while driving. To avoid getting in trouble, he asked Alma to submit her sample. The doctor knew Pini had swapped the sample and revealed that his wife was pregnant. He was happy with the news and shared it with Alma. The accident was a life-changing event in their lives, and many of their decisions going forward would be based on this. 


Were the men forced to sell their bar?

The bar they owned was a rented space, and the owner’s daughter, Coral, asked them to vacate the spot as she planned to increase the rent. The duo had been planning to make a ten-year deal with the owner when Coral decided to take over and demanded they move out. The men did not have any money on them, so they discreetly stole the keys to her BMW in the hope of taking revenge. Since the tumor diagnosis, Nisso has wanted to be bold and adventurous. His idea was to sell the car, but Pini was against it. Pini got him out of the ugly situation at the dumpyard, but he could not figure out why his friend was acting very recklessly.

How did the neighboring store catch fire?

Nisso was impatient about the test results. A sick patient at the hospital suggested that he should refrain from checking them, as that piece of paper changed his life forever. Carried away by those words, Nisso decided to finally do the things that made him happy, and hopefully, it would help him retain the bar as well. A drunk Nisso one night discreetly trespassed into a neighborhood store as it was owned by a woman who always argued with them. A drunk Nisso messed with the fuse box, causing a fire, which he escaped unhurt. The store catching fire was a big deal for Pini and Nisso, as they would no longer be bothered by the woman, but an investigation into the arson put them both on the back foot. An insurance investigator questioned Pini about him and Nisso and the friction they had with the store owner, and she wondered if the men caused the arson. Pini was livid yet chose not to argue with his best friend about his involvement in the fire caused next door.


Why did Nisso break up with Rotem?

Nisso had received the report but chose not to open it. He assumed the worst and broke up with Rotem, his girlfriend and the waitress at his bar. He wanted to keep her away from the pain of going through painful procedures to remove cancer from his body, something his mother faced during his father’s illness. Nisso had assumed he would die and booked a package deal to watch their football team play in Krakow, Poland. Poland was a sore subject as Nisso lost his family there in the Holocaust, yet he was excited to head there for the first time. He booked the same for his Pino in the hope of spending as much time with him. 

What were Pini and Nisso’s plans for the bar?

Nisso wanted to retain the bar for the sake of the ten years’ worth of work they had put in. He repaid the debt owed to Coral, but there was never any indication of how he received a large cash amount to close the deal with the woman who had planned to throw them out on the street. Coral had concerns, but she agreed to accept the cash and renewed the contract as per Nisso’s demands. Pini, on the other hand, had a falling out with Alma over his alleged involvement in the arson that happened in the store next door. Pini promised her he’d find a way out of having to sell the bar, which was the cause of his concern for his alcoholism, according to him. Pini offered Adir a good amount to buy their property. He planned to discuss and convince Nisso during their trip to Poland about this deal so that they could move on to other business endeavors. 


Pini and Nisso flew to Krakow along with their friends from the bar.  They were also joined by Rotem, who was initially not very keen to take a trip with her ex-boyfriend. Since this was a once-in-a lifetime opportunity, she agreed to accompany them to the match. 

What happened in Krakow?

Pini and Nisso fell into trouble multiple times on reaching Krakow. Nisso was acting erratic and fought with a street drug dealer. As an act of retaliation, Nisso stole the dealer’s bag, which was filled with cocaine and other narcotics. In a tussle between Pini and Nisso, they accidentally consumed the white powder. The evening turned sour when a bunch of Neo-Nazis beat them up, and they barely survived the attack. This was followed by a high Nisso who had a spat with Pini and met a beautiful woman who drugged him further and kidnapped him. Pini noticed his friend being taken away and followed them to find out the woman was part of an illegal organ trade and planned to mutilate Nisso. Pini rescued his best friend, and in that chase, they were shot at by the criminals, connecting this scene to the opening shot. After barely surviving the accident, they accidentally reached the Krakow concentration camp, and the visit was very cathartic for both because of their family history.


Does Nisso reveal his test report to Pini?

After their emotional and unexpected visit to the concentration camp in Krakow, Nisso decided to open up about his disease. He revealed the tumor and the subsequent tests he had to carry out to find out if he had cancer. Pini was livid and perplexed to learn how Nisso assumed he had cancer and never bothered to check the report. As a friend, he made him understand how to make life decisions based on finding out the truth, not just making assumptions. These assumptions caused them to go through an ordeal in Krakow. However, Pini was a good friend who kept the report to himself and decided to open it when the time was right, as they had to concentrate on the game that night. 

Do Nisso and Rotem reconcile?

On the night of the game, Alma reached Krakow when Pini was not receiving her phone calls. She asked him not to give up on the bar and his dream of running the place for the next ten years. As a spouse, he shared Nisso’s ailment-related news with her. Alma shared the news with Rotem because somehow she was aware her friend and Nisso were in love. Rotem confronts Nisso about his decision to keep her away from news about his diagnosis. Nisso was apologetic about his reaction, though Rotem was angry for many legitimate reasons. Nisso did not want to hurt Rotem if the news was bad; meanwhile, Rotem wanted to be there for him as a partner. They had chosen to be with each other during good times and bad, and Rotem wanted to show how much she cared by standing by Nisso during his toughest time. Both reconciled mainly because their love was not yet lost. They realized they needed each other for the foreseeable future.


Did Pini and Nisso sell their bar?

Nisso and Rotem reconciled, and they saw a future for themselves from here. Pini and Alma were happy for them as the couple had been together for a while, and Nisso would need a partner to help him through his illness if the report stated he had cancer. Pini, on the other hand, received a call from Adir about the plan to sell off their bar, but the man changed his plans. Pini was happy to have Nisso back in form, being himself, and not acting recklessly. He wanted to continue running the bar with him, if given a chance, for the rest of his life. Pini and Nisso had been closer ever since the funeral of the latter’s father, and they’d remained inseparable ever since. Their bond was the reason Pini decided to not sell the bar.

Bros season 1 ended with their team losing the match, followed by Nisso opening the report to reveal his diagnosis. It was not explicitly mentioned that Nisso was not sick, but it was evident from their reaction that their friend did not have cancer and he would not have to go through any painful treatment as a result. All of them were happy as their plans fell into place, and they would move on to live their lives in Jerusalem. 


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