‘Bro’ (2023) Ending Explained & Movie Summary: What Happens To Titan And Mark?

Time operates independently and doesn’t follow anyone’s plans. It’s like its own boss, and everything revolves around it. Even if you’re really amazing, time won’t stop for you. But here’s the thing: imagine having everything wonderful in life—great health, a fantastic job, and more. However, you’re so caught up in everything that you don’t have time for your loved ones. This situation leaves you pondering whether having all the good things in life is still worth it if you can’t share them with the people you care about. This is where the film Bro highlights the life of Markandeyulu, aka Mark, a highly devoted IT expert who excels in his profession. But no matter how perfect he is, Mark tends to neglect his family and girlfriend due to his relentless focus on work. This pattern continues until a significant encounter with Titan, the deity of time, turns everything upside down.


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What Happens When Mark Meets With An Accident?

Mark’s disciplined life in the film Bro revolves around work, family, and his upcoming promotion. Despite being the pillar of his family, his meticulous nature often makes him overlook their needs and desires. His family members, including his brother, comply with his decisions due to his dominant role. Mark’s strict punctuality and managerial approach cause friction with his employees, leading to an environment of sacrifice and pressure. On the other hand, Mark is eagerly anticipating his promotion and upcoming party, which he believes will secure his family’s future and his relationship with his girlfriend. However, tragedy strikes when Mark neglects to wear his seatbelt, resulting in a fatal accident that shatters his plans and changes the course of his life.


After the accident, Mark wakes up in a strange, dark realm with no way in or out. As he explores in a state of panic, he spots an exit in the distance and encounters an unfamiliar man dressed as a coolie. Mark initially dismisses it, thinking he’s at a railway station due to the man’s appearance. However, the man reveals himself as Time, and Mark gives him the name Titan. He explains that he was the cause of Mark’s death. This revelation shocks Mark, but he becomes hopeful when Titan offers him a second chance to change his fate. Mark pleads for another opportunity, emphasizing his responsibilities and regrets toward time. Surprisingly, Titan grants his request, but Mark’s attempts to change the course of events fail both times, leading to his ultimate realization of the consequences of his actions.

In What Ways Does Titan Push Back Against Mark’s Controlling Behavior?

After pleading with Titan, he grants Mark 90 days to make amends. However, Mark isn’t initially pleased with this limited time. Despite this, he decides to use this opportunity. But Mark soon realizes that Titan is constantly present, observing him, to which Titan explains how humans are interconnected with the universe’s cycle of time. Mark begins to comprehend and even takes Titan to meet his mother. For the first time, he truly notices the emotions of his loved ones, recognizing their importance. These 90 days become crucial for Mark to achieve his goals and make positive changes in his life. To protect Ramya from potential pain, Mark distances himself. However, his struggles are just beginning as Titan adds more problems to Mark’s life, even causing issues in his relationship with Ramya.


When Mark loses the chance to become a general manager, it leads him to quit the job. Titan intervenes, offering Mark responsibilities that he can’t ignore. The scenarios Titan presents force Mark to reconsider his impulsive decisions. Realizing his family’s well-being is at stake, he mends his egoistic ways and apologizes to his boss, eventually getting his job back. Throughout the entire film, Bro, Titan assesses Mark’s growth, mirroring his sister Veena’s life choices against his controlling tendencies. As things unravel, Mark sees how his decisions impact his family, even his brother, who lost a job opportunity due to Mark’s actions. In just one day, Mark’s life falls apart as his self-centeredness blinds him to his family’s desires and preferences. His need for control has made him believe he’s the leader of the family. However, he remains oblivious to his mistakes, persistently making poor decisions.

Do Titan’s Challenges Lead To Any Changes In Mark’s Way Of Making Decisions?

Facing yet another critical decision, Mark is confronted with an ultimatum: he must choose a husband for his youngest sister, Gayathri. The twist lies in the fact that the proposed groom was originally intended to marry his other sister, Veena. Mark realizes how Gayathri willingly follows his wishes, which coincides with the memory of his actions towards his other sister, Veena. Titan’s manipulation once again influences Mark’s thoughts, revealing his unfounded resentment towards Gayathri. Amidst conflicting emotions, Mark’s journey takes a surprising turn when he inadvertently impresses his boss with his innovative ideas. Titan’s orchestrations ultimately led to Mark’s realization of his mistakes, helping him embrace his true self and securing his rightful position as the next managing director.


As Mark’s journey unfolds, he comes face-to-face with the hidden truths and suppressed desires of his family members. His previous controlling nature and ego prevented them from revealing their true selves. However, when he finally embraces change, allows his sister Veena to marry the one she loves, and supports his brother’s relationship, he witnesses their happiness. This realization hits hard when he sees his family thriving without his intervention. His own love, Ramya, moves on, and his mother and brother prepare to leave for America. Left with a crucial decision for Gayathri’s future, Mark’s understanding grows. Titan, recognizing his transformation, leaves him with the ultimate choice that will shape his destiny.

Does Titan Grant Mark The Freedom To Live His Life?

As Bro approaches its conclusion, the film illustrates how Mark, after heeding Titan’s advice, begins making the right choices and mends his relationship with his family. He realizes the importance of his family and starts to actively engage with them, beginning by calling off Gayathri’s marriage. The movie portrays a transformative journey for Mark—evolving from an egocentric and self-absorbed individual to someone compassionate and considerate. In his early life, after his father’s passing, Mark worked diligently to elevate his family’s circumstances by taking up odd jobs, from a newspaper boy to a dishwasher. This backstory reveals his selfless dedication to his family’s welfare, even sacrificing meals for their betterment.

Mark’s positive change doesn’t end there. He attends Ramya’s wedding and comprehends her happiness and desires. Restoring normalcy, Mark contemplates ending his life, but Titan offers him an alternative perspective. Titan shows him a world where his absence doesn’t halt his family’s progress. This revelation doesn’t shake the new Mark, who now responds to situations with understanding rather than criticism. Titan then introduces a twist by revealing a flashback about Madan Gopal, who once interviewed for Mark’s job. Mark manipulated Madan’s situation, leading him to leave the interview. Titan orchestrates an opportunity for Mark to apologize to Madan and learns that Madan’s life has prospered abroad.

Bro interweaves this story with ancient mythology, likening Mark’s actions to the story of Bhasmasura, who could turn people to dust. Mark’s choices, while seemingly wrong, are shown as the path he took for self-betterment. Titan balances this by placing Madan’s brother Venu as Mark’s boss, creating a sort of karmic balance. In his final opportunity, Mark donates his organs, a selfless act. He finds solace in this and prepares for his end. As Bro concludes, Mark, accompanied by Titan, departs with the realization that kindness has the power to transform lives. The movie underscores the idea that performing good deeds today paves the way for a better tomorrow. Bro serves as a reminder that through kindness and positive change, one can set things right, just as Mark did in his journey.


Raschi Acharya
Raschi Acharya
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