‘Bring Back Alice’ Finale Episode 6 Recap & Ending, Explained: Where Is Weronica Bielecka?

We have arrived at the season finale of Bring Back Alice, and the truth is the show isn’t about bringing back Alicja but bringing back Weronica. On a figurative note, to “bring back Alice” can mean bringing back her memories that would lead to Weronica’s location. On a personal note, there was doubt in my mind over whether one episode would be enough to reveal a year’s worth of events. And I must say, I was partly disappointed because I was expecting more. However, I calmed myself down because what ensued in the one year that Alicja was missing made sense. Alicja’s flashes, other than bringing back all her special moments with Weronica, pointed towards something sinister that she and Weronica must have gone through. But Episode 6 reveals how it is often the way we perceive things that makes them look scarier than they actually are. And when we do not understand them, we get scared. But just like these inexplicable things have an explanation, Alicja’s mysterious flashes of memory also have an explanation.


Spoilers Ahead

Day Of Itaka

The day of Alicja’s Itaka fundraiser has finally arrived. This is the day she has been waiting for for a long time. She has kept all the pain and rage inside her, waiting for the perfect moment to show the world the truth. We must remember that she already has a video of the party from the fateful night on Janek’s laptop. She intends to show it to everyone. It may not reveal what happened to Weronica, but it will show the faces of those responsible for her disappearance. And we know who they are. It’s just Alicja’s fans, the police, and all those people whose loved ones have gone missing who will see the truth. Everyone is at the event, including Monica, Paula, and Michael, and their brothers Luca and Janek. Janek has hacked into the CCTV at Szymbark and recognized Michael from his cap. It was Michael who paid Olivia. So he knows where Weronica is. Janek shares this information with Paula, who decides to keep quiet about it. Tomek, Detective Werner, and Sergeant Laura are also there. The last we saw of Patryk was in the previous episode, where he crashed his car deliberately because he was scared of the consequences. As for his friends, they have no idea what’s coming their way. Luca has told Michael time and again to say that he never met Weronica before the party. Alicja takes the stage and receives a huge ovation from all those who have gathered there. She invites Monica, Michael, and Janek on stage, and with the aim of introducing Weronica to the whole crowd, she plays the video she found on Janek’s laptop. The three people on the stage are in disbelief. Not only do they have no idea how Alicja found the video, but they also realize that there is no way out of this. They still try to leave the spot, and Alicja doesn’t stop them. The truth is out. Michael, Monica, and Janek know where Weronica is. Or so it seems. Werner has even ordered warrants for them. On the stage, Alicja experiences another flash. But in this one, she sees blood on her own hands. She collapses. Blood on her hands means that she is involved in Weronica’s disappearance too.


No Way Out

The gang disperses. Luca knows that he needs to get rid of the evidence forever. Tomek is lost in thought. He saw Paula in the video, which means she knew what had happened at the party but lied to him. Alicja escapes from her car and heads towards the sea to be alone. The last thing she wants is her parents yelling at her for not telling them that she was with Weronica as well. Paula meets Luca, who tries to make her understand how Alicja made a fool out of all of them. She’s remembered everything for a long time. We know that Luca knows something about Weronica. He will now have to make sure that the cops don’t find out about it, as it can take his family down forever. Paula isn’t one to be manipulated by Luca’s words.

Michael, Janek, and Monica meet at the yacht. Janek confronts Michael about the Szymbark footage, but it is Luca who is there wearing Michael’s cap. But it’s too late for them to do anything as the cops arrive at their location, and it was Paula who brought them there. It’s clear that she, not being a part of whatever Michael, Janek, Monica, and Patryk did with Alicja and Weronica, wanted to come clean. She knew how she had hurt Tomek in the worst way possible, and she was ready to do what it took to get him back or come out with the truth. Hence, Michael, Monica, and Janek are arrested. As for Luca and his words about getting rid of the evidence, he burns the cap and then heads to Szymbark, where he has some unfinished business.


The Truth

Finally, at the police station, the three people come out with the truth. Monica drugged Weronica’s drink because she was jealous of her. It is surreal to imagine the extent to which jealousy can go. And why? Because this woman was enjoying herself with Monica’s best friend. Weronica stopped breathing in the car, so Michael decided to bury her, technically alive. So he called his brother Luca, who obviously came because, more than helping his younger brother out, he needed to make sure that his father’s company, which would one day become his, didn’t face this controversy. Meanwhile, Alicja had escaped from the car.

Luca arrives at Flis Farm because that’s where the person with whom he made the deal lives. Tomek arrives at his garage and finds Alicja, who has come here from the seashore and hidden. He is angry at her, too, because she lied to him about his sister, just like Paula. However, he knows that there has to be a reason why she helped him look for Weronica. When Alicja tells him that she and Weronica had made it out alive but were drugged and kept captive, Tomek decides to return to Flis Farm and take Alicja along. Maybe that place will bring back her memories. More so, maybe Weronica is still there.


Is Weronica Alive?

It makes sense that Luca decided to let the old man take Alicja and Weronica to his place because that way, he wouldn’t have to kill them but keep them hidden away. But why did he do that? He could just let the two women walk. They were alright. Maybe he was scared that the ladies would inform the police about him, as Weronica had seen him try to bury her. But with the old man taking them, all he has to do is pay him to keep them that way. But now that the cops are onto his brother, he must have thought that the only way for him to clean up the mess is to kill the old man and Weronica as well. But it is his misfortune that only a handful of minutes after he meets the old man at Flis Farm, Tomek, and Alicja arrive at the location. While Luca and the old man get talking, Tomek and Alicja begin searching for Weronica. The place ultimately brings back to Alicja everything that happened. It even makes her think that she killed Weronica. This is her mind playing tricks, as so many days have passed since she last saw Weronica, and that, too, in such a condition.

Amid the chaos as well as the trauma, her mind tries to find the only logical explanation, i.e., death. But that’s not true, as she finds Weronica very much alive in a basement. Tomek gets his sister back after more than a year of having no idea where she was. He had already notified the cops, who came and took Weronica to the hospital. Luca escaped after killing the old man. He might think that he has gotten rid of the evidence, but his brother and sister have opened up to the police, and we can be sure that he, too, will be interrogated. Weronica regains her senses at the hospital. Bring Back Alice ends with Alicja telling us that happy endings don’t exist. What does this mean? Did she really try to kill Weronica in the basement? Was Weronica’s fall intentional? How could that be? Or is it a cliffhanger assuring us of Season 2? Episode 6 turns the crime drama almost into a paranormal drama and only stresses what we mentioned in the introduction. The truth is often scary when it is hidden. We always fear what we do not understand.


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