‘Bodies’ Episode 3 Recap & Ending Explained: Who Are The Chapel Perilous?

Bodies Episode 3 opened with the 1890 timeline when DI Hillinghead was returning home with his family from a ceremony, and on the way, Henry met with him. Hillinghead asked his family to head back home without him and joined Henry Ashe for further investigation into the dead body found on Longharvest Lane. Henry and Hillinghead went to the spot to look for any bullet markings or anything that would be useful for their investigation. They found a hexagonal hole in the soil. This hexagonal hole suggests the man in the photograph used the swan-neck cane. Only people with an elite background could use this kind of cane with a hexagonal end. Henry informed Hillinghead that he might know this mysterious guy in the photograph and took him to the Harker House, where Julian Harker and his mother, Lady Agatha, were at their doorstep, saying goodbye to some of their friends. Hillinghead recognized that Julian Harker was the one whose reflection was captured in the photograph.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happened To Hillinghead?

Hillinghead and Henry went back home. Henry showed Hillinghead a clipping of a news article published in The Star newspaper. This news article was about Julian Harker, a war hero who died in the war in Burma but surprisingly returned to his mother, Lady Agatha. Agatha was so blinded by her love for her son that she accepted the man and repainted every picture of her son to make it look like him. Lady Agatha performed séances that had an amazing predictive quality that made her famous in the city. That’s how the Harkers earned money and prominence. In the meantime, a knock was heard on the door, and as Henry Ashe opened the door, it was Julian Harker’s butler, inviting Hillinghead to attend a party held in the Harker House in the evening. Henry handed Hillinghead the invitation letter and asked if he would attend. Hillinghead decided to go, as it would be easier for him to know more about Julian from close contact.


However, later that evening, when Hillinghead attended Julian Harker’s party, he directly asked him if he had any knowledge about the deceased naked man on Longharvest Lane. Julian avoided the conversation, but he had already drugged Hillinghead by putting something in his drink. Hillinghead started feeling dizzy, but he still joined the séance that Lady Agatha was performing. Agatha asked which spirit she should summon, and Hillinghead showed her the pictures of Gabriel Defoe, who was found dead in Longharvest Lane. He also showed her the photograph of Julian’s reflection near the dead body. Although Agatha was surprised by the information, she still decided to perform the séance. As per Hillinghead’s demands, she summoned the spirit of Gabriel Defoe and asked him if Julian had killed him, but the spirit of Defoe answered in the negative. Hillinghead refused to believe in any of this and wanted to get out of there, but he had almost lost his ability to walk. As he was extremely dizzy, Julian Harker undressed Hillinghead and photographed him with the dead body of Defoe, so that he could later blackmail the detective. 

After that torturous night, Hillinghead opened his eyes outside of Harker House. He got up and rushed toward Longharvest Lane, where he scribbled his own name on a wall. He headed back to Henry Ashe’s home and confided in him that he was afraid that Julian might harm him and his family. As Henry tried to console him, the two of them got closer and made out with each other.


Did Whiteman Kill The Eyewitness?

In the 1941 timeline, the little girl, who had witnessed Whiteman killing Lee Cozen, came to the precinct to give her statement. However, as the girl presented herself as Jewish and could only speak in Yiddish, Whiteman intervened to talk to her as he knew the language and came to know that she was in the precinct to blackmail him into getting some money. Whiteman convinced the commissioner that the girl had seen nothing but just wanted some ice cream. Whiteman took the child outside with the commissioner’s permission and gave her two pounds. However, the woman from the secret organization called Whiteman and asked him to kill the little girl to erase any trace of his involvement in the murder. Whiteman didn’t want to harm the little girl, who was only 11 years old. But in order to maintain his position and his job, he would have to comply with this mysterious lady’s demands. He took the little girl to a different location, saying that he would collect some money from the bank and give it to her. But on the way, he made her drink a bottle of alcohol, which was actually laced with poison. As Whiteman saw he was being followed by a car, he took a turn and suffocated the child with a piece of clothing, probably to finish her off.

What Did Hasan Find In Longharvest Lane?

Sergeant Hasan informed Chief Inspector Barber about the potential risk looming over her and her family. Therefore, Barber placed a security guard at Hasan’s house. However, despite the security, young Elias Mannix managed to sneak into her house, and one night he showed up in front of Hasan. Scared by Elias’s presence inside her house, Hasan made a scene and asked the police to arrest him. While the police were taking Mannix, he constantly kept shouting that he was not responsible for any of these murders; however, following his arrest, the scenario changed. Under the pressure of a lawyer, Elias Mannix decided to confess that he was the one who killed the man found on Longharvest Lane as well as Syed Tahir. Hasan struggled to believe his words and asked him to speak the truth. After taking some time, Mannix demanded to talk to Hasan and nobody else, so the rest of the team left the room for the two to talk. Still, in the presence of cameras and recorders, Mannix felt uncomfortable speaking out, so Hasan asked him to come under the table and disclose everything to her. Mannix spoke out that he was not the killer, but according to his foster parents, Andrew and Elaine, he would be the one who would cause great damage in London, claiming so many lives, which he didn’t want at all. But the twist is that even though Mannix wouldn’t want to harm these lives, it would be Hasan who would make him do it. Hasan was extremely confused by the things Mannix was saying, but she still tried to believe and process his words. Barber found the two under the table and asked them to come out. Mannix was arrested and taken to prison. Meanwhile, baffled by the entire situation, Hasan decided to revisit Longharvest Lane. But after she went there and looked around the scene, she noticed the name “Hillinghead” scrawled on a wall.


Who Are The Chapel Perilous?

After Defoe met with Iris Maplewood, both of them went to the headquarters of KYAL, where Defoe was startled to see his own body under observation. As he came closer to observe the body, the body began to have convulsions. Defoe was extremely terrified and hurt to see all this, so Iris took him outside to a cafe, where the two of them had a chat. Iris asked him if he was associated with the terrorist organization “Chapel Perilous,” to which Defoe answered that he didn’t know what it was. However, after Iris met with Commander Mannix and talked about the doppelganger of Gabriel Defoe, Mannix told her that it was not any kind of doppelganger but that it was actually Professor Defoe himself who was found dead on Longharvest Lane. He also told Iris that the terrorist organization Chapel Perilous was actually working on the time-traveling concept that was originated by the extremely brilliant scientist, Defoe. And the dead body that was found in Longharvest Lane was none other than Defoe from the future. Iris Maplewood found it very hard to understand and even believe, but she couldn’t even ignore what she had just seen. The mystery begins to deepen, and no proper answer is found at this point. Let’s hope that the upcoming episodes will shed some light on the situation.

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