‘Blood Coast’ Season 2 Theories: What Can We Expect Netflix’s Series?

Netflix’s Blood Coast introduced the audience to a band of cops called “The Crazies,” who rarely thought twice before bending the rules to get their way. Their method of operation involved all sorts of illegal and inhumane tactics, including death threats, torture, and who knows what else! Amid the hustle-bustle and the gang wars prevalent in the city, they found their new enemy in Murillo and Tarek Hamadi, the criminals who had flooded the city with their dangerous cocaine. Even though Tarek Hamadi and Murillo were partners, their motivations couldn’t have been any more different. Murillo intended to kill Ali to avenge his son Lucas’ death, while Hamadi had his eyes set on Ali’s empire once he was out of the picture. Hamadi had secretly manipulated Murillo into believing that Ali had killed his son, but, in reality, it was with Hamadi’s bullet that Lucas lost his life to. As the series came to a close, Murillo was arrested, and Hamadi was killed by his own men on Lyès’ orders. Unfortunately, Lyès’ problems didn’t end there, and an arrest warrant was issued for him. Miranda left the station to put him under arrest, and we see Lyès pondering what to do next. Season one ended on a cliffhanger, and you must be wondering what would happen next. Here are some ideas!


Spoilers Ahead

Will We See Miranda And Lyès Joining Forces?

Season 2 of Blood Coast will most likely include an eventual and much-needed alliance between these two extremes. Throughout the entire pilot season, Miranda fought tooth and nail to gather any evidence on Lyès that would give him the upper hand. So, was Miranda driven by a personal vendetta against Lyès? No, Miranda’s actions weren’t personal, as he was just doing his job and wanted to cleanse the police precinct of law-breaking officers who had neither fear nor regard for consequences. Lyès was his biggest target, as he had a Ph.D. in breaking the rules and resorting to illegal tactics to get further in the case.


In one instance, Lyès threatened to kill a jobber (a drug peddler) by almost throwing him off a car if he didn’t tell him about the new drug dealer in town. Remember Jaborska? For the uninitiated, he was a big-shot lawyer who helped drug dealers and criminals get out of prison and launder their money. Lyès captured him on camera while he snorted cocaine in his study while his relatives were having dinner downstairs. Lyès robbed his safe, which contained secret information about the clients he had represented over the years, including Paretto. This newfound information forced Paretto to give Lyès all the details he had on Tarek Hamadi. Miranda had an idea about all of this, but his hands were tied because, without concrete evidence, it was all just speculation. Moreover, Fabiani was also protecting Lyès and the rest of his team because she believed that the Crazies were the department’s last line of defense against drug dealers, bank robbers, and other criminals. Like Lyès, she too believed that one could not protect the city and keep the streets clean without breaking a few rules.

When Miranda failed to gather any evidence against Lyès, he tried to turn his own team against him. Miranda threatened to tell Arno’s wife about her husband’s affairs in lieu of caring for his cancer-stricken wife. When Arno didn’t falter, Miranda set his sights on Tatoo and threatened to throw him off the force. In addition, Miranda also slapped Tatoo with a summons from the disciplinary committee. In the end, Miranda found what he wished for and was ordered to take Lyès into custody by his seniors. However, it looked like Lyès had eloped with Alice before the cops could put the cuffs on him. Since he was asked to leave Ali in peace, Miranda lost his trust in the department and realized that, from top to bottom, everyone in the department was corrupt, a sellout, and a pawn of those with deep pockets. Miranda wanted to arrest Ali as well, to make an example of him. He intended to show that no one was immune to the hand of justice; not even the most heinous offenders would one day meet their maker. Sadly, he was told not to touch Ali, as he was protected. This didn’t sit well with him, and it would surely become his primary motivation to join forces with Lyès. Thus, in the next season, there will be ample adventures of good cops and bad cops working together to take down the ones protecting Ali and her drug empire.


What Will Become Of Ali And Lyès?

In season 2 of Blood Coast, friends would no longer be friends, and Ali and Lyès would surely start waging a war against each other. Even though both of them were dormant against each other the entire first season, the situation had escalated. Ali’s powerful friends have realized that Lyès is a problem that, if not solved, would bother them in the long run. So, it’s possible that Lyès would be confronting them in addition to the police. Plus, Ali was a full-fledged criminal who even used kids and minors to do his bidding. We noticed him killing a handful of teens just because they were dealing Tarek Hamadi’s drugs and told his men where Kamel (Ali’s nephew) hanged his coat. As for Lyès, he would be driven by his most obvious motivation: his sister’s death, who died after overdosing on the same substance Ali is selling. Lyès sister’s death distanced him from his family, so Lyès would under no circumstances spare Ali. For Lyès, it won’t matter whether he’s a police officer or a fugitive on the run.

Will We Be Seeing More Of Alice And Zoe, Lyès’ Daughter?

Yes! It’s possible. After a couple of episodes had passed, we learned that Lyès had a daughter, Zoe, from his past fling, Fanny. Lyès and Fanny used to date when the former was working for Murillo (Lyès was undercover), one of the biggest criminals, whose vengeance and vendetta were the focus of the first season of Blood Coast. When Lyès betrayed him to the cops, he found himself in Murillo’s crosshairs. Fortunately, Fanny saved his life, and in gratitude, he helped her escape the cops. Even though she was on Interpol’s most-wanted list, Lyès never told anyone about it. When Lyès was informed that Zoe was his daughter, we saw a much different side of him: compassionate and kind. In the final episode, Lyès risked both his life and career to pull Fanny and Zoe out of harm’s way. Thus, it’s likely that Lyès will take on the role of a father and look after Zoe now that Fanny is behind bars for helping Murillo.


As for Alice Vidal, the show would also be exploring her professional-turned-personal relationship with Lyès. As the show matured to a climax, both Lyès and Alice gave into their obvious sexual tension and slept with each other. So, in the next season, we will be seeing more of this, but make no mistake, their cooperation won’t only be sexual, and they will be taking new cases together. They would also take up arms against Ali’s powerful friends, who enjoy a significant influence in both the police department and the city of Marseille.

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