‘Best Interests’ Episode 3 Recap & Ending, Explained: What Is Katie Trying To Do?

The second episode of Best Interests ends with Andrew leaving Nicci and Katie because he seems to have reached a tipping point when it comes to Marnie and what is right for her life. Nicci ends up getting help from the support group because she feels it is her only way to get back at the hospital and provide dignified treatment to her daughter. Her aim from now on is to win the legal battle, but will she be able to do this without Andrew by her side?


Spoilers Ahead

Nicci’s Campaign Against The Hospital

Best Interests Episode 3 begins with Nicci kickstarting the campaign in favor of her daughter by speaking on radio, television, and social media in the hope that the case will gain some traction. It is nothing but a slandering campaign being carried out to run the hospital’s name through the mud and make them seem like the villains. It is solely being done to make sure they get a verdict in favor of them, but she forgets that the court would only base the verdict on the evidence presented, and it would be stupid to assume the hospital won’t be hiring a high-profile barrister to fight their case.


As her lawyer, Derek builds the case, but she realizes she will have to make plenty of negative statements about Dr. Samantha, who has been nothing but a good doctor to Marnie. It confuses Nicci because she did not realize the magnitude of the impact this case would have on Dr. Samantha as a physician and how her career might be affected as well. It shows Nicci did not think this through and is in a dilemma. The change of heart might indicate Nicci’s guilt showing up and finally concluding that this fight will turn ugly.

Katie Confronts Her Father

Katie finally has a sit-down with Andrew and talks about how it was wrong of him to walk out on her and Nicci because this is not what a father is supposed to do. Andrew talks about how his mother all her life emphasized on the fact that he could do better with this life, which to date does not make sense to him because he wishes his mother had spoken to him about her affection towards him instead of making her deathbed conversation about whether he had lived up to his potential or not. Andrew speaks of this because maybe he feels he would never be this kind of parent to his daughters, and he gave everything he could for their betterment. It is the case with every person of that generation who went through some sort of trauma trying to impress their parents. They either ended up being a better person or became another version of their mother or father.


Katie does not understand any of this because she comes from a place where she thinks her parents are supposed to fight this battle together despite their differences. For Katie, only Marnie’s well-being is important; she does not understand what Andrew went through with his mother because she feels he is using it as an excuse to justify his actions. Katie might be right here because his words imply that his mother was unfair, but he was never unfair to his kids, which gives him the pass to do what is right. But again, what Katie does not understand is that this is a conflict between her parents, and she should let them figure out their battles instead of trying to make her father feel guilty.

Greg, The Social Worker

As instructed by Nicci’s team, there would be a third person at the court who would be representing Marnie’s best interests; the person would understand the case, and finally, their opinion would work in influencing the final verdict. The person happens to be Greg, a social worker from the Child Protection Service who himself was born with visible birth defects. This person comes across as sympathetic to Marnie and what she has been going through over the years. He has a quiet demeanor that makes him approachable and easy to talk to. Greg and Andrew were also able to converse about how insensitive Greg’s father was growing up. The conversation was equivalent to the talk that Nicci had with George’s mother, where they spoke in detail about the pain and apprehension that come with having a kid who has difficulties in carrying out daily functions. The scene is about an endearing conversation because we get to see how vulnerable and easy-going Greg and Andrew are, accepting of their imperfections and making them their strengths.


Will Katie’s Actions Put Nicci’s Campaign Against The Hospital On The Back Foot?

Katie had stolen Marnie’s medicines with the hope that maybe she wouldn’t need them, implying that Marnie might live long enough. She gave these away to her girlfriend, Hannah, who sold them. Katie and Hannah themselves end up consuming this prescribed drug to understand its effects. It is an expression of teenage angst, with them wanting to rebel no matter what. But the news of Hannah selling the drugs blows up on Twitter, and through her, Katie’s name gets dragged into this. Katie and Hannah break up over the latter’s selling those prescribed drugs. It happens because either Katie’s guilt kicks in because she has also not been visiting her sister, or she thought Hannah asked for them for her personal recreational use.

Nicci is informed of this incident by Brenda, and since she is ill-informed about social media, she is unaware of the damage it would cause to the campaign she has been building against the hospital. It makes sense because why would people believe the words of a woman whose daughter has been caught stealing and selling prescribed drugs? The positive campaign would turn negative for Nicci and Brenda. The two of them did not see this coming at all because they thought Katie was supposed to be the understanding one.

Katie apologizes to her mother, but she also lets her know why Andrew has to be supportive and understanding of her actions right now because a normal parent would be livid at their daughter’s behavior. Nicci lets her know she has no reason to be livid because it would be hypocrisy. After all, she and Andrew made some mistakes themselves when they were young. It proves that Nicci understands why kids in their teens and late teens tend to behave the way they do. She reveals that she knew Katie was gay, but she gave her daughter space and time to choose when she wanted to come out. The revelation comes as a surprise to Katie because she felt her mother did not know about her sexuality. It is a typical parent-child bond. If they have shared a good friendship since the child’s youth, then they would understand what the child wants. Katie also lets her know that both Nicci and Andrew should stop making this fight about themselves and think about Marnie.

It probably comes to Katie from having a conversation with Greg, the man who would be representing Marnie’s best interests in court. Katie does have a sense of understanding since Marnie informed her that she loves her more than she loves Nicci and Andrew. It makes Katie realize the responsibility she has towards Marnie and why she should be there for her more than her parents. At this point, the atmosphere in the show becomes tense and emotional because Katie knows that she might lose her sister. Katie has probably been more ready for it, than anyone else in this family.


Katie came close to derailing Nicci and Brenda’s campaigns, but the latter has come up with a damage control solution. It is not clear if Nicci would agree with the quick fix because she would want her daughter to take responsibility for her actions, and Katie would do so if asked. It is not shown in the episode if Katie did something to salvage the campaign. This portion should have been resolved, keeping in mind that such a hue and cry was made about it, but the writers chose to ignore it and work on Nicci’s plan to go ahead and give out a statement against Dr. Samantha, who had made some errors of judgment in the past, and Brenda and Nicci’s lawyer will use that to build a strong case. Nicci feels guilty, but she must do this for her daughter. Best Interests Episode 3 ends with the court making an opening statement regarding who they would consider in the best interest of Marnie in this matter. It makes sense because, as the case is about the ill child, the records and evidence that would be presented would help save Marnie, and that will be the only way forward for the court. What Andrew, Nicci, or Katie want will not be considered from here on.

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