‘Berlin’ Ending Explained & Season 1 Recap: What Does Camille Want From Berlin?

Berlin is the new spin-off show from the Money Heist universe, where the writers explore the world of the most popular character from the original series. Berlin describes the life the man had led before teaming up with the Professor and the big heist he carried out in the city of Paris with a group of five highly motivated people. The show will be released on December 29, 2023, and this article will chronicle the robbery and the subsequent police chase.


Spoilers Ahead

What Did Berlin Want To Rob?

Berlin is introduced as he explains his third divorce, followed by a robbery he had planned with his loyal team. He, along with his team, entered the house as police with a fake search warrant to rob a stolen antique chalice. He got away with the prized possession, and in exchange, Berlin promised to keep quiet about the stolen item, which would save the royal house some embarrassment and jail time.


Berlin and his team reached Paris and wanted to use the chalice as bait to lure the pastor of a local church into letting them carry out a fake excavation. They are aware of an underground auction house that could be reached through a tunnel below the church. The pastor agreed to the task, and thus began their plan to steal jewels worth 44 million euros, which belonged to the royals from across Europe. A secret auction has been planned,  with the jewels being stored in the underground safe, and Berlin and his team plan to rob it a day before the auction. Their plan is set in motion despite many glitches right from the start.

Why Was He Obsessed With Camille?

Camille was the wife of the underground auction house supervisor, Monsieur Polignac. Berlin and his team planted cameras all around the house in the hope of getting intel about the movement of the jewels. Berlin’s plans go awry when he becomes attracted to the wife of the gentleman. Camille was a younger wife, and she led a different life than her husband. Berlin makes use of the footage he captures every day to orchestrate a fake meet-cute, and Berlin introduces himself as Simon. Both are instantly drawn to each other, and they begin a steamy affair.


The attraction Berlin felt soon turned into love and obsession. Berlin was certain Camille would leave her husband for him, and he created a fake scenario that included his new lover. Berlin was under the impression his teammates would understand the tsunami of feelings he was facing, which he thought was love. Berlin was willing to get distracted by Camille and put the plan in jeopardy, by essentially sleeping with the enemy. He believed he had his feelings were under control, but his teammates did not believe so.

Who Were Berlin’s Teammates?

Berlin’s teammates included Damian, who was the mastermind and the creator of the plan that would help them retrieve the jewels. Keila was the techie who would help with hacking into systems related to the robbery. Their new member, Cameron, was a biker known for being excellent with vehicles for an easy getaway. Roi was a young boy who considered Berlin his mentor. The latter treated him like a son, and Roi would always attend to Berlin’s orders. Bruce was the muscular guy who could do the heavy-duty lifting required in the line of robbery they were planning. The five of them quickly got along and understood the plan of action offered to them. They were in this for the money, and their names were changed to retain their anonymity.


Was Their Heist A Success?

Their heist was meticulously planned, which included creating a fake vault that replicated the original to hoodwink the security stationed at the underground auction house. The heist did not go as planned because Berlin and Damian’s spat almost sabotaged their chance of robbing the priceless treasures. Berlin was smitten with love, while Damian was informed by his wife that she wanted to file for divorce. Their argument about love and companionship almost alerted the security. The heist was a success, and the entire team managed to steal the jewels without creating a major mess or drawing unwarranted attention.

Where Does Everyone Go After The Heist?

Berlin and Damian plan to split the cash into equal amounts and ask everyone to head out of Paris without creating any suspicion or attracting attention. Berlin was aware of the circus that would ensue once the French police got involved, and how they would be on the hunt to catch the mastermind and his accomplices in this crime. Cameron and Roi left together with some loot, and they were joined by Damian with his share. All three planned to cross the border as a family who were bereaved. Keila and Bruce left the city as a pair of backpackers who had to abandon their plan halfway because of the heavy police checking on the border. Berlin had planned to donate all the equipment they used to spy on Camille’s husband to a charity organization so that it could not be traced back to him. Berlin never left Paris in the hope of aiding Camille in her less-than-favorable situation. Monsieur Francois Polignac, Camille’s husband, was arrested for his role in the robbery simply based on his proximity to the auction house. Berlin had also planted evidence that would direct police towards Polignac. By helping Camille, he would seem like a knight in shining armor that impressed both her and her husband.  Polignac was aware of Camille’s affair with Berlin.

What Was Camille’s State Of Mind?

Camille was in a state of shock as the awful events unfolded in front of her. Camille had refused to leave Polignac, as she considered him the love of her life. Berlin was livid at first, but he came around to her dilemma and promised to be by her side. Camille was perplexed to comprehend why the man who worked at the auction house would steal from it. Polignac would have known he would be the usual suspect. Sadly, every piece of evidence collected was against Polignac, and she was out of options on how to help him. She’d broken up with Berlin several times, but they found their way back to each other at this time of distress. Camille got hold of his hotel room key and discovered many pieces of equipment that would give the man access to her room. Camille came to terms with Berlin being the criminal who not only violated her privacy but betrayed her as well.

How Do The Police Get To Them?

The French police were conducting widespread lookouts, and they caught hold of a necklace from the loot found inside a race car. On getting hold of   the vehicle, the drivers gave the police a sketch of Cameron and Roi and the tale of how they got hold of the car from the two criminals. The sketch allowed them to round up the duo and find them hiding at a small settlement on the French border. The French police were joined by Raquel Murillo from the original “Money Heist” universe. The police were closing in on the fugitives a lot faster than they had imagined. The sketch allowed the border force to inform the French police about Cameron and Roi’s location. The police could have utilized the CCTV cameras in places across the country to get better access to facial recognition and understanding of who the criminal could be. Sadly, these logical solutions were thrown out of the window.


Keila was bitten by a snake, and in a bid to save her, Bruce had to request the police to help them. The police found a magazine of a pistol in Bruce’s possession and this was followed by a standoff between him and the police inside the hospital. Keila recovered from the snake bite and was taken out of the city by Bruce where he confessed his love for her. The police who assisted them reported them, but the couple escaped before the police could catch up.  Keila and Bruce were attractive to each other but neither acted on it because they did not want to mix work and pleasure. Besides, Keila seemed like someone with social anxiety which made her wary of the feelings she was going through. Both eventually find a middle ground despite their obvious differences, fall in love, and confess to the same. 

Damian was in Paris to confront Berlin about his reasons for staying back. Both were soon made aware of the French police on their way to the hotel they were at. The duo left the town using the underground tunnel they had created at the beginning of the show. Berlin was made aware of Camille coming to grips with his real identity, but he had to rescue himself before he was sent to prison. Berlin’s voiceover, which was inconsistent throughout the show, helped the viewers understand their plan to leave the country. Berlin and Damian reach the spot decided by all with all the loot except for the necklace, which Cameron and Roi lost. All were content with the few days of cat-and-mouse with the French police. Berlin was indeed smart, and he managed not to get carried away by the love he had for Camille. All six of them left behind a version of themselves with this robbery.


What Does Camille Want From Berlin?

The show ends with Berlin running into Camille. He also rejects a relationship proposal from a woman, stating his previous girlfriend and he had a falling out, which makes him apprehensive about considering a new relationship.  Berlin was probably still in love with Camille despite the roller coaster of a ride they went through because of her husband’s arrest. There is no conclusion about Poglo arrest or his release, but Berlin probably feels guilty for framing him and consequently losing Camille in that process. Camille visits him to learn more about him but secretly she wants a verbal confession of his role in the heist. Camille’s plan is proof of Polignac being in prison, as she wanted to frame Berlin. The confession would be crucial in this matter. Camille eggs him to talk about his role in the heist and Berlin does so without realizing what his old lover was up to. Camille and her friend confront Berlin about the tape they have of him in which he also confesses to having fallen in love with her, but as a person who was wronged by him, she was not keen on him. The recording she had of him turned out to be erased by the recording. 

Berlin, as a person who was still mesmerized by Camille and his love for her, gave away 3.8 million euros to clear the guilty consciousness that had emerged since his involvement in Polignac’s arrest. He also parted ways by confessing his love and giving her a clear picture of whether her marriage was already broken. The money he had on him from the loot was from the sale they had made in Ankara, Turkey. Berlin’s life and the heist he conducted were coming full circle. Camille left the country with the money offered to her, something she believes is hers after the strains she had to put up with post-the arrest of her husband. Camille will probably live with her on her terms with the full money she will receive.


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