‘Based On A True Story’ Characters And Season 2 Expectations, Explained

Step into the world of Nathan and Ava Bartlett, an adventurous husband and wife duo hatching a unique scheme to turn a criminal into an unexpected asset for their business venture. While most people are content with keeping up-to-date with crime news, this dynamic couple takes it a step further. Their burning desire? To create a groundbreaking podcast featuring none other than the elusive Westside Ripper, Matt Pierce!


Spoilers Ahead 

Nathan And Ava’s Encounter With Matt

Embarking on the bumpy ride of life, Nathan and Ava Bartlett find themselves navigating through the unpredictable waves of life after twelve years of marriage. With a baby on the way, they’re faced with the daunting task of making ends meet while simultaneously tending to their relationship. Ava, a tenacious go-getter, sets her sights on conquering the real estate market. Despite her best efforts, she struggles to seal the deal on a single house sale. Each potential buyer’s hesitation becomes a roadblock in her pursuit of success, leaving her feeling frustrated and disheartened. As if that weren’t enough, Nathan, a passionate tennis coach, finds himself unexpectedly faced with a demotion. The once thriving tennis court, filled with the sound of cheers and the swish of rackets, now stands deserted, mirroring Nathan’s sense of uncertainty about his future.


Ava and Nathan Bartlett’s seemingly innocuous encounter with Matt Pierce, their friendly plumber, takes an unexpected and haunting turn. Little do they know that behind Matt’s welcoming smile and their newfound friendship lies a dark secret, a notorious serial killer. But Ava, with her keen enthusiasm and attention to detail, becomes entangled in a web of eerie coincidences. As news of a string of murders involving young girls begins to circulate, she uncovers a shocking revelation—the clues and evidence eerily align with Matt’s belongings and even the wounds he carries. Nathan’s sensible instinct urges him to dial the police hotline. But wait, here comes Ava, with her unique and eccentric personality, proposing a mind-boggling alternative—to launch their very own podcast featuring none other than the killer himself!

The mere thought of willingly engaging with a murderer for the sake of a podcast seems like a recipe for disaster. You can practically see the imaginary question marks floating above Nathan’s head. But, oh, Ava is not one to back down easily. Armed with her persuasive powers and offbeat logic, she launches into a passionate speech, conjuring a convincing middle ground that even Nathan can’t ignore. With a mixture of skepticism and curiosity, he slowly warms up to the idea, realizing that perhaps this unconventional approach could be their ticket to getting their lives back on track. After hours of animated discussions and hilarious back-and-forth banter, the couple finally struck a deal with Matt. They cautiously outline the terms, making sure to maintain a healthy distance while extracting valuable information from their serial killer friend.


Nathan’s Fears

Nathan Bartlett is a man plagued by self-esteem issues and trapped in a cycle of miscommunication with his beloved wife, Ava. Every conversation seems to be a minefield of misunderstandings, with Ava unwittingly repeating her words to solve the confusion and chaos. Each day, Nathan gazes into the mirror, labeling himself a “loser” in an amusingly exaggerated fashion. And when he gets demoted, his self-worth plummets even further. Believing that Ava desires a life of luxury akin to her friends, he misinterprets her intentions, convinced that his own financial struggles are the cause of their relationship woes. But amidst the chaos, Nathan embarks on the podcast plan to resurrect their married life, even though deep down, he worries about the impact it might have on their unborn child. With hesitation and concern etched on his face, he takes a leap of faith, knowing that the outcomes are uncertain.

The impending arrival of their baby becomes a catalyst for Nathan’s determination to set things right and ensure their child doesn’t grow up amidst a crumbling relationship. So he musters the courage to step into this plan, even if it means facing the consequences and potentially straying into the unexpected side of life. Nathan is constantly tested by life’s unexpected curveballs, which threaten to unravel his calm and composed demeanor. But despite the chaos that ensues, Nathan somehow manages to face all the complicated situations, including his tangled encounters with Matt.


Matt’s Obsession 

Matt Pierce is the epitome of unpredictability, as he swings between a normal person and a cold-blooded murderer in the blink of an eye. His dark journey began at the tender age of 18 when he claimed his first victim, unable to resist the sinister urges that consumed him. From that point on, his insatiable appetite for taking innocent lives knew no bounds. But what sets Matt apart is his peculiar taste in victims. It’s not just any young girl that catches his attention; it’s the confident, radiant women who meet his gaze and offer a smile. Just like Chloe Lake, who’s friendly smile became the catalyst for Matt’s twisted obsession, turning her into an unwitting target in his macabre game of pursuit and murder. There’s an inexplicable fascination with those who exude self-assurance, driving him to target them as his next prey. It’s a peculiar twist that adds an extra layer of intrigue to Matt’s character.

When Matt stumbles upon the idea of a podcast dedicated to his dark deeds, his initial reaction is not what you’d expect. It’s not fear of being caught that consumes him, but sheer disbelief that a couple like Ava and Nathan still exist. As the podcast becomes an obsession for him, his curiosity gets the better of him, and he can’t resist actively participating in providing the best content possible. He eagerly shares his chilling insights, injecting a twisted enthusiasm into each episode. His contributions become an eerie blend of horror and entertainment, ensuring that listeners are kept on the edge of their seats. It’s an ironic twist that even in his darkest moments, Matt’s desire for validation and recognition manifests through his active involvement in the podcast.


Ava’s Ability To Attract Troubles

Ava, driven by a relentless desire to live her best life, understands the importance of maintaining a facade of strength to prevent Nathan from crumbling under the weight of their struggles. When she hatches the plan for the podcast, her sole motivation is to recapture the excitement of being a dynamic husband-and-wife duo, as Ava has always harbored a deep interest in the captivating realm of crime. In Ava’s mind, the podcast becomes the bridge that will span the growing gap between her and Nathan, revitalizing their connection and reigniting the spark that has begun to flicker. She envisions a future where they work together, delving into the mysteries of true crime and uncovering the secrets that lie beneath the surface.

While showcasing mansions to potential buyers, Ava’s daydreams transport her beyond the thoughts of basic living. She yearns for a life of luxury and financial prosperity, seeking opportunities that will bring them substantial wealth. And what better way to achieve this than by delving into the dark world of murder? The allure of exploring the criminal world is irresistible, regardless of the risks it may entail. Little did Ava know that her fascination would lead her and Nathan down a treacherous path, entangling them with a menacing serial killer who lurks in the shadows, wielding a knife poised above their heads.


Possibilities For A Second Season

Just when Ava and Nathan thought they had everything under control, all hell breaks loose as Ava’s best friend, Ruby Gale, stumbles upon their secret podcast. Ruby, with a mischievous glint in her eye, threatens to turn them in to the police unless they let her in on the action. Talk about an unexpected twist that sends their hearts racing! But wait, it wouldn’t be a gripping storyline without the serial killer tailing them. In a stroke of unfortunate timing, the killer decides to complicate matters further by targeting Ruby, leaving Ava and Nathan with an unexpected problem—Ruby’s lifeless body! Imagine their panic-stricken faces as they try to make sense of this twisted turn of events while desperately trying to keep their secrets intact.

And just when they thought things couldn’t get any crazier, enter Ruby’s oblivious husband, Simon. Picture the hilarity that ensues when he stumbles upon Ava and Nathan, frantically attempting to wash off the incriminating blood stains from their house. But don’t expect all the answers just yet! The season finale leaves you hanging as Simon’s gaze lingers a little too long, suspicion etched across his face. Will he uncover their dark secret, or will fate play yet another twisted trick on our hapless protagonists?


With Ruby Gale now out of the picture, the duo must confront the aftermath of her death. As they scramble to cover up the evidence and keep their secret podcast hidden, they inadvertently attract the attention of a relentless detective determined to crack the case. Viewers may encounter hilarious yet nerve-wracking situations that arise as Ava and Nathan attempt to outsmart the detective while maintaining their innocent façade. But now, the possibility of Matt’s obsessive nature taking a twisted turn toward them adds a whole new level of hilarity and trouble. That’s not all! Here comes the riotous twist: the next body to pop up might just be Simon’s! He might become a witness to their hilariously disastrous scenarios, unwittingly stumbling into a trail of bodies that seem to follow Nathan and Ava like an eerie parade.

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