‘Bad Batch’ Season 3 Episode 9 Recap & Ending Explained: What Does Asajj Ventress Reveal About Omega?

Mutability is an integral part of life, more so in the world of Star Wars, where the thin line between morality and reality blurs frequently. To emphasize this aspect, the ninth episode of the final season of Bad Batch brings back one of the most intriguing force users into the narrative, whose shifting allegiance alone can make for a great character study. Previously, in order to learn about Omega’s M-count uniqueness, which has made her a target of Imperial forces, the Bad Batch sought Phee Genoa’s help, who directed the group to the infamous bounty hunter Fennec Shand. Despite having some history with Fennec, the team agrees to take her help, and accordingly, Hunter and Wrecker carry out a bounty hunting job along with her in exchange for the information. 


Later, Fennec gives her word to the duo that she will make sure the information is made available to them, and she leaves. It is revealed that Fennec has informed an interested party about her partnership with the Clones and their search for an M-count connection. In the latest episode titled Harbinger,  the identity of the mysterious caller is revealed to be Asajj Ventress. Now why would someone like Ventress, a woman of many talents, be interested in Omega? This is revealed in this episode through major connections with rival Jedi and Sith factions.

Spoilers Ahead


Why Did Ventress Test Omega’s Force Sensitivity?

The episode opens in Pabu, as we see Wrecker and Crosshair helping a local fisherwoman. Hunter is worried whether Shand is going to keep her word and provide them with the intel about the M-count connection, hearing which Crosshair remarks that the reason isn’t that important as they are never going to let Empire abduct Omega ever again. Hunter rightly states that to better evade the Empire, they need to know why they are after Omega. 

On the far side of the beach, Omega is playing with Batcher, and the young Lurca hound wanders off near a cavern. Batcher suddenly detects something suspicious inside the cave, and following him, Omega finds a shuttle hidden inside a dark corner of the cavern. Soon enough, she is confronted by the person to whom the shuttle belongs—the infamous bounty hunter Asajj Ventress—and before her Clone brothers arrive to check up on her, Ventress manages to capture Omega and take her outside the cavern. Soon enough, Hunter, Crosshair, and Wrecker arrive at the scene after being alerted by Batcher, and Ventress releases Omega. She reveals herself as the contact Fennec had mentioned, but refuses to answer the batch’s query before knowing exactly why they are recklessly asking around for M-count-related information. Omega tries to be sneaky by mentioning that they are asking for a friend, but just as Ventress shares that excess M-count or Midi-Chlorian count in blood implies force sensitivity, generally an essential trait of a Jedi (Sith as well, but isn’t mentioned in this conversation), the kid gets excited considering the possibility of her being a Jedi Knight. Ventress quickly rectifies her, stating mere M-count excess isnt enough, being a Jedi needs rigorous training. However, she states that even though no Clone has ever been detected with Force sensitivity, the unique genetic augmentations of the members of the batch might result in exceptions. In any case, they should be careful, as Empire will leave no stone unturned in their search to find out if Omega’s M-count is really on the higher side.


Sharing the information, Ventress prepares to take off from Pabu, but Omega pleads with her to test her Force sensitivity as the mystery of her origin has plagued her for quite a while. Ventress warns her that the tests might not yield likable results, but Omega is adamant about going through them. 

Why Did The Clone Brothers Attack Asajj Ventress?

As part of the first two tests, Ventress assesses Omega’s endurance, agility, focus, and strength, focusing on her physical and mental skillset. During the second test, she sends Omega away to fetch a certain collectible within a short timeframe, and in that time, the trio of Clone brothers—Hunter, Wrecker, and Crosshair—confront her. After going through Tech’s files, they have identified the separatist assassin, and they suspect that she is up to no good. They have valid reason to believe that, as Asajj’s past is shrouded in darkness. Fans who are familiar with Clone Wars and Dark Disciple will surely remember that an orphan named Asajj was brought up in the care of the Nightsisters; after being separated from them, she was taken as a disciple of the Jedi Knight Ky Narec. After his passing, Asajj gave in to the Dark Side of the Force in anguish, becoming a Sith assassin of Count Dooku, and around this time she often clashed lightsabers with Anakin Skywalker and his apprentice Ahsoka Tano. Later, Asajj was betrayed by Dooku and tried to reform herself by becoming a separatist leader, often helping former enemies like the Jedis and insurrectionists. During the present timeline of the series, Asajj is on her way to redeem herself and is no longer the dreaded Sith assassin the galaxy once feared. 


However, the Clones are unaware of this, and they ask her to leave Pabu to ensure Omega’s safety. Asajj disagrees with them and tries to reason with them, but eventually a fight breaks out among them, and needless to say, Asajj handles all three of them with relative ease. In fact, the three modified Clones were able to go toe to toe with a Force user like her, which is commendable, to say the least. However, Omega returns and gets baffled seeing the aftermath of the fight—three Clone brothers at the mercy of Ventress. Hunter mentions Asajj’s former war criminal status, replying that she says she has changed a lot since her old days and emphatically states Empire to be their enemy, not her. Omega somehow handles the situation, and later Hunter and the rest of the batch inform her about Ventress’ past, insisting that she cannot be trusted. Despite their warnings, Omega chooses to keep faith in her and give her a second chance, like she did to Crosshair as well. Omega convinces her brothers to let her complete Asajj’s test.

What Does Asajj Ventress Reveal About Omega?

The next morning, Asajj decides to take the third and final test by going out in the open ocean while the rest of the batch keeps a close eye on them from the shore. Asajj asks Omega to reach out using her connection with the Force. As strong Force users share an affinity for the natural world and can connect with life, Omega needs to test her Force sensitivity by trying to do the same. After failing to do so, Omega starts complaining, and Asajj blames her three brothers for her lack of training and discipline. Omega states that she has had training, but Ventress emphasizes the difference between Force-related training and simple soldier training. 


To clarify her example, Asajj uses her connection with Force to summon a shoal of fish from the depths of the ocean. However, Asajj’s strong connection unintentionally triggers a giant cephalopod creature, Vrathean, who starts causing rampage right off. The Clone brothers, who were observing everything from afar, rush to their rescue, and by then the creature has managed to get a hold of Omega by destroying the ship. Ventress dives in to save Omega, and after hacking off a couple of tentacles with her signature curved-hilt lightsaber, she manages to do so. The Clone starts shooting at the Vrathean to no avail, as it continues to get angrier, and taking Ventress’s advice, Omega asks her brother to let her handle it. Ventress manages to tap into her Force connection to calm the creature down, and eventually, the creature leaves. 

Back at the shore, Ventress is ready to leave Pabu when Omega asks her about her assessment: is she Force sensitive or possesses a higher M-count? Ventress states that according to her observation, Omega is not, and it should come as a relief to her, as otherwise Empire will never leave her alone. Omega is confused as to why the Empire is searching for her, but Wrecker distracts her by taking her elsewhere. In Omega’s absence, Hunter and Crosshair call out Ventress’ lie, as they have assumed that she was hiding something from Omega deliberately. Ventress remarks that on the off chance that Omega turns out to be a Force-sensitive individual, she has to hone her skills, which will take her away from her brothers, which in this case is not possible. Instead of focusing on that, she advises them to avoid future interactions with Imperial forces and leave Pabu, as she presumes the planet is not as safe as they consider it to be. As she’s about to depart, Crosshair questions her allegiance, to which she remarks that, as of then, she is answerable only to herself. Ventress leaves Pabu, and the episode comes to a close. 


The return of an iconic character like Asajj has surely made longtime Star Wars fans a bit giddy, although her presence in a couple more episodes in the final season of Bad Batch would have been perfect. Seeing the character appear in live action in the near future is a wish fans will like to see fulfilled someday. However, Omega’s future as a force-wielding Clone sounds just as promising, and hopefully, the remaining episodes of the season will focus on that aspect.

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