‘Atlas’ 2024 Cast And Character Guide

Since it’s time, you might be thinking of watching the latest Jenifer Lopez-starrer sci-fi action flick, Atlas. The good news for you is, this movie is not just about Lopez. Atlas is an average but entertaining action flick, with some solid actors making up the ensemble cast. Without further ado, here’s a quick guide to the characters who appear in the movie.


Jeniffer Lopez as Atlas

The international pop star isn’t done with stardom yet, and she stars as Atlas, the titular character of the movie. Most of the film is focused on Atlas, as she’s the one who is out for redemption. Being the only survivor out of all the highly trained Rangers, Atlas must make her way off GR-39. Her only companion in this is Smith, the AI assistant of her ARC suit. Born in a house where she grew up with robots, she was not her mother’s first priority. Atlas was the reason Harlan turned into an evil terrorist, and she’s been haunted by that for life. Atlas grows up to be an analyst for the ICN, and she barely has any personal life to speak for. She has extreme trust issues, and her eccentric behavior doesn’t let her stay in a relationship. 

Atlas is backed by General Booth to continue her fight against Harlan. When Harlan attacks the ICN spacecraft, Atlas is the only one who survives. From Very early in the movie, it’s Atlas versus Harlan and his army. 


Sterling K. Brown as Elias Banks

If I see Sterling K. Brown in a movie, I expect maximum screen time for him; however, this is not the case in “Atlas.” Brown plays ICN Colonel Elias Banks, who’s the man in charge of arresting Harlan from GR-39. After Harlan’s ambush, he gets captured by him and gets severely tortured. By the end of the movie, Elias helps Atlas fight off Harlan’s men and retrieve her ARC suit.

Simu Liu as Harlan Shepherd 

The man who won hearts as Ken in Barbie, Simu Liu, plays the world’s first AI terrorist, Harlan Shepherd. Harlan is a robot who has reprogrammed every single AI bot around the world to create an army of rebels. He is hell-bent on destroying the planet and starting over with a number of people for a better future, and he’d be the one guiding the surviving humans. For being a piece of metal, Harlan has big ambitions, and it’s commendable how shrewd he actually is. One of the biggest strengths of Harlan is his ability to strategically lead his enemies into traps and attack them when they’re least expecting it. Harlan tricks the ICN, Colonel Banks, Atlas, and pretty much anybody who comes to get him. He’s spent 28 years away from earth to build an army that is capable of taking on the ICN forces, and if not for Atlas, he’d be successful without breaking much of a sweat. 


Abraham Papoola as Casca

One of Harlan’s main commanders, Casca, dies twice in this movie and gets revived for the third time. Abraham Papoola plays the cold-hearted bot with the utmost confidence, and Casca is someone you wouldn’t even want to make eye contact with. A terrifying killer bot who’s only made to hunt Atlas, Casca is a much better character than Harlan himself. 

Mark Strong as General Boothe

Portrayed by the wonderful and reliable Mark Strong, General Boothe is one of the chiefs of the ICN. The only chief who wants to work with Atlas, Boothe puts his faith in the best person for the job. It’s never enough to be just a leader and make rational choices, and even though we see very little of General Boothe, it’s always a good experience to see a leader who’s compassionate and takes care of his people. He gifts Atlas a plant from GR-39, which she took earlier and kept in Smith’s storage, and even this gesture shows that Boothe treats Atlas just like a little daughter. 


Gregory James Cohan as Smith/Dhiib Pilot

Probably the only likeable character in the whole movie, Gregory James Cohan plays the AI assistant of Atlas’ ARC suit. Named Smith, he tries to bond with Atlas even when she only resists. Atlas isn’t a fan of neural links, as it was the reason that Harlan got corrupted. Smith tries everything to make her feel better. Smith is easily the better and more improved version of Harlan than Harlan was supposed to be. Cohan also appears on the screen, and it’s just not his voice. He plays the pilot of the spacecraft the ICN soldiers came in. 

Other characters 

Lana Parrilla is seen in the role of Val Shepherd, Atlas’ mother who created the rogue AI, Harlan. This woman got obsessed with robotics and AI and ignored her daughter, and the people Harlan killed must be cursing her. Briella Guiza plays young Atlas, and she does it well. There aren’t really more characters worth talking about, and even the ones I did, I’m not sure if they’re worth it. Atlas is a pretty flat movie, and your head is either going to be numb or crazy excited, depending on what kind of movie you prefer. 


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