‘Anchakkallakokkan’ Ending Explained & Movie Recap: Who Killed Chaapra?

Year: 1986, Destination: Kalahasti village. It’s one of those places where everyone knows everyone else, and trust me, there are some weird characters around! Some people even believe in old tribal tales about creatures that haunt the night. Now, here’s where things take a dark turn. The respected landlord of the village, Chaapra, has been killed! Chaapra was a big deal around here, someone everyone looked up to and feared. And to make matters even more intense, this happened right in the middle of election season! So obviously, it’s the talk of the village. The police are on the case, the villagers are buzzing with gossip, and Chaapra’s sons, the Gillappis, are desperate to find out who killed their father and why. Then in comes Vasudevan, our somewhat timid police officer. Now, he might not be the bravest guy around, but he’s determined to crack this case. He teams up with Nadavaramban, and that’s when the plot really thickens! There are some dark truths that come to light, making him question the true colors of the people living here. So, let’s dive into the explainer of the film Anchakkallakokkan by Ullas Chemban together, shall we?


Spoilers Ahead

Who killed Chaapra? 

The film starts off during election season in Kalahasti village. The whole place is buzzing with excitement—townspeople, police, everyone’s caught up in the election fever! One of the key figures in the election is the respected landlord, Chaapra, fondly known as ‘Master’. He’s deeply involved in the election campaign, giving it his all. One fateful night, Chaapra hears a gunshot during his nightly stroll and decides to investigate. But, oh boy, he had no idea what he was walking into! It turns out that someone had plotted to murder him. A masked figure sneaks up and fatally stabs him with a sharp, triangular shovel-like handmade weapon. Election time and the death of the landlord? You bet it’s the hottest topic in town! Now, let’s meet our new police officer, Vasudevan. Like us, he’s also trying to get a proper feel for the village vibe, and let me tell you, here things are a bit… off. He notices the local shopkeeper has two sets of goods: top-notch stuff for the locals and not-so-great items for outsiders. Talk about shady characters!


At the police station, things aren’t any better. Officers are roughing up people left and right, be it man or woman, trying to crack the Chaapra murder case. Poor Vasudevan, who’s a bit squeamish around blood, is shocked by the brutality. He’s tempted to turn a blind eye but soon learns that adapting to the village ways is the only option to survive here because showing respect to people is a big no-no. As the story unfolds, we learn the shocking truth behind Chaapra’s murder. It turns out that a party leader named Malavi had a financial deal with Chaapra that went sour. He took help from a man named Punnari to hire a hitman to take out Chaapra. But wait, there’s more! Chaapra had his own dark motives. He wanted to be with a woman named Pathmini, so he got rid of her husband, Siddhan, to get his way. Pathmini, though, wasn’t about to let Chaapra get away with it; she was ready to take her revenge. She teamed up with Nadavaramban, our police officer, and plotted revenge. They struck a deal with Malavi and Punnari, took the money, and hired a tribal killer named Shankarabharanam to do the deed, and in exchange, promised Nadavaramban she’d sleep with him.

Why did Kollan Shankaran want to take revenge? 

When we first meet Police Officer Nadavaramban, there’s something off about him. He seems to care about the townspeople, but deep down, he’s really just looking out for himself. Even though he already knows who killed Chaapra, he plays along with the investigation and asks Vasudevan to help him out. Then, out of nowhere, a twist! A poor tribal man named Kollan walks into the station and confesses to the murder! Everyone’s stunned by his bold move. But hold on, there’s more to Kollan’s story, and Vasudevan soon learns the shocking truth. You see, Kollan isn’t just any guy. He’s a poor drunkard  who lost everything—except his daughter. She was his rock, always taking care of him and their pet pig. One tragic day, she went looking for her father, who was off drinking again, and had an epileptic episode. The town believed she died from natural causes, but that’s not the whole story! The woman who used to bathe Kollan’s daughter told him a secret. She knew that Nadavaramban had assaulted the girl, leading to her traumatic episode and eventual death. It was a heartbreaking revelation for Kollan, and it shattered his trust in Nadavaramban. Of course, he could not believe it. The very person who’s supposed to protect the community is the one causing harm! Nadavaramban got away with his crime and was still roaming free, tormenting others. That’s why Kollan came to the police station—to seek revenge and justice for his daughter’s death.


Meanwhile, the police managed to capture the real killer, Shankarabharanam, and lock him up in the station. But Nadavaramban sensed that Kollan was out for revenge, and a showdown between them kicked off! They were about to have a big fight, and Nadavaramban asked Shankarabharanam to back him up. Vasudevan, now fully aware of the corrupt people and their motives around him, had an awakening. He remembered his childhood fears of mythical tales like Anchakkallakokkan that used to scare him, where a bogeyman kidnaps naughty children. But then he thought about how he had overcome the horrors of his abusive father, who had ended up behind bars. If he could face those fears, taking on these corrupt men would be a walk in the park! Nadavaramban, sensing that Vasudevan knew the whole truth, tried to bribe him with money and tempt him to escape this mess altogether. But Vasudevan had had enough! He couldn’t turn a blind eye anymore. Just when things couldn’t get wilder, Chaapra’s sons, the Gillappis, stormed in with a bomb! They’re known for their flashy, stylish killing style, complete with background music that’ll grab your attention.

Inside the station, the scene was pure chaos! Nadavaramban, Shankarabharanam, and Kollan were all pointing fingers at each other, each claiming the other to be the killer of Chaapra. It was pure confusion, and then the guns started blazing! It was an all-out gunfight, with everyone shooting at everyone else! In the end, it came down to a final showdown between Nadavaramban and Vasudevan. After a tough fight, Vasudevan won, defeated Nadavaramban, and escaped this doomed place once and for all!


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