‘Almost Paradise’ Season 2 Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Kai And Alex Leave Mactan?

In the second season of Almost Paradise, we follow US DEA agent Alex Walker, played by Christian Kane, along with his friends Kai Mendoza and Ernesto Almares. After being transferred to the Philippines for a relaxed retirement, Alex thought he was done with investigations and crimefighting. However, he was proven wrong when the Mactan PD asked him to assist their detectives unofficially in catching criminals and solving crimes. Despite being under medical supervision due to a previous heart attack, Alex tries to avoid getting involved but eventually joins forces with Kai and Ernesto. Together, they use Alex’s sharp intuition and investigative prowess to solve various criminal cases, with each episode presenting a different story.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Season 2?

In Almost Paradise Season 2, Alex Walker, who had previously suffered a minor heart attack, had started recovering, according to Dr. Patel’s assessment. The doctor, who had been monitoring him since his arrival in the Philippines, eventually freed him from daily check-ups and health supervision, as he was no longer in need of them. Despite the improvement in his health, Dr. Patel grew concerned about Alex’s loneliness since his daughter was in Sri Lanka and his wife was dating someone else. Consequently, Dr. Patel believed it was time for Alex to find a suitable companion, although Alex didn’t really care about it.


Reluctantly, at Dr. Patel’s insistence, Alex decided to try dating apps but couldn’t find anyone who impressed him. That is, until he came across Ann, the beautiful daughter of the influential Villegas family. However, it wasn’t the right time to ask her out, as they soon got involved in a murder investigation at a local church. A priest had been killed, and the culprit had set fire to the church to hide the crime. Alex, Kai, and Ernesto skillfully investigated the case and discovered that the motive behind the murder was the retrieval of a hidden Magellan’s cross inside a wooden box, which was an ancient family heirloom of the Villegas.

Driven to impress Ann and bring back her family’s ancestry, Alex, along with Kai and Ernesto, managed to apprehend the perpetrator, who turned out to be another priest named Father Gabriele. They returned Magellan’s cross to Ann, who returned it to its rightful place in the church. Despite the successful recovery of the cross, Ann declined to pursue a romantic relationship with Alex. She felt uneasy about his sneaky approach of disguising himself to uncover the truth, as it didn’t seem like a reliable trait for a boyfriend to have.


Who was Fergus? What Happened to Ann Villegas?

After successfully solving several criminal cases, Alex eventually encountered one of his most formidable enemies, the mafia lord Fergus the Waterboarder, who had been imprisoned during one of Alex’s previous secret operations. However, Fergus managed to escape from jail and seek revenge on Alex. At the same time, Alex was on a date with his new girlfriend when his former wife, Claire, unexpectedly showed up. The new girlfriend left Alex to talk with Claire, and Alex was surprised to learn that Claire had already found someone else and wanted to pursue a genuine relationship with him. Although they were not yet divorced as Alex hadn’t signed the papers, Claire introduced her boyfriend and fiancĂ©, Bob, to Alex, who greeted him reluctantly.

While they were out at a tourist spot, Fergus’s men mistakenly identified Bob as Alex and kidnapped him. Alex realized what had happened and set out to rescue Bob, not fully aware of the dangers he was facing with Fergus. Fortunately, with the help of Kai and Ernesto, Alex managed to confront Fergus and his gang, putting them back behind bars.


Meanwhile, Ann resumed her family’s casino business and employed a top-notch security system, The Great Burton Coyne, to protect her casino mall. Unbeknownst to her, Burton Coyne turned out to be the one planning to rob her casino. Thanks to Alex and his team’s efforts, they foiled the robbery and earned Ann’s appreciation. However, Ann kept a significant secret from Alex. When a casino club member was found dead near her mall, she sought the help of the police, but Alex was forbidden from getting involved. However, always being one step ahead, he already knew the killer’s identity: a contract killer named Flacco disguised as an old man with an old lady.

Alex cleverly obtained Flacco’s fingerprints and matched them to the killer’s, but he was unaware of Fergus, the Waterboarder, pulling the strings from behind. Mactan PD realized that Fergus was running his illicit empire even from inside prison, requiring a necessary intervention to stop him.

Did Kai and Alex Leave Mactan?

Meanwhile, Kai Mendoza received a tremendous job promotion offer, fulfilling her lifelong dreams. The Manila task force was impressed by her investigative skills and wanted her to become one of their undercover agents. However, Kai couldn’t immediately accept the offer as she had started developing feelings for Alex. During a previous investigation, Alex and Kai went undercover as a couple to infiltrate a sex trafficking ring led by an American. During their mission, they felt a strong and undeniable connection between them. But Alex’s crush on Ann was a source of disappointment for Kai, leading her to contemplate taking the job offer and leaving Mactan behind.

However, when the police celebrated Kai’s farewell, they unexpectedly stormed into the party and arrested Alex Walker. Unbeknownst to Kai and Ernesto, Alex was being sent to prison as part of an undercover operation to take down Fergus. Determined to uncover the truth, Kai and Ernesto began investigating why Alex was imprisoned. They eventually learned that Alex had been sent to kill Fergus, who was not working alone but was part of an even more powerful illegal operation. This entity had infiltrated the undercover task force and had informants within the Mactan PD.


Kai confronted Alex in prison, pleading with him not to take Fergus.  Eventually, Alex listened to her and found another way to dismantle Fergus’s operation by turning his followers against him. Fergus was arrested once again and transferred to a more secure prison.

Upon learning about her promotion, Kai shared her decision to stay in Mactan rather than go to Manila. Similarly, Alex had also decided not to sell his gift shop, stating that he had his reasons for staying. The conclusion of Almost Paradise season 2 sets the stage for an eagerly anticipated third season, where viewers can witness Kai and Alex’s romantic journey as they grow closer to each other.


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