‘Alaska Daily’ Episode 6: Recap And Ending, Explained: Are The Women Found? Who Is Reed Gallahorn?

It’s been a long day at The Daily Alaskan. Rosalind Friendly, AKA Roz, has been following up on Gloria Nanmac’s case but is yet to find anything concrete, the latest clue being Oxy, a drug that Gloria took for her frostbite. On the other hand, Eileen Fitzgerald has made her presence at The Daily Alaskan felt clearly across the nation after her beef with US Defense Secretary Raymond Green and the article that posed a question for the Pentagon regarding the death of fighter pilot Greg Choi. She has even managed to get herself a “concerned citizen” who isn’t happy about her presence in Alaska at all. “Alaska Daily” Episode 6 takes both Eileen and Roz on a deeper dive into the “missing person” issue. The facts that come to light, as a result, take the ladies by equal surprise and shock.


Spoilers Ahead

A Tale Of Two Searches

Eileen and Roz are at a radio show speaking about the case of Anchorage ADA Adam Barnett and Meade Police Chief Durkin and the impact it has had. They mention how the story shows the flaws in Alaska’s legal system. This is when the show gets its first caller, and it is none other than Eileen’s “concerned citizen,” who yet again abuses Eileen and warns Eileen of her deeds. Eileen just smiles as the RJ disconnects the call.


A 25-year-old, Henley Madison Scott, from Houston, Texas, falls overboard from a cruise at Resurrection Bay near Seward, Alaska, and goes missing. The whole incident is now on social media, as she was going live on her Instagram profile when she fell. The story is getting a lot of traction across the nation. Stanley finds that everyone else is occupied with one story or another, especially Roz, who tells him that on top of Gloria Nanmac’s case, she is covering the disappearance of a woman named Jade Jacobs, who went missing two days ago. Jacobs was with her friends at the Russian Pratatsky Park, felt sick, and left but never returned home. Stanley thus approaches Eileen, telling her to go to a press conference that the Governor’s Office is holding in connection to the Henley Madison Scott case.

At the conference, Eileen comes to know that an extensive search involving several helicopters, a response boat, and a Coast Guard vessel is underway to find Henley. The governor himself has stated that no expense will be spared. She returns to the office and tells Stanley about it. Gloria has been trying to track down drug dealers in Meade, but nothing has turned up yet. However, the kind of traction Henley’s disappearance (not more than 8 to 10 hours have passed since she went missing) is receiving from across the nation makes Gloria question how no one is talking about Jade Jacobs, a native Alaskan woman who disappeared two days earlier. So before the national newspapers arrive and drown The Daily Alaskan’s coverage on Jacobs, they decide to turn the whole angle into a comparison piece of how a white woman’s disappearance is getting so much attention while a native woman’s disappearance is getting almost zero coverage. Eileen and Roz decide to dig into how much is being spent on Henley and Jacobs, respectively.


The Daily Alaskan Touches A Nerve

Eileen arrives at the state office again to learn more about Henley’s search and rescue operation. She finds out from Commissioner Haynes of Public Safety that the total budget for the operation amounts to somewhere over $1 million. Meanwhile, Stanley meets his friend Ken at the local bar. He had asked Ken to help him find out what the Pritchard family stood to gain if Frank Moses won the senate elections (at the end of “Alaska Daily” Episode 3). Ken shows him a map of the Hockley Mountain Land area and shows him the several parcels of land that the Pritchards bought through a development firm that owns them. Ken also shows a plot of protected land that he thinks Conrad Pritchard is trying to buy. Conrad bought the parcels to build a road that would allow him access to the protected land. The question is why Conrad Pritchard is interested in that portion of protected land.

Stanley returns to his office with the map, only to find Aaron Pritchard waiting for him. Aaron isn’t happy with the quarterly sales report that has just come in and tells Stanley to make it work better. He then leaves. Outside, he meets Eileen, who has just returned from the state office and offers her an invitation to a gala that night. Eileen respectfully declines.


Eileen tells Stanley about the budget for the search. Stanley sends Bob to Seward to find out more about the search operation. He also greenlights Roz to cover the grid search for Jade Jacobs. With Miles, the photographer, having left with Bob for Seward, Roz takes his boyfriend, Jindahaa, to the grid search.

Bob arrives in Seward and speaks to his friend Craig, who works at the harbor. Bob finds out that the cruise didn’t have any kind of man-overboard system like radar or infrared that could have picked up the presence of a person under the water. This is illegal in the US. Miles then shows Bob a closer look at the cruiser from which Henley fell, thanks to the drone they brought. It has the name “Panama” on it.


Roz and Jindahaa arrive at the grid search location and meet Charlene Oxridge, the woman leading the search. Roz also meets Jade’s mother, who firmly believes that something has happened to Jade. The police haven’t even driven by, and it’s the community that is carrying out the search.

Eileen is back at the state office. This time Eileen asks Commissioner Haynes about Jade Jacobs’ case, but she knows nothing about it. Haynes blames the reporters who hold the authorities accountable for the missing of a white woman but not so much for a native woman. This is the reason why a million dollars is being invested in the search for Henley Madison Scott.


At The Daily Alaskan, Bob is back and tells Stanley about the Panama cruise. The fact that it has the name Panama on it means it doesn’t have to obey US laws. Furthermore, the cruise company doesn’t have to reimburse the Coast Guard for the million-dollar search operation. Governor Thacker will have more answers, and Bob agrees to dig further. There is another press conference in an hour. That’s when Yuna and Austin enter Stanley’s office and reveal that Henley Madison Scott has had two misdemeanors: a DUI (driving under the influence) and a drug possession charge. But while Gloria Nanmac’s misdemeanors were broadcasted openly, Henley Madison Scott’s misdemeanors are nowhere to be seen. Roz and Bob decide to visit the press conference to find out what the state has to say about it.

At the press conference, it was revealed that the search for Henley Madison Scott had been expanded. Both Roz and Bob question the governor’s representative regarding the Panama cruise and Henley Madison Scott’s misdemeanors, but neither of them gets a justified answer. When asked about missing native women, the representative states that a dedicated task force has been appointed for the same.


Bob and Roz return to the office and tell the others about the task force. Eileen decides to find the budget for this task force. Stanley tells Roz that he has received word from the governor’s office about her behavior at the press conference. She has indeed touched a nerve. Roz leaves for Jade-Jacobs’ grid search. Austin gives Eileen the financial statements of the task force. Later on, with help from a friend, she finds out that all the tax IDs and routing numbers are for a single company, Concordia Public Relations. To Eileen’s surprise, Concordia Public Relations is headed by none other than Conrad Pritchard.

A Gala Of Confrontations

Roz and Jindahaa are helping with the grid search when Stanley comes along. He is about to speak when Roz gets a call from Eileen. Roz puts the phone on speaker so that Stanley can hear it too. Eileen says that she has found more intel on the task force, but Governor Thacker isn’t available to speak to until the next day. Stanley tells her that Thacker has probably gone to the Governor’s Arts Gala. It is the same gala that Aaron Pritchard invited Eileen to, but she declined. Now, Eileen has changed her mind again. The gala is a go. Meanwhile, someone at the grid search finds Jade’s bracelet. Charlene tells everyone to pick up the pace.


Eileen arrives at the Governor’s Arts Gala that evening. She meets Aaron Pritchard, who offers to show her around. Claire is also present and notices her with Pritchard. Eileen also meets pilot-poet Jamie, her former love interest (“Alaska Daily” Episode 2). Jamie is getting an award at the gala. After a short and awkward conversation, they part. Prichard then introduces Eileen to his father, Conrad Pritchard. Without wasting a moment, Eileen questions Conrad about Concordia Public Relations. 85% of the budget of the governor’s task force went to Concordia for a PR campaign rather than being directed towards real searches for the missing women. Conrad doesn’t answer but excuses himself. Aaron isn’t happy with the way Eileen spoke to her father, and he walks away too. Eileen sits down for Jamie’s performance, a lovely poem, and they meet again after the performance. Jamie asks Eileen if they can start over. Eileen agrees. They reintroduced themselves to each other with a smile. Then Eileen notices Governor Thacker and excuses herself to Jamie. She walks over to Thacker and asks him about the disparity in the search and rescue operations for the two women, but all that Thacker says in return is that everything is complicated. Eileen informs him that The Daily Alaskan is going to publish a story about it, and she is all ears for his comment anytime.

‘Alaska Daily’ Episode 6: Ending Explained – Are The Women Found? Who Is Reed Gallahorn?

The next day, Claire and Bob read an online article by The Anchorage Eagle newspaper featuring “disgraced journalist” Eileen and Governor Thacker. Claire then approaches Eileen and tells her what she saw at the gala, Eileen and Aaron Pritchard together. Eileen is straightforward when she tells Claire that nothing happened between her and Aaron. Roz sees off Jade’s mother, who had come to The Daily Alaskan to share details about Jade. Seventy-two hours have passed since Jade’s disappearance, and her mother is distraught. She is about to get into her car when her phone pings. She glances at it and tells Roz the latest news. The body of Henley Madison Scott has been found.


The Daily Alaskan soon publishes two articles titled “The Price of a Life,” each one featuring the rescue operations of Henley Madison Scott and Jade Jacobs. And both are receiving equal attention. Bob congratulates Roz and Eileen. He also gives them a lead on the Gloria Nanmac case: Alice Porter. Alice is a friend of Gloria from church. Later that night, Roz returns to Eileen after talking to Alice and tells her that the name of the pastor of the church is Reed Gallahorn. The reason it sounds familiar to both of them is that it is very similar to the name of the second person of interest in Gloria Nanmac’s unredacted police report, Rega Horne. The only way to find out if both names belong to the same person, and if yes, then why a pastor’s name is on a police report, is to look into the pastor himself. Austin, Yuna, and Roz leave for the treat at the bar that Stanley is giving due to their recent success on the “The Price of a Life” articles. Eileen will join them a bit later. All on her own, she receives a call from Jamie, who asks her out for a drink. As glad as Eileen is, she will have to pass, as she has to be at the bar for Stanley’s treat. She disconnects the phone, and the very next moment, a guy walks into her office. He has a gun in his hand. Eileen realizes that it is the “concerned citizen.”

We do not know what will happen to Eileen Fitzgerald now. Whether she will be shot or not is a discussion for later. The question that needs an answer is: who is this “concerned citizen”? Is he someone related to Gloria Nanmac? Or is he Pastor Reed Gallahorn? “Alaska Daily” Episode 7 will definitely show a conversation between him and Eileen, one that will reveal a lot. On the other hand, the state won’t be happy with The Daily Alaskan articles, and there is also the protected area thing that Stanley now knows about. We have to wait to see what is in store for The Daily Alaskan.


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