‘After Everything’ Netflix Ending Explained & Spoilers: Did Hardin And Tessa Unite As A Couple?

After Everything, directed by Castille London, is the saga of Hardin Scott and Tessa Young, who were in a relationship from their college days. Just like any other relationship, they went through their own ups and downs, and the turned borderline toxic. This compelled Tessa to end their relationship once and for all. The fourth film in the series ended with the couple ending their long-term relationship to pursue their individual lives. Tessa could sense their relationship becoming toxic by the day and the amount of pain both were inflicting on each other. After Ever Happy ended with Hardin releasing his book, even though Tessa was furious to see him use their love story to sell his books. The fifth film, and possibly the last one in the series, had Hardin going on a cathartic journey that would also help him finish the sequel to his very popular first book, After.


Spoilers Ahead

Was Hardin In Trouble?

Hardin was having a hard time finishing the sequel to his first book. He believed the book would take some time to complete, but he had not begun any work on it. At this point, it had been a few years since he and Tessa broke up, and the man was still in a bad state mentally which had stopped him from working on it. He was under pressure to finish writing but it was not ready as per the deadline offered to him. Hardin had become an alcoholic post-breakup, and there was no end to his misery. He was aware of his obligations towards the publishing house, but he refused to deal with his personal issues. His mother, Trish, and biological father, Vance, a publishing magnate, try to talk some sense of him so that he does not spiral into someone they would not be able to recognize. Hardin knew he had to pull up his socks to make sure he did not become obsolete. Trish and Vance request that he take a vacation and clear his head before he begins working on his novel.


Why Does He Go To Portugal?

Trish informs him of his ex-girlfriend Natalie being in Portugal and starting over from scratch. Hardin initially had no plans to take a break from work since he was consumed by his heartbreak. On learning Natalie’s whereabouts, Hardin took it upon himself to visit the country in the hope of meeting her. Natalie was not mentioned much in the previous series, and it seems the makers introduced a new character out of the blue, establishing her as important as Tessa. Portugal turns out to be an ideal place, as Hardin was able to unwind. His aim was to meet Natalie and hoped to amend their pasts.

What Is Hardin’s History With Natalie?

Natalie and Hardin met five years ago in London. The meeting probably happened before he moved to the US. Natalie and Hardin were soon in a serious relationship. Just like the bet he made to woo Tessa, he carried out the exact same stunt to impress Natalie. A while into their relationship, Hardin shot a video of them getting intimate, but his friends leaked the it. This horrified Natalie, and as a result, she broke off the relationship and it forced her to move out of the UK and restart her life in Portugal. The pattern of how this relationship ended proves that Hardin has a knack for ruining relationships. He could not keep things steady with anyone for a long time. Since Tessa stayed for this long and eventually left, he wanted to do the redemption tour for his mind and soul before deciding to move on.


Who Rescued Hardin From Jail?

Hardin and Natalie were trying to be friends, but she constantly had Sebastian by her side. The man was aware of the incident that involved Hardin and Natalie and as a result he was protective of Natalie and was fully supportive of the life she was rebuilding in Portugal. He could not trust Hardin at any cost and was wary of what he could be capable of. This led to a fight between the two, and Hardin was severely injured and ended up in a local prison. His biological father, Vance, showed up to bail him out and spared no time in advising his boy about the importance of moving on. He also requested that he invest all his strength into writing the novel. As a father figure, Vance believed Hardin had it in him to come out with a good book, and the lack of focus was the cause of this deterioration. Hardin had reached his lowest point and began focusing on his writing, wasting time mourning over his relationship with Tessa.

Does Hardin Apologize To Natalie?

After finishing his novel, which he admits is about Natalie and their brief relationship, he wanted to get her permission before sending it off for publishing. Tessa was livid at him for publishing a book on her without consulting or making her read the content of his novel. He did not want to make the same mistake with Natalie. The movie weirdly took the Hindi film “Bachna Ae Haseeno” route, where the lead actor was on a journey to apologize to the women he hurt the most. Hardin apologizes profusely because he hopes to not make the mistakes he made while with Natalie and Tessa going forward. It was his father who requested that he move on to another person and not pine for Tessa or Natalie. Hardin admits Natalie deserves a partner who respects her and the life she has planned for herself. Natalie came close to kissing him until he revealed his love for Tessa. Natalie eventually approves his novel and gives him the green flag to publish it.


Whose Wedding Was He Attending?

Hardin was receiving calls from Landon, but he kept ignoring the calls from his only stepbrother. Portugal turned his mind around and he finally picked up Landon’s calls. Landon was getting married to his girlfriend of many years, and he wanted Hardin to be his best man. Landon was also Tessa’s best friend. Hardin believed Landon tried to mess up the relationship further by always taking Tessa’s side, which may have been the reason why he stayed away from all of them and was living in London, basking in the glory of his first successful book. The trip allowed him to see things from a different perspective and gave him the courage to face Tessa, who was the maid of honor.

Did Hardin And Tessa Unite As A Couple?

Hardin joined the wedding and was excited to see his brother getting married to the love of his life. He ended up giving a speech that was heartfelt. Hardin wanted to thank his brother for fighting for his soulmate, with whom they had stayed together despite many hardships. Every relationship goes through hardships, and it is assumed Landon and his newlywed wife went through tough times before deciding to get married. Hardin’s speech about finding her soulmate moved Tessa to tears. Hardin probably spoke his heart out and meant every word of it. He missed out on the relationship with Tessa, and a lot of the words resonated with how he wanted his relationship to be. Tessa and Hardin finally conversed after the speech, and she felt his words meant something to her. Tessa was the one who broke up with Hardin, but she believed he had changed, and the words at the reception were proof of that.


The change of heart may have happened because she was meeting him after a long gap. She felt Hardin was still longing for her and the relationship they shared. Hardin was happy to see Tessa showing interest in him after years, something he had not expected when he decided to attend the wedding. He proposes marriage to her, and she accepts it immediately because she feels both are meant to be together after everything they have been through in the last few years. The movie ends with Hardin getting ready for his third book as he returns home to a heavily pregnant Tessa and a daughter. Hardin and Tessa finally got married. She could conceive kids, and they proved all the doctors wrong who informed her years ago that she would not be able to carry pregnancies for that long. Hardin and Tessa were meant to be, and their years of ups and downs led them to this beautiful matrimony.

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