‘A Thin Line’ Ending Explained & Series Recap: What Happens To Anna And Benjamina?

The 2023 German mini-series A Thin Line is definitely a masterpiece, conveying a strong message about the environmental issues caused due to rapid urbanization. We have come across films and series like Before the Flood and Plastic Ocean with strong messages against environmental damage, but the passion that the characters display in this series is unique and beyond articulation. The love for the environment with which the series has been made rings right through the brilliant portrayal of the motives of the characters. The directors Sabrina Sarabi and Damian John Harper have done justice to the screenplay by putting able actors like Hanna Hilsdorf and Saskia Rosendahl to action. The two sisters, Anna and Benjamina (Benni), are eager to cross their lines in seeking justice against the flawed policies and regulations for the environment. While Benjamina resorts to illegal means to seek justice, Anna stays within the judicial limits and tries to protect her sister. Despite the ultimate motive of both sisters being the same, they are separated by a line of morality. A Thin Line starts taking interesting turns as new secrets unfold over the course of six episodes. Will Benjamina be able to seek retribution for the corrupt government official? Will Anna be able to make Benjamina realize that the path she had chosen was full of perils? Let us find out!


Spoilers Ahead

What Was The Motive Of Anna And Benjamina?

The two sisters, Benni and Anna, are seen collecting signatures of people to make Thule, the transport minister, resign from his post. The seemingly naive environmental activists are secretly running an eco-terror website, where a lot of content against the ministry is being posted about their environmental actions. Anna and Benni had come to know that the new highway that was being built by Thule was one of the most polluting projects in Germany and required clearing a huge chunk of the forest. They had also come to know that the project was worth 7 billion euros and not 3.5 billion euros, as claimed by Thule. They wanted to expose the real face of the minister to the world. There was a significantly high amount of personal donations that were received by Thule from a company called WeBeGau that was intent on destroying the natural flora for urban constructions. Their website, “Climate. leaks,” had received a lot of followers over the course of time, supporting the purpose that the website was serving. Anna and Benni were planning for digital sabotage of the officials by breaking into their security systems and stealing their information. They were of the opinion that this step would send signals to the officials to stop environmental damage in the long run.


With the sudden emergence of a video on the internet of some officials being attacked by people under the influence of the website, it went viral. This caused the federal police to start tracking down the origin of the website. While Anna is intent on taking down the website as there is a risk of them being tracked down, Benni insists on keeping the website intact. Anna deletes the website without informing Benni, which infuriates her. The two sisters get into an altercation, and just then, the police arrive at their door. Anna gets arrested, but Benni manages to escape and slides underground. This is when the routes of the two sisters start getting separated!

What Caused Anna To Change Her Way Of Contributing To The Environment?

Christoph, an employee of the cybercrime police department who is also Anna and Benny’s godfather, gives her the option of acknowledging her mistakes and helping them get hold of Benni. She hesitates at first but later agrees and starts working for them. On the other hand, Anna joins Rainman, a mysterious woman who is a major part of an eco-terror group called ‘Last Stand.’ Their team is also backed by Adam, a Deepfake artist who created a fake video of Thule, acknowledging his own mistakes and how his acts had been harming the environment, and posted it on a social media platform, Yell. Meanwhile, Anna constantly tries contacting Benni through secret codes on a gaming platform. Anna was informed by Christoph that an oil refinery system’s coolant had been turned off by the terror group by hacking the codes so that the tank would overheat and blast, affecting a radius of more than 1 km. Anna tries communicating with Benni and telling her that her intentions were right but that the path that she had chosen was destructive.


Anna had collaborated with Stella, a girl at the Federal Police Force, to stop the atrocities being inflicted by Benni. Christoph, along with the other investigating officer, Simon, had gone to one of the high officials, Samar, at Yell to find information on the account of a mysterious character called Rainman, whom they believed was behind all the activities. After being denied any information on the clients using Yell, Christoph sought Anna’s help. Anna, who was employed with Yell, wanted to seek information on Rainman, a crucial member of the ‘Last Stand’ but was declined information. She then, along with Stella, decided to steal Samar’s fingerprints so that she could access information on his account. Doubts arise as to whether Samar was intentionally trying to protect the terror group. Anna and Stella are disappointed to find that Rainman’s account has been deleted. When they find the video footage, they find that Adam had deleted Rainman’s account, which misleads them into thinking Adam is Rainman. Anna had done all that she could to stop the wrong activities conducted by her sister.

What Was The Real Motive Of Rainman?

It is revealed that Rainman is actually Susi Keupas, who served as an ex-militant in the army. She had faked a relationship with one of the investigating officers, Simon, in the Federal Police Department to have access to the progress in the investigation of the matter. In one instance, we see Simon and Susi talking to each other about incidents in their lives. Susi tells how she had experienced attacks and how she had seen one soldier being killed accidentally by another, creating a mess that she had cleaned up, and that had left a huge impact on her mind. Simon shares that he had once gone to Afghanistan, where he saw little girls being sold, but there was nothing he could do about it. This brings out the differences in the mindsets of the two people. While Simon is more focused on abiding by the laws, Susi has a cold-hearted nature and is ready to sacrifice herself to serve a greater purpose. On finding out that Susi was involved in the cyberattacks, Simon is taken aback and heartbroken at the same time.


She was the mastermind behind all the acts and had been the major manipulator and instigator for Benni to commit the acts. She had encouraged Benni to hack into Anna’s laptop so that they could get access to the secret database of the Federal Forces. She was also the one who wanted to ensure that a government official was killed so that it sent out a message to the others and that they would stop their obliteration of the environment. It was at her instigation that a high-ranking official, Fred Simon, the CEO of Energie NRW, was put under a cyber attack. He was targeted by the group, and the controls of his car had been hijacked by them, and they intended to crash him to death. The officials are, however, prompt in acting and manage to save the man in time. Meanwhile, the police mistake Adam for being the criminal and arrest him immediately. It is later when Adam spills the beans that Susi Rainman is arrested by the force with the help of Anna.

What Is The Relationship Between Christoph, Anna, And Benni?

A huge secret unfolds that changes the lives of both Anna and Benni. When Benni asks Adam to go to Christoph’s house to find out the documents so that she can analyze the course of the investigation, he finds papers that change Benni’s world. She finds out that she and Anna are the biological daughters of Christoph and Marlene. Since Christoph’s wife Dominique could not bear children of her own, he gave them up for adoption and became their godfather. Benni is devastated by the revelations and confronts her mother as to why she had not told them the truth. She, however, does not reveal it to Anna, and later, Christoph confesses that he is their biological father. He also explains that he did not want the girls to be involved in any kind of trouble and had tried warning them before the police arrived at their house, but later had to delete the text as they didn’t respond. He has not left the path of morality in investigating the case, but on the other hand, he also wishes that his two daughters were not incriminated. He had also tried requesting the officials to take him off the case as he would be biased towards the girls, which was not paid any heed to. The fatherly instincts that Christoph had were restricting him from making prompt decisions in the investigation, which was a major hindrance to the case, and that was revealed much later.


How Does Anna Try To Protect Benni?

Even though Anna was working for government officials, she tried protecting Benni due to her sisterly affection and the responsibility that she felt for her. At a point, when Anna finds out that Benni has been involved in all the crimes, she tries to manipulate the evidence. She steals Stella’s transponder and breaks into the storage room, where Adam’s phone is kept. She hacks into it and deletes his pictures with Benni so that she would not be suspected. She sends out a secret message to Benni and asks her to meet at their old spot, the forest. After the meeting, we noticed a huge difference in the opinions of the two sisters. While Anna tries to warn Benni of the consequences, she is determined that she will continue her mission. The aggression in Benni is seen when she catches a rabbit and kills it despite Anna’s request to let it go. Here, the rabbit is symbolic of the peace that Anna wanted for the two, which Benni was intent on disrupting. A huge change is seen in Benni when her anger at Anna joining the side of the officials comes out as aggression. When the sisters spend time in the waterbody, Benni tries drowning Anna, which makes her realize that their paths have separated completely. Anna declines Benni’s request to join their team and chooses the path of morality.

What Was Benni’s Final Mission?  

Benni’s final mission finally comes to the forefront. She had been manipulated by Susi into targeting Thule this time. Benni disguises herself as a journalist to meet Thule. She hacks into the security system of his office and manages to get Thule, his bodyguard, and another government official locked inside a room. She reduces the oxygen level in the room, which eventually suffocates them. The cyberattack streams on the internet, serving the purpose of ‘Last Stand’ as they are able to send a message across the world that any corrupt practices causing any harm to the environment shall be punished. Despite her mission being accomplished, we see Benni breaking down, as she has crossed a line and taken lives. Anna seems lost, as she is unable to bring her sister back on the right track. Anna lends Dominique a hand on the road when she is lost and is seen to bring her back home but is unable to bring her own sister back, as she has already slipped into the world of darkness and crime, crossing the thin line between good and evil.


Final Words

The story has all the elements that are required to build a strong plot, starting with a solid motive, a well-structured narrative, rising action, and other elements. The two characters, Anna and Benni, despite being sisters, are so different from each other. Anna had also been initially motivated by Benni to choose the wrong path but later changed her track. Anna was not opposed to the ideals of protecting the environment, but she was against the methods undertaken by her sister. She was against manslaughter and wanted to proceed with their acts in a more humane manner. Benni, on the other hand, is irrational and aggressive; her sole motive is revenge! She was failing to understand that she was being used by some greater forces to fulfill their own demands. By the end of A Thin Line, it is seen that the crimes she commits do not bring her any realization or guilt. She continues on her path of eco-terrorism, as she is seen further extending the team and living up to the ideals of Rainman. The series is very action-packed and entertaining to the fullest. I have not been able to get off the screen after having started to watch it. We can just hope for a sequel to the series that will shed more light on the background of the characters, such as Anna, Benni, and Rainman, and their motives behind getting involved in the eco-terror group.

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