‘A Small Light’ Episode 2 Recap And Review: What Happened To Franie And Her Husband?

Previously, in episode 1 of A Small Light, we already knew how Miep met Otto Frank. She met the love of her life, Jan Gies, at a pub; however, their first meeting was not a particularly memorable experience for them. Later, the two of them eventually crossed paths and tied the knot. Meanwhile, during the German invasion of the Netherlands in 1940, Otto Frank asked Miep to help them hide in an annex, marking them safe from the Nazi attack. Miep decided to help Otto without hesitation, and she demonstrated her usefulness by securely transporting Otto’s eldest daughter, Margot, to the secret annex in Otto Frank’s office building. In A Small Light episode 2, we’ll find out what the future holds for Miep and the Franks.


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Miep And Jan Manage To Collect Rations For The Franks?

In the eerie opening scene of A Small Light Episode 2, we nearly believed that Miep had been taken prisoner by the Nazis, who were now aware of her efforts to hide Jews. Nevertheless, it turned out that wasn’t the case. When Miep went to see Dr. Fritz Pfeffer, a Jewish dentist who believed the Franks had gone to Switzerland, she pretended not to understand what he was saying. However, Fritz Pfeffer seemed to imply that he might have known about Miep’s participation in the Franks’ escape. Miep experienced toothaches for a while, and Fritz Pfeffer advised her to have the procedure to remove her teeth. However, Miep didn’t want to be distracted from the task she was now performing. She was going mad trying to increase her ration purchases for the Frank family. It became extremely challenging for Miep to supply the Franks with provisions because Nazis were watching people in markets who were purchasing additional rations. She turned to her husband, Jan, for aid, and with the help of his coworker, Jan was able to smuggle some additional ration cards for the Franks.


Meanwhile, Van Pels and his family arrived at the covert location where the Franks were hiding. Both of these families struggled to adapt to their new circumstances. They could not shop for their own items as other common folks could. They were forced to depend solely on Miep, which was dangerous for Miep and uncomfortable for them. Miep and Jan nonetheless managed to gather as much food as they could despite all the odds. Instead of watching in silence while the Jews were persecuted by the Nazis, they made every attempt to safeguard some of them.

Peter, the son of Van Pels, brought a cat to the hiding place, upsetting Anne because she had to leave her pet behind at their previous apartment due to her parents’ requests. She longed to have her pet back, but a catastrophe shattered all her hopes. Puls, the Nazi-led Dutch police force, had raided the Franks’ apartment and emptied it by selling all of their belongings. The cat was nowhere to be seen, having apparently escaped through the window. Despite the fact that Miep had observed it, she stayed silent. She didn’t want to disappoint the Franks by telling them that all of their belongings were gone. Margot wasn’t feeling well in this hidden position, which seemed like she was going through an existential crisis; therefore, providing more unpleasant news to the family didn’t seem right, according to Miep. However, when Van Pels’ son arrived, he revealed the news, and Anne realized she might never see her cat again. The fact that Miep withheld that information from the Franks made it worse for them, but Otto recognized her motivation for doing so and acknowledged the fact that Miep didn’t want to dash their last remaining glimmer of hope. Miep and Jan came to the realization that they had to create false ration cards as they could no longer illegally smuggle them out.


How Did Miep Help Dr. Fritz Pfeffer?

Otto advised Miep to take care of her health as soon as she could since she was suffering from serious dental problems. In Otto’s absence, Miep had to take over the responsibility of supervising and directing his company, and Otto wanted to help her out. He might have been hiding, but his mind was working overtime to keep an eye on his workplace from the shadows. Therefore, being a boss as well as a father figure, he advised Miep to get her teeth pulled. Miep went to Dr. Fritz Pfeffer to have her teeth extracted, and Fritz Pfeffer voiced his sadness that he wouldn’t be able to work soon as a doctor. The Nazis would soon find him and transport him to a concentration camp. Even if his wife was a Christian, it wouldn’t help him escape the Nazis’ clutches. He begged Miep to assist him in hiding somewhere in town. Miep was apprehensive at first, knowing that admitting too many people might jeopardize the Franks’ existence, but she recognized Fritz Pfeffer’s true plight and consented to assist him in going into hiding. Otto didn’t agree with Miep’s offer to hide Fritz Pfeffer, but he subsequently recognized that Fritz Pfeffer was simply another Jewish man who, like them, was on the verge of being sentenced to the death camp. He consented to extend his hand to Fritz Pfeffer for assistance. Miep led Fritz Pfeffer to the hidden annex, where he was overjoyed to see the entire Frank family. Fritz Pfeffer was a close friend of Otto’s, so seeing them in the hideaway gave Fritz Pfeffer hope that he was not alone in his battle. He would also aim to withstand the situation with the Franks and Pels without succumbing to Nazi power.

What Happened To Franie And Her Husband? What Did Jan Lie To Miep About?

Miep and Jan were residing in a rental apartment. One day they found their landlady’s daughter, Franie, and her husband, who came with their children. They were Jewish people who had been forced to flee their homes by the Nazis. Miep was sympathetic to their situation, so she decided to share the place with them. Meanwhile, Jan, who had been socially working for a time, smuggling ration cards with the assistance of a coworker, was contacted by his employer. His supervisor and a coworker encouraged him to join the resistance against the Nazis, but on the condition that he wouldn’t be able to disclose it to anyone, not even his wife. Previously, we saw Miep withholding information from her husband about assisting Otto Frank in hiding, and now Jan has done the same. First, he wasn’t permitted to discuss it with his wife, and second, he might have wanted Miep to taste her own medicine. Both of them were free-thinking individuals who did not believe their work lives had to be constantly discussed with their partners, but it was correct that they should not hide secrets when in a partnership. Otherwise, it might lead to a catastrophic situation in which misunderstandings develop between them. We could only hope that Miep would find out what her husband was working for in a future episode.


Episode 2 of A Small Light ended with Miep and Jan having some private time at home when they heard a knock at the door. A Nazi officer had come with Franie’s two children. He informed Jan that Franie and her husband had been arrested and would be transferred to the death camp, but despite being a Nazi official, the guy had a heart and refused to let injustice happen to the children. Jan welcomed the children home and praised the officer, who, despite his duty, opted to do what was right. Miep embraced the children, who no longer had their parents at their sides. All they’d need is a place where they could feel safe and comfortable, which Miep and Jan were going to provide them.

Final Words

A Small Light is jam-packed with outstanding performances that allow us to connect with the characters and their inner turmoil. This series didn’t focus on the outer portrayal of Nazi aggression, but it did convey a sense of existential anxiety in each episode. Miep and Jan’s persistent fears of being apprehended by the Nazis, or the anxiety the Frank family was experiencing even in their refuge, effectively transformed the atmosphere of the narrative several times. The storytelling in the series is surprising, and it feels like anything might happen at any time, which is the most admirable component of the plot. The second episode again caught us off guard when Franie and her husband were imprisoned; therefore, it led us to worry about what would happen to their kids. Perhaps in future episodes, the plot will become more intriguing while also heartbreaking, as we all know what will happen to the Frank family eventually. Let’s hope the series retains its attraction and keeps us guessing with each new episode.


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A Small Light is jam-packed with outstanding performances that allow us to connect with the characters and their inner turmoil. This series didn't focus on the outer portrayal of Nazi aggression, but it did convey a sense of existential anxiety in each episode.'A Small Light' Episode 2 Recap And Review: What Happened To Franie And Her Husband?