8 K-Drama Shows Like ‘King the Land’ That You Can Binge After Season End

King the Land has become a beloved show thanks to the chemistry between the two leads and the nostalgic tropes in the series. As much as we liked the old shows that aired from 2013 to 2016, there were some elements that we despised because of their overly dramatic nature. King the Land uses those tropes and spins the wheel on them to subvert our expectations in the last moment and give us a happy love story with less drama and more fun. This list contains some of the shows that have the same level of mush that kept you hooked to King the Land, or they may have a similar plot line. There’s something about these shows that will help you fill the Jun-ho x Yoona-sized hole in your heart (at least a little bit of it). Without any further delays, let’s get straight into the shows you could watch right after King the Land


1. Business Proposal 

Based on the webcomic of the same name, this show got fans reeling over the chemistry not just between the leads but between the second leads too. We’ve all had “second lead syndrome,” but this time, it’s an entire couple that people are falling for. This show is just as light-hearted, uses the same slapstick comedy, and of course, it’s a rich Chaebol (heir) and a poor girl Cinderella story, just like King the Land. What’s interesting is the way the women in these shows differ from the female leads that graced our screens in the past in the same genre. Additionally, it’s great that we don’t get to see young girls getting paid off to leave their boyfriends or getting water splashed on their faces for daring to “capture the heart” of a rich man with a lot on their shoulders. Business Proposal is the perfect follow-up to King the Land on Netflix.

2. The Heirs 

One of the OGs, The Heirs, stars superstars Lee Min-Ho and Park Shin-Hye as leads in a crowded cast of popular actors today. In this case, it’s more of a slow-burn romance and definitely falls under the melodramatic category rather than the comedy category, but if you’re a little bit tired of the mush but want a similar series with more drama, then this is the one. Everything that we mentioned that makes Business Proposal and King the Land different started becoming a thing because of shows like The Heirs. If you’re a newer fan of K-dramas and haven’t seen this classic, then we’d definitely recommend it. It’s also just fun to see how every star has grown from then until now.


3. Wok Of Love

This list would be empty if we didn’t include a Jun-Ho show. Wok Of Love is funny, dramatic, involves food and gangsters, and is an overall quick-paced show to watch. The romance is always on point with the 2PM star, and he seems to have impeccable chemistry with all his co-stars. While he’s mostly jolly in King the Land, he’s very grumpy and impatient in Wok Of Love, Still, there are some similarities between the characters. This show is also about hard work, and the female lead is just as hard-working and endearing as Cheon Sa-Rang.

4. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?

An extremely popular show, and rightfully so. Park Seo-Joon stars as a business owner, with Park Min-Young as his assistant. They fall for each other out of the blue, and we see how this office romance blooms. Lee Young-Joon is much more narcissistic than Go-Won and often doesn’t even realize he’s putting his secretary through too much work, but he’s just as much of a coward as him, so it all works out. The chemistry is piping, and all these shows are so easily binge-able and fun.


5. Suspicious Partner 

While this show is the most different from the ones mentioned previously, it suffices to say that men in suits and women in impeccable formal wear are sometimes all we need to realize a show is great. Jokes aside, Suspicious Partner is a dramatic show about a woman who joins the prosecutor’s office and then gets accused of murder. While that premise is drastically different from King the Land, the pining, the chemistry, the little gestures, and even the montages of how the lead works all fall into the same category of the perfect romantic show. This show is also longer, with 40 episodes, but it flows by so fast that you won’t even realize it.

6. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

This show is soon getting a second season with a different cast, but the original was a super hit, even with a few problematic scenes. Another adorable secret office romance, with a rich man pining after his employee for a long time until she finally agrees to be with him. The chemistry is through the roof, and Park Hyung-Shik became well-known as a mainstream actor thanks to this show. There are some absolutely adorable moments in this show that have been memed and used many times to represent the life of a K-drama lover. A fun little superheroine show.


7. The Secret Life Of My Secretary

Yes, it’s more Chaebol heirs and office romances. If you didn’t already realize it’s a very common trope in the Hallyu catalog, then this list may be one to get through. This show has a particular character that the K-drama fandom collectively likes to imitate. Jin Ki-Joo is absolutely adorable in this role, and she’s the highlight of the show for sure. The fashion is peak 2019, and there’s a very endearing quality to all the characters on this show. Of course, it still follows some of the tropes of the older shows and is extremely dramatic, making it highly entertaining.

8. Cinderella And The Four Knights

It was the last one on this list, so we had to make it extra special. Some of you may know Park So-Dam from Parasite, but we old fans know her from this show back in 2016. Firstly, we can’t go without talking about how charming she looks with that hairstyle, and it’s reason enough to watch the show, but in this show, it’s not two male leads but four. Okay, maybe three and the plus one is just for name sake, but this show is the epitome of melodramatic rom-com K-dramas. Plus, the OST is good; you’ll be singing it for years to come (speaking from experience). A high drama warning, but it’s hilarious and has some super sweet moments. The outdated style is just the cherry on top of this one.

Ruchika Bhat
Ruchika Bhat
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