7 K-Dramas Like Netflix’s ‘Bloodhounds’ That You Must Watch

You’ve finished binge-watching Bloodhounds, and now you’re hungry for more action and have no idea what to watch? The no-brainer series is an easy weekend binge and may have left a large, hound-sized void in your watchlist, so we’re here to try and help fill it up. Whether it’s a revenge-action drama or a plot that just involves some boxing, we’ve got you covered. Bloodhounds is a gritty tale of brotherhood and good-heartedness with some emotional elements and a lot of action sequences that are extremely enjoyable. The platform offers a bunch of other Korean mini-series that follow a similar pattern, so let’s dive straight into them.


My Name (2021)

This Han So-Hee starrer is a twisted tale of revenge and an underdog’s story filled with bone-chilling action. A standout performance by the lead actress makes this an outstanding watch apart from its dark and painful plot. It’s a revenge thriller that follows a young girl’s life after she watches her father being killed right in front of her eyes and ends up working for a drug syndicate in order to avenge his death. A despicable villain and a hardworking protagonist make this exactly the kind of show you’d want to follow Bloodhounds up with. It’s also an eight-part series that is fast-paced and easy to follow. There are some more mature themes involved, though, so viewers’ discretion is advised. Protagonists from both shows are highly engaging and essentially carry the whole thing, making them similar and giving us a need to vouch for them.

D.P. (2021)

If you watched Bloodhounds for the bromance, D.P. might be the way to go for you. The series follows a tenacious man in the Korean military who gets sent to the Deserter Pursuit team in the army (hence the title of the series). It’s humorous, dark, and action-packed, and it explores crime and corruption within the Korean military. The series is also based on a webtoon, just like Bloodhounds, and is a quick watch with only six episodes. Of course, we can’t forget that it stars heartthrob Jung Hae-In in a unique role in comparison to the rest of his filmography, similar to Woo Do-Hwan. Koo Gyo-Hwan’s comic timing is just as good as Lee Sang-Yi’s, whereas Jung Hae-In covers the respectful and rule-abiding role like Woo Do-Hwan’s Gun-Woo. We’re desperately awaiting a second season, which is supposed to come out sometime this year.


Extracurricular (2020)

This show, adapted from a webtoon, revolves around Oh Ji-Soo, a gifted high school student, who is low on funds and ends up choosing a life of crime so he can pay for college. Ji-Soo is one of those characters that you feel pity for because he ends up digging a hole for himself that gets deeper and deeper as the show progresses. This show is gritty, blood-boiling, and extremely thrilling. If you’re up for some dark themes, then Extracurricular will definitely get you hooked. Actor Kim Dong-Hee may look like an innocent child, but his performance in this role is a game-changer and definitely marks him as a promising newcomer. Extracurricular is definitely not for the weak-hearted, though, so tread slowly. If Bloodhounds made you lean into your dark side and reach for something more gritty and less happy, then this show is what you should go for next.

Taxi Driver (2021)

This show is definitely the darkest out of all on this list because it follows real-life cases of crime in South Korea. The series follows the life of a man after his mother is brutally murdered. He decides to join a taxi service known as the Rainbow Taxi Service, which is not your ordinary taxi company. It has a special “revenge call” that allows users to call these special taxi drivers to take revenge for them. The show has two full seasons, which makes for a longer watch in comparison to the other shows on this list. It’s a tale of justice and is sure to make you grip your seat in agony and wonder at the same time. Crime and thrills are the connecting dots between Taxi Driver and Bloodhounds


Fight For My Way (2017)

If you’re one who needs a fluffy romance after an action thriller, then don’t worry because we’ve got you there too. Park Seo-Joon and Kim Ji-Won star in a soft and realistic friends-to-lovers romance that involves a bunch of boxing and another underdog story. Ko Dong-Moon is a contractor by day and a UFC fighter by night. The show is hilarious and happens to be the perfect mix of all things K-dramas at the peak time of 2017 for the Hallyu rom-com genre. Park Seo-Joon and Kim Ji-Won’s chemistry is both sizzling and hilarious at the same time, and it’s definitely going to get you in a happy mood. It also happens to be Kim Ji-Won’s first big lead acting role, and she killed it, of course! If Bloodhounds left you sore in the eyes, then this show will help with the recovery while still packing a punch when needed.

The Glory (2022)

Okay, yes, this one might be slightly surprising because it’s a much more extreme case of all things violent and despicable. In comparison to the four antagonists of The Glory, Myeong-Gil is almost an angel, but if revenge plots are exciting in any way to you, then this is a 100% the perfect show to watch. The satisfaction of watching Moon Dong-Eun slowly and surely break down each and every one of her assailants is satisfying, gritty, and horrifying. This one is definitely for adults, though, as it involves a much more mature set-up and themes. The two-part series definitely has a more entertaining first half, but part 2 is still worthwhile, even if some bits feel like a lot and are unnecessary.


The Uncanny Counter (2020)

Now this one might be the farthest away in terms of plot from Bloodhounds, but the action is there, and so we thought it was a good addition to the mix. It is yet another series adapted from a webtoon (we see a pattern here). This is a fantasy show about people who have near-death experiences and become “Counters,” who have to save the world from evil spirits. They’re all extremely strong, with each having their own individual special abilities, and the fighting is impeccable. The series returns with a second season this year, and we can’t wait for more humor, action, and fun. Additionally, this show is quite big on the found family side of things, just like Bloodhounds

Ruchika Bhat
Ruchika Bhat
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