Yusuf Tunca In ‘As the Crow Flies’ Season 2, Explained: Did Yusuf End Up With Asli?

The Netflix series As the Crow Flies is a story driven by the two most significant characters in it. One is the protagonist, Lale Kiran, the renowned TV personality and news host for the broadcasting channel MON5, and the other is the antagonist of the story, Asli Tuna, a greedy student journalist who entered the network as an intern and began scheming to eventually replace Lale. Amid the major conflict, some other characters in the story became integral parts and changed the whole course of the story. Yusuf Tunca, a field reporter and informant working for MON5, was one of them. Yusuf was not a very important character in season 1 of As the Crow Flies, while in season 2, he eventually became the one to win the battle of power and claim the throne.

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What Was Yusuf’s Relationship With Asli?

Doon after Asli Tuna joined the network as an intern, soon her true intentions were revealed. She was not there to learn true journalism, but her plan was to defame Lale Kiran and replace her on the network. Yusuf Tunca became a useful tool for Asli when she found that he had a fake social media account named “Busbus” to leak the personal data of the employees working at the network. Asli was attracted to Yusuf from the start as she believed they both had one thing in common, which was an extraordinary scheming capability to take over an entire company by weakening it from within. However, Asli had perceived it wrong, as Yusuf wasn’t as greedy as she was; rather, he always aspired to be recognized for his work. In season 2, we saw Yusuf’s character come into the spotlight when we saw him reporting on a terrorist attack from the field. Yusuf Tunca was a hardworking and ambitious personality who didn’t want instant and effortless success. Even though his character was morally gray in season 1, season 2 brought out the best in him.

Yusuf’s hard work and his truthfulness drew Lale Kiran’s attention. In season 2, Lale hired him as a field reporter for their channel, Gunce TV, even though Kenan was against it. Yusuf was the one who had previously betrayed Lale’s trust, but now that he had left his past behind and completely concentrated on his work, Lale appreciated the change and wanted to give him a chance to prove his worth in this profession. However, despite accepting the job, Yusuf didn’t forget Asli, as he felt a romantic connection with her. Although he knew Asli was merely using him to her benefit, Yusuf wanted to be loved and appreciated by her. Probably, Yusuf believed he could fix Asli no matter how toxic her personality was, but he failed to understand that he couldn’t fix someone who never wanted to be fixed. At times, when Asli called Yusuf to come over, both of them had some casual fun, but deep down, Yusuf was in love with her. The poor guy was heartbroken when he realized that Asli was only in love with her power and fame.

Did Yusuf End Up With Asli?

Yusuf was not only a hard-working journalist who was in love with his job and passionate about digging for real news; he was also a caring individual and a good friend. When Lale hired him for Gunce TV, Yusuf remained grateful to her. But he not only treated or respected Lale as his boss, but he also cared about her like a close friend. Yusuf always reached out to Lale and wanted her to take care of her own desires and needs without suppressing herself. Yusuf also realized that Kenan was an ideal match for Lale when Lale herself chose to deny the facts. Yusuf remained loyal to his profession and the traditional methods of journalism, but he was always open to new ways. He was a fearless individual who didn’t back off from reporting the incident of a collapsing building. Among all the reporters, Yusuf was the one who took the risk of going inside the building and ended up severely injured. His risk-taking behavior impressed Lale, who believed Yusuf had the potential to be a great journalist.

In the concluding scenes of As the Crow Flies, when Kenan rejoined MON5 taking Lale with him, and the current manager of the network, Guliz, asked Lale to make her comeback as a TV presenter for “The Other Side,” Lale dropped the bomb, saying that she wouldn’t be joining the network. Lale made a big decision and hired Yusuf for MON5 as the new face for “The Other Side.” The program faced a lot of troubles and controversies after Lale quit the network and Asli took over, so without making things further complicated, Lale decided to give the network a fresh start with Yusuf being the fresh new TV host of the program. Yusuf carried great potential, and it was not even the first time he’d taken on a similar role, as he had already interviewed an ex-convict on Gunce TV. Therefore, backed by experience and extraordinary talent, Yusuf Tunca appeared in front of the camera as a news host for “The Other Side” and impressed everyone on the set. On his first day, he interviewed a prominent figure and became a subject of discussion. On one side, Yusuf gained a lot; but on the flip side, he lost his connection with Asli for good. He was sympathetic to Asli and consoled her when she lost her job in the network and became a topic of public criticism and mockery, but he didn’t receive similar treatment back from Asli. Yusuf went to her house with alcohol to celebrate his achievement, but the furious and envious Asli humiliated him, kicking him out of her house. The series concluded with a broken-hearted and lonely Yusuf drinking on the rooftop of a building to ease his pain and trying to forget all the lovely moments he had shared with Asli.

In the upcoming season of As the Crow Flies, we can probably expect to see a clash between Asli Tuna and Yusuf Tunca, as both of them have become TV presenters on different networks. Perhaps the romantic chemistry between Yusuf and Asli has gone for good, and it has turned into rivalry, which may be further explored in the upcoming season.

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