Yuji Lee In ‘Geek Girl’ Explained: Does Yuji Make Harriet Her Headliner?

What is life like for one of the biggest couturiers in all of England? Well, if you ask Yuji Lee, it’s most likely that she wouldn’t even give you an answer. Sandra Yi Sencindiver plays the enigmatic fashion designer Yuji Lee in Netflix’s latest fashion drama series, Geek Girl. A week before her show, Yuji Lee looks at the model who’s supposed to walk in her wildly anticipated show. The job of finding the right model for it goes to Wilder, and it’s the most important casting of the year. Yuji Lee only puts one condition on the model: the lucky girl should have Yuji’s essence in her. That basically means the girl must have the same aura and mystique about her, just like Yuji and her dresses do. 


Spoilers Ahead

Why did Yuji choose Harriet?

Yuji wanted a new face that should be raw and authentic. Wilbur had already discovered Harriet, and even though Jude Paington, the CEO of Infinity Models, wasn’t too keen on sending Harriet, Wilbur made sure that Harriet stayed in contention before Yuji’s representatives arrived. None of the models who attended the casting call knew who the client they’re auditioning for was, but when Yuji herself walks in, everyone knows her except Harriet. Yuji sees the innocence and grace Harriet carries, and seeing her all awkward in front of her only makes Yuji chuckle inside. Harriet also had great chemistry with Nick, Yuji’s male headliner, and these factors combined helped her to bet on Harriet as her new showstopper. 


How does Yuji treat Harriet on her first show?

When Harriet meets Yuji in Canada, Harriet is high on caffeine and can’t shut her mouth in excitement. Yuji might be tight-lipped and tough as an old boot, but she tells Harriet that the meeting has been pleasant. When Harriet thinks she’s going to be fired because of her dumbness, Wilbur explains how big of a deal it really is to hear the word pleasant from Yuji’s mouth. He goes as far as saying “it’s practically an epic love letter,” and it only shows that despite being such an authoritative figure, Yuji isn’t as hard-boiled as she seems. Even after Harriet tripping on the stage brings her some bad publicity, Yuji thinks it was an impactful entrance, and she books Harriet for a massive perfume campaign as her lead model once again. 

How does Yuji bring out the best in Harriet?

Dressed in a piece of clothing that resembles a garbage bag, Harriet doesn’t do well at the beginning of the perfume shoot. Her anxiety affects Nick too, and the chemistry between them seems completely off. After multiple attempts at making it work, the director asks for a break, and that’s when Harriet tells Nick that she didn’t end their second date early because of him. Harriet and Nick start flirting again, and it’s more playful than you’d imagine it to be. Yuji sees them together having a blast, and her sharp, observant eyes see what others fail to see. The missing chemistry is back when they’re having fun together, and Yuji tells the director to start shooting without telling them. Before our models realize it, the primary shoot is done while they are playing with each other. You see, Yuji’s brilliance lies in more than just being a designer, and she’s not all about just fashion and outfits. Yuji’s good day is soon ruined by Harriet’s desperate attempt to shush internet rumors, and Yuji goes berserk and stops taking any calls until BASCAR. 


What makes Yuji change her mind about Harriet?

Poppy is all set to replace Harriet as Yuji’s headline act in BASCAR, and Yuji doesn’t seem to complain since Harriet messed up and quit modeling. Yuji knew Harriet had a little bit of flair just like her, but she was disappointed in Harriet for giving up after a setback. When Yuji’s nephew and lead male model, Nick, tries to make Yuji change her mind, she behaves wisely and doesn’t encourage him at all. Nick then goes out of his way to almost pick a fight with Yuji, trying to convince her that it should be Harriet who headlines the show. Even though Yuji doesn’t give Nick any sign that she changed her opinion, as soon as he leaves, she breaks into laughter, knowing that Harriet is not just the right girl for her exhibition but also the right one for Nick. Yuji acknowledges that it takes heart for someone to stand up to her, especially for Nick, who respects her more than anything. 

Why does Yuji make Harriet her headliner instead of Poppy?

Yuji never really thought that Poppy had what she needed from her lead model. Poppy might be a huge deal on social media, but Yuji never quite managed to fit Poppy into her vision. Yuji’s dresses are more than a piece of clothing; they’re a statement, and each of her designs carries a story. Yuji wanted a model who’d be a blank canvas for her to paint however she wanted it to be, and Poppy was never the model who could live up to it. When Harriet shows up at the event, all of Yuji’s doubts over her disappear. Harriet’s honesty and her quality of taking accountability for what she did wrong only add to the high opinion Yuji formed about her. She immediately hires Harriet back, and she fires Jude Paington right after. Harriet lives up to Yuji’s expectations as she was always supposed to, and the Geek sign became one of Yuji’s dedicated lines to her best model. 


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