Netflix’s ‘Yu Yu Hakusho’ Ending Explained & Series Recap: What To Expect In Season 2?

Based on a manga series, Netflix’s live-action series Yu Yu Hakusho revolves around 17-year-old Yusuke Urameshi’s life and the way he attains powers to fight yokais, or monsters, who have been mysteriously entering the human world. There are several questions that come to our minds when we get a glimpse of the storyline. Who is responsible for connecting the demon with the human world? Will Yusuke be able to fight the yokais? How will he be able to channel his power? Let’s find out!


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How Does Yusuke Enter The Spirit World?

Yusuke is portrayed as a helpful character, yet he has no expectations from anyone or from life. While trying to save a kid from getting hit by a truck, Yusuke loses his life in a street accident. Just when he realizes that he is dead and has become a spirit, he is able to see Botan, who tells him that she will be his guide to the spirit world. She takes him to the land of the afterlife in a boat and tells him that her boss is Koenma. Koenma decides which spirits are cast into hell and which are sent to heaven. When Yusuke approaches Koenma, he tells Yusuke that he could have a second go at his life if he would agree to become a spirit spy for him. He offers to resurrect him in return for completing the task of finding out about the opening between the demon and the human world. However, Yusuke initially rejected his offer as he thought that he was better off dead as no one would care much about him.


Why Does He Agree To Become A Spirit Spy?

Koenma offers to show Yusuke his loved ones’ reaction to his untimely death. When he sees his mother and friends grieving him, he wants to be resurrected and reunited with them. A small opening between the human and demon worlds has caused havoc in the city. Some roundworm monsters have been coming into the human world through the opening and turning humans into yokais. A similar chaotic situation arises when one of Yusuke’s classmates gets infected by a roundworm monster and attacks everyone while at his funeral. The chaos causes a fire to be set in Yusuke’s house, and while his girlfriend Keiko tries to bring out his body from inside the house, she gets trapped. Yusuke begs Koenma to resurrect him so that he can save Keiko and promises that he will abide by all his instructions. After having regained his life, he saves Keiko and immediately sets off on the venture to stop his classmate, Kirino, from turning into a monster. A long and extensive fight scene between Yusuke and Kirino brings out his determination to keep his promises made to Koenma.

How Does His Training Go With Master Genkai?

When Yusuke agrees to become a spirit spy, Botan takes him to Master Genkai, telling him that she will be his new trainer. Later, Kuwabara also joins him, as he has always had the urge to stand against Yusuke and defeat him someday. They both had started training under Master Genkai but were initially failing to fulfill her expectations. Koenma gave Yusuke the special power of a Spirit Wave Orb when he was resurrected. Initially, Yusuke had trouble channeling all his energy into using the Orb effectively, but through hard training and determination, he was slowly able to gain control over his powers. On the other hand, Kuwabara had also attained his special weapon, the Spiritual Dimension Sword, and had decided on taking special training from Master Genkai so that he could use it efficiently when needed. Yusuke and Kuwabara had trained under Master Genkai in a competitive spirit, helping them to attain greater hold over their powers within a short span of time. Although they had competitive spirits, they never attacked each other and instead stood by each other.


What Was Sakyo’s Motive?

Sakyo had an extremely ominous plan in his mind, as he was planning to destroy the barrier between the human and the monster worlds. He was not thinking about the consequences that it would have, causing humans to go extinct. With a business mindset, he sought out all the wealthy businessmen in the country, persuading them to bid on the yokai fights. He orchestrated the yokais to fight among themselves while the wealthy spectators sat back and enjoyed, bidding on which one would emerge victorious. Sakyo’s capitalist mind was intent on gaining the most out of the fights between the monsters and wiping out the weaker ones in the process. He had also made the deal for the sinkhole, a portal that would open up the barrier between the demon and the human world, with the rich jeweler, Tarukane. He provides him with a Korime (a yokai), who will provide him with costly crystals (tears of ice) every time she cries. It was later revealed that the Korime, Yukina, was Hiei’s sister. Hiei was frantically looking for her and, therefore, had been attacking Tarukane’s men. When Tarukane expresses concerns for his life to Sakyo, he provides him with a very strong yokai, Toguro, as a bodyguard.

How Well Does Yusuke Connect With Kurama And Hiei?

Initially, Yusuke thinks that Kurama and Hiei are the ones that he would have to fight, as they were the ones who had stolen the mirror of darkness and the shadow sword from the spirit world. However, he later learns that they had their own reasons for stealing the artifacts. Yusuke finds out that Kurama stole the mirror of darkness to wish for a longer life for his terminally ill mother. He also finds that the one making a wish from the mirror would lose their life. Yusuke tries helping him by offering half his soul to the mirror, while Kurama gives half of his own soul to give a new life to Kurama’s mother. This ensures a strong bond between Kurama and Yusuke.


Hiei attacks Tarukane’s men to rid his sister Yukina of his clutches. A yokai, Elder Toguro, disguises himself as Hiei and kidnaps Keiko, making Yusuke think that it was Hiei who had kidnapped her, so that they would fight each other to death. Later, however, Kurama clears up the confusion between Hiei and Yusuke. Hiei, Yusuke, Kurama, and Kuwabara head off to Kubikukuri Island in Sakyo’s search. Upon reaching the island, they bond while fighting one yokai each, safeguarding each other. Sakyo makes the businessmen bet on the fights between Hiei and Bui and Kurama and Karasu. However, Hiei and Kurama emerge victorious after a sequence of long and exhausting battles with their respective opponents. Meanwhile, Kuwabara is seen protecting Keiko and Yukina from a yokai, who was supposedly Toguro’s brother. The friendship ties between the four characters are seen to enhance during their conquests on the island, as they are seen having each other’s backs.

What Was Toguro’s Motive?

Toguro is portrayed as a very strong yokai who wants Sakyo to open the Demon World, as he thought that there was no one in the human world who would be a preferable rival to him. He obeyed every order that Sakyo gave him and engaged in a battle with Yusuke. Later, all his other friends come to his rescue but are no match for Toguro as he knocks them all out. When Toguro’s brother arrives, he tells them that Toguro killed Master Genkai, which angers Yusuke and Kuwabara. They had a past relationship as they trained together. While Genkai had chosen the path of righteousness, Toguro had chosen power and youth over everything. When Kuwabara attempts to attack him, Toguro knocks him down, and Yusuke does his best to defeat the monster. Toguro had been trying to bring out Yusuke’s anger, as he knew that he had a lot of potential in him to be his real rival in this world. He tries hurting his friends to trigger his power so that he can combat him. When he is successful in triggering Yusuke’s spiritual energy, he uses his full power to fight Toguro and releases all his energy through the Spirit Wave Orb. Yusuke’s strength is so intense that Toguro is unable to fight it and eventually turns into ashes.

Later, Botan discovers that Toguro has transformed into a vicious monster due to his students being eaten alive by a yokai while he helplessly watched. He had later trained himself in such a manner that he had attained the powers of a yokai, so that he would never feel helpless again. Toguro had actually seen his own indomitable spirit in Yusuke and could relate to the initial phases of his own training. Later, on his path to heaven, he sees Master Genkai waiting for him, and he tells her that he does not want Yusuke to misuse his powers and end up like him.

How Were Toguro And Yusuke Similar?

When Yusuke had realized that he had attained the power of the Spirit Orb, Master Genkai had advised him to not just seek power but use it for better causes. She was afraid that he would exploit his power, just like Toguro, because even he had an insurmountable quest for power. Toguro was always on the lookout for a fitting opponent who would be an ideal battle partner for him. Yusuke was also on a quest to become very powerful so that he could protect the world from the yokais. It is possible that saving the world was just an excuse for him and that he was just competitive and more focused on attaining immense power, much like Toguro.


What Happens In The End?

Koenma makes a bet with Sakyo that if Yusuke loses, he will lift the barrier between the human and demon worlds. However, Sakyo promises that if Yusuke wins over Toguro, then he will shut down the sinkhole. Koenma tells him that he could any day open another sinkhole and unleash evil on humans, and that is when Sakyo bets upon his life, stating that he would kill himself if Yusuke won. Eventually, Yusuke manages to take his friends safely out of Kubikukuri Island after defeating Toguro. As promised to Koenma, Sakyo fulfills his commitment by taking his own life, and eventually shuts down the sinkhole.

What Can We Expect In The Next Season?

There are several events that the series Yu Yu Hakusho has tried to cover within a short frame, as an entire manga has been compressed into a 5-part episodic series. In the next season, a background detail about Sakyo, which has been completely omitted in the first one, was expected. Furthermore, the first season fails to delve into the old rivalry between Sakyo and Koenma. The explanation for the relationship between Hiei and Yukina is lacking, as she informs him that she recognized him as her brother despite their lack of prior acquaintance. How did she know he was her brother? Despite these loopholes, the amazing fight sequences throughout the series were quite engaging! The costume selection for the four major characters in the series was on point, as they were exactly similar to the costumes portrayed in the manga. The first season of the series leaves us in anticipation for the next season, as the visuals have been so engaging and have kept us glued to our seats throughout! We can expect the loose ends of the story to be tied up in the next season of Yu Yu Hakusho. A spectacular group of Yusuke, Kurama, Hiei, and Kuwabara has been formed, which is sure to explore more adventures in the next season!


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