‘Your Christmas Or Mine 2’ Ending Explained & Spoilers: Why Does Hayley Get Jealous?

The love birds, James and Hayley, finally get to celebrate their Christmas together this year in the sequel to 2022 romance film, Your Christmas or Mine? The second part of the franchise is as special as its prequel as it is full of chirpy comedy, a festive vibe, drama, and romance. James’ family invites the Taylors for Christmas to a resort in the Alps, and they make beautiful memories there as a family. The question remains as to whether James is going to propose to Hayley up in the French Alps or if Hayley is daydreaming. Will the two families gel together despite their class differences? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

What Royal Treatment Does Hayley’s Family Get During Their Vacation?

During their vacation in the Alps, the Hughes family booked themselves a cozy and luxurious resort, while the Taylors booked a cheap motel. Confusion arises when their cars get interchanged and their hotels get exchanged. While the Taylors end up in a luxurious hotel, the Hughes struggle at the motel. When Hayley calls James, she realizes that there has been confusion and that their hotels have been interchanged. James tells her that they will join them at the resort the next day. The Taylors have an amazing time at the luxury resort as they are treated to fine dining and royal treatment. As their luggage has also been exchanged, the family dresses up in Lord Humphrey’s and his girlfriend’s expensive clothes. Meanwhile, the Hughes find it difficult to wear the flashy clothes of the Taylors or even use the washroom, as they are not accustomed to that kind of life. As the hotels get exchanged, we get a glimpse of the differences in the lifestyles of the two families and the entirely different worlds that James and Hayley belong to.


Do The Two Families Gel Together?

Despite the class difference, the two families seem to get along really well. The barriers of class are seen to disappear as the two families enjoy themselves together at the resort. While Diane comes across as a bit snobbish initially, she later sheds her reservation and opens up. They are seen enjoying themselves as they spend quality time together skiing. The men later decide to go to the pub together, and they are seen getting wasted. Despite having a royal background, Humphrey enjoys himself to the fullest along with the other men of the Taylor family. The warm and welcoming women of the family also invite Diane to join them in their self-pampering session, where they are all seen enjoying their girl time together. They go to spas and drink together to keep the festive vibe of Christmas alive.

What Confusion Arises Regarding The Engagement Ring?

When Hayley goes through James’ luggage, she comes across a ring and thinks that James will soon propose to her for marriage. She gets very excited and tells her father about it and asks him to keep it a secret, but he later ends up telling everyone about it. Hayley is so thrilled that she starts practicing how she would react when she is given the ring. She also ends up losing it, only to be helped by an elderly gentleman to find it later. As everyone in the family is super-excited about it, Hayley’s father tells James that he knows that he is soon going to propose to his daughter, making him anxious. Meanwhile, Diane tells Hayley that James will be going to the American College of Film in Los Angeles after his graduation. This breaks Hayley’s heart, as she thinks that James has kept it a secret from her. When she goes to confront him, he ends up proposing to her with a key ring, and she realizes that he had never intended to propose to her with the ring. She realizes that she had confused James’ initials with those of his father. When she opened his bag, she thought it to be James’, but it actually belonged to his father. She understands that it was Humphrey who was intending to propose to Diane with the ring.


Why Does Hayley Get Jealous?

Hayley gets jealous when she sees James and Beatie’s closeness. She gets to know that they have been friends for a long time and have spent a lot of time together while growing up. She feels dejected when she fails to ski properly and crashes into a fence, but she sees Beatie and James gliding by smoothly. She thinks that she does not belong to James’ class and that Beatie would be a more fitting match for him. While James practices proposing to Hayley with Beatie, Hayley sees their closeness from afar and thinks that James is proposing to her. She gets very upset, walks away, and tells James off when he tries approaching her. She tells him that they are not meant to be with each other, and she thinks that Beatie would be a better partner for him. James tries explaining to her that Beatie is like a sister to him, but she does not listen to him and lashes out at him for not telling her about shifting to Los Angeles and walks off.

What Happens In The End?

When Hayley walks away with a sore heart, she asks her mother to take her back home. She immediately decides to take her daughter back, even without asking her a question. While on the flight, Hayley opens the Christmas present that James had given her and finds a watch and a card, along with a key. Just as they are about to take off, she tries to ask the flight attendant to stop the plane from taking off. James reaches the spot-on time, along with his family, and very dramatically manages to stop the plane from taking off. Later, the two families are again seen getting reunited at the resort, and Hayley tells James that she is glad that he has asked her to move in with him. James’ father gives him the ring and tells him that he had intended to give it to his mother, but now he wants him to propose to Hayley with it. Shortly after that, Hayley gives James a card for Christmas and asks him to marry her, and he proposes to her with the ring.


Final Words

Your Christmas Or Mine 2 is exactly the kind of sequel that we were expecting for Your Christmas or Mine. The disappointment of James and Hayley about not being able to spend their first Christmas together has been made up for in Your Christmas or Mine 2. The fact that class just creates a barrier in our minds and that it can easily be shattered has been beautifully brought out in this film. Despite having a posh background, the way James has chosen to be with a commoner brings out the beauty of love. The reunion of the two lovebirds in the sequel has painted a happily-ever-after picture of the two in our minds. The Christmassy vibe of Your Christmas Or Mine 2, with romance all over the air, has made the film a magical one. We hope for a third part of the film where we can expect to see the way James and Hayley have been handling their marriage.

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