‘You’ Season 4, Episode 9: Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Marienne Come Out Of The Cage? Is She Dead Or Alive?

Earlier in episode 8 of “You” Season 4, Nadia learned that Marienne was confined to a cage. Joe didn’t just let her go on that particular day. When Marienne was set to board the train, Joe sedated her and locked her up in the basement of a derelict building. Joe, who was at the time overwhelmed by his dark side, wasn’t even aware of what he was doing. After killing Rhys Montrose, when the visions of Rhys persisted in Joe’s life, he came to terms with the fact that he had been the murderer the entire time.

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Did Joe Get Marienne Out Of The Cage? Is She Dead?

Episode 9 of “You” Season 4 begins with Joe discovering Marienne in the basement of the building. Seeing Marienne with no food or water in the cage, he made a promise to her that he would let her out and help reunite her with her daughter. But it appeared that Joe’s two personalities didn’t even understand each other’s behaviors; as a result, Joe had trouble remembering how to unlock the door or what the cage’s passcode should be. He assured Marienne he would return soon. Nadia emerged after Joe had left and told Marienne that she would devise a plan. Marienne asked her to carry a knife that she might use for self-defense. Meanwhile, Nadia was traveling to Marienne with a large knife and syringes filled with ketamine. Yet she made a mistake by bringing those items aboard the train. Fortunately, Edward helped her out by paying for her penalty to get her out. Yet, Nadia was completely unable to explain to Edward what the ketamine and the knife were for.

Rhys continued to distract Joe’s attention with provocative ideas. The main factor that kept Joe from assisting Marienne was Kate. Kate attended Phoebe’s engagement party, but it was actually the night of Phoebe’s wedding. Phoebe had been forewarned by Kate after she’d overheard Adam discussing that being married would make it simple for him to use Phoebe’s funds to deal with his impending bankruptcy, but when Kate approached Phoebe, she appeared confused and to be experiencing psychotic episodes. She believed that after she married Adam, it would all work itself out, but that wasn’t the case. Joe was bound to attend the party due to Kate’s invitation, but he also failed to convince Phoebe that she was making a significant mistake in her life. Although Rhys continued distracting Joe’s thoughts with tempting ideas like killing Marienne or sleeping with Kate and forgetting everything, Joe had to return to his plan for releasing Marienne. In the evening, Joe returned to Marianne with enough food, and after getting there, he learned that by abducting Marienne, he had seriously harmed her life. The daughter of Marienne, who was by herself in Paris, was brought to her grandmother, who assumed custody of the child. Since Marienne wouldn’t be able to see her kid again, she broke down in tears and begged Joe to kill her. Joe decided to do whatever it took to release Marienne after realizing how badly he had messed up.

Although Joe’s personality showed signs of many psychopathic disorders, this time, it appeared as though he had schizophrenia or auditory hallucinations. Visual hallucinations and persistent voices in the head made it seem as though Joe Goldberg’s untreated mental illness had exploded, which led to him inflicting some severe harm. Joe is shown taking diazepam, which has Rhys’ lips sealed for the night. Despite Rhys’s nasty advice having halted for the night, Joe had a nightmare of all the women he had slain, from Beck to Love Quinn, facing him. When Joe awoke, he hurried to that building and discovered Marienne had overdosed on the medications he had given her. When Joe opened the door, he discovered Marienne on the floor, unconscious. During this point, Rhys kept commanding Joe to dump her body. But it didn’t seem like Joe would kill Marienne.

What Did Tom Lockwood Reveal To Kate?

Meanwhile, Phoebe, who had just married Adam during the party, realized she had made a huge mistake in her life. She was having a depressive episode, which drove her to consider suicide, but she held back from doing so and instead sought treatment in a hospital. Kate was extremely concerned about Phoebe, and on her way to work, as she saw her father had come to meet with her, she mistakenly mentioned that Adam was the primary reason Phoebe was being mentally tortured. Lockwood insisted that Kate return to their business and help him, but Kate didn’t want to risk tripping over her father’s legacy in her professional life. As she turned down her father’s offer, she soon discovered something that gripped her with dread. Adam had been killed by her father, Mr. Tom Lockwood, despite Kate’s categorical demands that he not do so. When Kate questioned her father about this, he divulged some details about Kate’s life that left Kate in tears. Every job she’s ever had has been made possible by her father. The credit for everything, including internships and work in art forums, went to her father. Hence, her father would never even permit her to merely leave the company. Kate wasn’t sure how to respond to that. Yet it’s now up to her to decide whether to accept the opportunity to ultimately take over the reins of her father’s business or to leave them all behind and start her career over again. Let’s find out in the final endgame of “You” season 4.

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