‘You’ Season 4, Episode 8: Recap And Ending, Explained: Is Joe Goldberg The Eat-The-Rich Killer?

Season 4 of “You” began as a murder mystery, but a pivotal revelation in episode 7 transformed the show into a psychological thriller. Rhys Montrose, whom Joe had previously identified as the Eat-the-Rich killer, wasn’t Rhys Montrose at all; rather, Joe had created him in his mind as a murderer and a dangerous stalker when he was the one who’d committed all those killings the entire time. Now, it appeared as though Joe hadn’t even let Marienne leave; instead, he had trapped her in a cage. Yet it’s obvious that Joe Goldberg has been suffering from various personality disorders. When he made mistakes, such as killing people, he considered himself to be Rhys Montrose, while his other personality aspired to be a decent man who tried to help others. Let’s find out which aspect of Joe’s personality led him to capture Marienne.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Was The Eat-The-Rich Killer?

Episode 8 “You” Season 4 opens with the truth of the matter. Marienne started out by telling her story and how she ended up in the cage. She was previously seen fleeing from Joe in part one, who eventually let her go since he didn’t want to hurt her. But there was a catch. When Marienne was preparing to board the train to Paris and was en route, Joe snuck up on her and stole the pendant from her neck while surreptitiously adding a sedative to her coffee. Marienne immediately felt dizzy and fell asleep. When she awoke, she was tied up with a gag in her mouth in Joe’s apartment. Joe appeared to be out of sorts as if he wasn’t even himself. During this period, he was obsessed with Rhys Montrose, as seen by his listening to his vlogs and reading his novels. Maybe that’s why he started imagining Rhys Montrose performing all the heinous things he wanted to do in his imagination. Joe imprisoned Marienne while she begged him to let her go since her daughter was waiting for her. Joe struggled to respond to reality and occasionally claimed he wasn’t Joe. Joe was determined to change, but the darkness in him didn’t let that happen, and he continued to act violently like he always had. At first, Joe would feed Marienne, but as time went on, Joe stopped caring about Marienne, who eventually fell ill from being without food and water. However, when Nadia noticed Marienne in the cage and inquired as to whether Jonathan Moore had done this with her, Marienne revealed his true name as Joe Goldberg and implored Nadia not to call the police. Nadia desperately wanted to find a way to free Marienne from the cage, but all she could think about was killing Joe and having Marienne escape to Paris. Yet, doing so would have put Nadia in danger.


Joe found it difficult to remember everything. He kept claiming that he had freed Marienne, but the dark part of his brain, which assumed the form of Rhys Montrose, started to guide him so he could recall what had happened. As Joe examined the videotape he made to reveal Rhys, he was shocked to see that it was just Joe Goldberg talking to himself. Joe, at last, understood that his problems were pathological. Rhys started to remind him of all the murders he had perpetrated as the Eat-the-Rich killer. When Joe was having trouble comprehending the reason behind the killings, Rhys reminded him that it was Gemma’s persistent accusations that Joe was the murderer, Malcolm’s rude remarks, and Simon Soo’s treatment of teen artists that ultimately led to Joe killing them all. Rhys emphasized that Joe’s desire for their deaths was the only reason the killings had been committed. Joe was completely perplexed and started looking for the location of where he had caged Marienne. He looked through his entire study before finding the key and a map. The map directed Joe to the Indian restaurant, and there, in the surrounding area, he discovered an abandoned building and a gate that brought back memories of the day he had tied Marienne up and placed her in the cage.

Yet Marienne wasn’t the only one there. Nadia had already arrived and hid herself after hearing Joe’s footsteps. She devised a scheme to free Marienne from the cage, but she knew it would fail.


Although Phoebe and Adam had patched things up, Kate was worried about her. Adam played his cards right by approaching Phoebe when she was at her most vulnerable. She felt reassured by Adam, which made her decide she wanted to wed him. Nevertheless, Phoebe was only being harsh on herself the entire time. She was gravely traumatized once her friends were killed, and she became the target. Kate suggested she see a therapist, but Phoebe was preoccupied with the wedding, which Adam was pressuring her to plan for his own benefit. When Joe and Kate got to meet each other again, he completely forgot about everything going on in his brain while looking at Kate. He completely forgets about Marienne and his own two opposing personalities. It seemed to have both a positive and a negative side. If Joe and Kate choose to be together, Joe could totally change into a good man, or he could choose to continue his killing rampage by exploiting Kate’s limitless strength. Let’s see what transpires in Joe’s life in the next episodes.

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