‘You’ Season 4, Episode 7: Recap And Ending, Explained: Is Rhys Montrose Dead Or Alive?

In the sixth episode of “You” Season 4, we saw that Joe Goldberg, aka Jonathan Moore, was searching for the ideal time to speak with Rhys Montrose. However, before he could approach him, Rhys had personally visited Joe to give him instructions to find someone to scapegoat for all of the murders he had done. Joe thought Dawn, a crazy and fanatical stalker of Lady Phoebe, was the perfect target to take the fall. He secretly placed Simon Soo’s severed ear in her bag, which prompted the police to detain her. Yet once the job was finished, Rhys’s appetite persisted, and he gave Joe the order to kill Tom Lockwood, Kate Galvin’s father, though Joe struggled to understand what Rhys would be trying to accomplish by killing him. Let’s see if we find that out in this episode.


Spoilers Ahead

Was Joe Able To Kill Tom Lockwood?

Episode 7 of “You” Season 4 opens with Kate and Joe relishing their time together. Joseph enjoyed taking Kate to Indian restaurants to try his favorite street foods. Although Kate didn’t particularly enjoy the food, she did enjoy Joe’s company and their long walks. Joe remembered the assignment Montrose had given him: assassinate Mr. Lockwood, the father of Kate, but first, he needed to perform some brief research on this man. Nadia, meanwhile, was dubious about the fact that the Eat-the-Rich killer had been caught after Professor Moore reached out to save Phoebe. She assumed that Jonathan had been purposefully concealing something that he knew. Joe looked through all of Lockwood’s charitable endeavors, but the cancer cluster that Kate had previously mentioned wasn’t apparent online. Perhaps Lockwood was so strong that he had some kind of influence over the internet too. Kate and Joe eventually joined Lockwood at dinner, where Lockwood surprised Joe by whispering Joe’s real name in his ear. Before Joseph could pose a threat to Lockwood’s safety, Lockwood appeared to have assumed control of Joe’s life. He met with Kate to make a proposition and offer her a museum in the city, but Kate resisted and went to the bathroom to properly think about it.


In the meantime, Lockwood questioned Joe, asking him if he had killed Love Quinn in their conversation. Joe replied by telling him how maniacal Love was, and that was why he had to defend himself. However, Tom mentioned Rhys Montrose and the animosity between the two of them, which was what had Tom considering killing Rhys. Due to the fact that Lockwood was now Rhys’s enemy, this information afforded Joe a great deal of leverage against Montrose. Joe understood right away that in order to be safe, he needed Lockwood’s assistance. He gave up on trying to murder him and instead decided to expose Rhys Montrose. He placed a camera in his study and a recorder in his pocket, but when Rhys visited, he got angry when he realized that Joe was recording him. Infuriated, Rhys warned him to kill Lockwood soon, threatening to kill Marienne otherwise. In the middle of the conversation, Marienne’s name stunned Joe. As far as he could remember, Marienne had been boarded on a train as he released her, but it appeared like Rhys had kidnapped Marienne in order to extort Joe. Kate didn’t seem to be doing well because, just like Joe, she had also been concealing her wrongdoings in the past. She finally had the confidence to discuss it. She revealed the truth about the cancer cluster that she had previously mentioned. The cancer cluster that she blamed on her father was, in fact, her own fault. She was the one who messed up, and many kids had to pay the price for it. Joe recognized that Kate was being vulnerable as she told him everything, so he stood by her side and comforted her.

As a result, Joe was left with no choice except to carry out Rhys’ instructions. Before he could assassinate Lockwood, however, he discovered online that Tom Lockwood had already unmasked Rhys for embellishing in his memoir. Rhys had to flee the city in order to disguise himself. Joe went to meet Lockwood at this time and was about to stab him with a knife, but Lockwood was always one step ahead. He realized Joe was about to kill him, but before he could take a step forward, Lockwood recommended Joe assassinate Rhys Monstrose. Tom asks him to murder Rhys in exchange for protection. He informed Joe of Rhys’s whereabouts in the countryside, where he was living with his ex, in order to persuade her to support his campaign. Rhys was off the grid and had no security, and no one knew he was there. Joe couldn’t have agreed more and went straight to Rhys’s location to finish him off. He went to Rhys’s ex’s house, and after his ex-left, he broke into Rhys’s house. Rhys appeared to be acting as if he had never seen Joe. Joe couldn’t stand the acting and tied him up in the basement, torturing him mercilessly in order to get the information about Marienne out of his mouth. Nonetheless, Rhys persisted in insisting that he had no idea who Marienne or even Joe was. While continuing to question him and receiving no response, Joe strangled Rhys to death.


How Did Rhys Montrose Die?

As we watched, Nadia entered Joe’s flat undetected in order to look for any clues. But what she found turned the entire plot on its head. She discovered Joe’s book, which had a key inside. Her boyfriend, Edward, texted her to let her know that many of Jonathon Moore’s photos had been discovered at Dawn’s apartment. When Nadia noticed one of those images, she pointed out an Indian eatery and immediately rushed up there to inquire about it. Just nearby the Indian restaurant, she discovered a gated, abandoned location. Upon entering, she discovered a large entryway. She entered downstairs after unlocking the door with the key she had taken from Joe’s book. She discovered something quite puzzling further down the hallway, which served as the story’s major plot twist. In a large cage, she discovered a woman had been imprisoned, and it was none other than Marienne.

After killing Rhys Montrose at his ex-wife’s home, Joe discovered another Rhys Montrose approaching him. As Joe recognized he was suffering from delusions, he made an effort to embrace the reality that Rhys had indeed passed away, but every time he looked at Rhys’ dead body, he could see a very much alive Rhys Montrose standing next to it. He began to believe that he was seeing Rhys Montrose’s ghost, but it was more than just a spirit. Rhys told him that although the Rhys monster he had killed didn’t actually know who Marienne was, Joe undoubtedly did know where she had been held. It’s possible that the abrupt story twist will catch you off guard, but Joe Goldberg appears to have been the person who committed the murders and took the Eat-the-Rich Killer nickname all along. And the killer and the stalker, Rhys Montrose, were nothing but a fragment of his imagination. Let’s see whether future episodes give us a clear understanding of what actually occurred to Marienne and whether Joe Goldberg was responsible for all the atrocities.


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