‘You’ Season 4 Finale, Episode 10: Recap And Ending, Explained: Was Marienne Alive? Did Joe Kill Nadia?

We previously saw in episode 9 of “You” Season 4, that Joe kept his promise to show up at that secret location to aid Marienne in escaping the cage. But after getting there, he saw that Marienne had overdosed and passed out. When Marienne was being held captive, Nadia was on her way to set her free. Yet, we were unable to learn how she intended to do so. Another possibility is that Marienne had pretended to be dead so that Joe would let her go. The answer will be revealed in the final episode of “You” season 4, where we will also finally be able to learn Joe Goldberg’s destiny. Would he eventually be able to overcome his evil impulses and become a nice man?


Spoilers Ahead

Was Marienne Alive?

As episode 10 opens, Joe is unsure of how he will be able to set Marienne free while she is unconscious. Joe picked up her body, laid it on a park bench, and ran away. He was certain Marienne hadn’t passed away, and if she had, he didn’t want to be held responsible. He closed the chapter on Marienne and started to sink into the darkness of his mind, where he occasionally had suicidal thoughts. But before he could move to commit suicide, he discovered that Rhys Montrose’s body had been discovered in the woods and that some DNA samples had been found on it. Joe understood that Tom Lockwood had forced him to kill Rhys for a purposeā€”so that in a time of crisis, he could lay all the blame on Joe and run away. Joe didn’t consider killing Lockwood, but he lost his calm when Kate called him at night and revealed that her father had been ruthlessly spying on her for her entire life. Kate could not abide by the idea that no matter what she did, her father was always seen as being the driving force behind her successes.


Joe finally listened to his evil self and devised a plan to kill Lockwood. To contact Tom, who was somewhere in a hangar repairing an airplane, he sent an SMS from Kate’s phone. After getting there, Joe attacked Lockwood, tying him up in his garage. Tom initially pleaded for his life, vowing to provide Joe with all the security he needed, but it was all a ruse as his bodyguard had arrived to save him. Joe murdered both of these men and devised a scheme to cover up the crime. He obtained Tom’s bank account information and moved funds to his bodyguard’s account to give the impression that Tom was murdered for cash. Joe didn’t feel at ease after finishing Tom Lockwood off, though. While crossing a bridge, Joe grew tired of Rhys’ constant pestering. Joe decided to send him off by dumping him in the water. But Rhys was merely a reflection of Joe’s dark side; thus, he would have to finish himself in order to silence the evil part of his brain. He dove into the water in an effort to end his life. But it didn’t look like an easy death was in his destiny.

What Was Nadia’s Plan?

In the meantime, Nadia explained everything to Edward and revealed her strategy for handling Marienne. She discovered Marienne in captivity, and they came up with an idea together. In reality, Nadia was the one who texted Marienne under the name Beatrice to inform Joe of Juliette’s custody. After that, Nadia gave Marienne some drugs that caused her heart rate to drop, giving the impression that she had passed away. While Joe brought Marienne to a park bench and left her there, Nadia showed up with the ketamine injections. These injections brought Marienne back to consciousness. Marienne ultimately made it to Paris, where she was reunited with her daughter. Nadia wasn’t finished, though. She felt certain that Joe had been involved in the murder of Rhys Monstrose. Edward learned Joe’s identity from her, and the two of them made their own independent inquiries. Nadia snuck into Joe’s flat to see if Joe had salvaged anything from Rhys’s corpse as a souvenir. She took pictures of everything she had discovered there. But when she left the apartment, she was unable to find Edward outside, though he had been waiting for her. Instead, she ran into Joe Goldberg.


How Did Joe Reconstruct His Life?

Joe didn’t perish after plunging into the river; instead, he was transferred to the hospital, where Kate went to see him. After Rhys’ murder, Kate mentioned that her father had been found dead. She appeared to be aware that Joe had killed Rhys, but she covered it up at the insistence of Cynthia, her father’s secretary. Kate took over the entire management of the business upon Tom Lockwood’s passing and assumed the position of the proprietor. In order to achieve her goals, she started her career by covering up crimes, just like her father had done. It is very evident that Kate was just as criminal as her father. Even after learning about Joe’s extensive criminal past, she decided to give him another shot in order to win his loyalty. Joe readily accepted the gift of life. His entire past at Madre Linda had been reconstructed, and Love Quinn’s troubling behavior had been revealed. While this was happening, Kate started turning her business into a philanthropic foundation with Joe’s assistance.

What Did Joe Do To Nadia? Is Nadia Dead Or Alive?

When Joe spotted Nadia in his neighborhood, he grabbed her phone and unlocked it to look through all the pictures she had taken inside his flat. Joe removed all of these photos and showed her the dead body of Edward, whom he had freshly murdered. He gave Nadia the murder weapon and set her up as the only suspect in Edward’s death. He clarified that she had been framed to be the murderer of Rhys Montrose because he had already sent all of Rhys’s belongings to her home. Fearing that Joe would murder her, Nadia shut her mouth. Nadia accepted the fraudulent charges against her and was arrested for the killings, especially now that she knew Joe would be backed by Tom Lockwood’s enterprise and had become invincible. She declined to offer a defense of herself, which provided Joe Goldberg with a wonderful opportunity to live gracefully. In the end, he was overcome by the evil side of his psyche, and it is evident that his lust for wealth and power caused him to resemble the wealthy socialites he had once most despised. What remains to be seen, though, is whether Joe Goldberg will protect his relationship with Kate or whether Kate will meet the same fate as Beck and Love Quinn.


Final Words: Expectations From Season 5

The release date for “You” season 5 is still undeclared, but the show’s creators stated that they would love to renew it for another season. We can therefore expect to find a lot of material in “You” in the new season. First of all, Joe, who had once again turned to his dark side, might not bother killing individuals in the future. But with Kate by his side, he might possibly have a significant professional breakthrough. He could end up being the next Lockwood, who eventually turned to crime to serve his own ends. Nadia, who ended up in jail, might receive some screen time in the upcoming fifth season, which may not be in Joe’s best interests. Let’s see whether season 5 of “You” will be arriving anytime soon so we can get a whole new storyline with the evil mastermind Joe Goldberg.

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