Nadia Farran In ‘You’ Season 4, Explained: How Did Joe Wreak Havoc In Her Life? Is Nadia Dead Or Alive?

Joe wrecked many lives in season 4 of “You,” yet one of his most unnerving victims is Nadia Farran. At his final encounter with Nadia, Joe Goldberg showed his actual self, indicating that he had finally come to terms with his inner demons and that, rather than taming the evil within, he would embody it in his acts. Despite his propensity for serial murders, Joe Goldberg’s endearing appearance and personality made it impossible for fans to dislike him. However, his final confrontation with Nadia saddened his fans a lot. Fans expressed how much they had come to despise Joe Goldberg for what he did to Nadia through hilarious memes and comments on social media. What do you expect from a serial killer, after all?


After Joe Goldberg experienced the taste of power for the first time and had a chance to exercise it, he demonstrated to Nadia the extent of his wickedness. Nadia, a precocious wannabe detective who didn’t understand that staying out of other people’s problems was the only thing she could do, dragged herself into Joe Goldberg’s hell. Nadia was highly expressive and opinionated right from the start of season 4. But because of her over-exuberance, she made a few mistakes, such as revealing to Joe Goldberg her secret affair with Malcolm, the university’s playboy professor. She was a headstrong and argumentative young girl who thought reality was similar to fiction. She loved to read and write, especially detective stories, from which she grew an unwavering hunger for solving crimes and catching the culprit. Enamored by these fictional tales of private detectives, she fancied herself to be one of them.

Given how Nadia discovered the Indian Restaurant and the adjoining abandoned building where Marienne was trapped, she was obviously daring and competent at solving puzzles. While always appearing to be in a panic, she was actually very calculated, as seen by the way that she was able to free Marienne from the cage. But she needed to stop right there and realize that certain things should be handled by the law, not by immature people motivated by fiction. Yet, in this instance, she was completely unaware that Joe Goldberg’s connections had already rendered him impervious, making it impossible for even legal proceedings to touch his hair. Without taking any considerations, she set out on her mission to expose Joe Goldberg after witnessing how he had the delusional follower of Lady Phoebe arrested.


Nadia, who was influenced by Agatha Christie novels, couldn’t merely suppress the Poirot inside her head or accept the idea that this woman had killed all three people by herself only to protect Lady Phoebe. This was something that her calculations couldn’t account for. Given how much she loved Malcolm, this particular case motivated her to explore further. It became extremely evident why she couldn’t just mind her own business and began to delve into Joe Goldberg’s past. She would probably have contacted the police after gathering all the necessary evidence against Joe, but that didn’t really happen. She not only got herself into trouble, but she also put her boyfriend Edward’s life in danger. She broke into Goldberg’s home in a very absurd manner without even making sure where he was. And once she returned from the apartment, we all know what happened to her.

Instead of being shocked to see Nadia, Joe actually surprised her as if he had known what she was up to the entire time. He had already transferred Rhys Montrose’s possessions to Nadia’s home and given her the murder weapon he used to kill Edward. Nadia, however, was compelled to remain silent and acknowledge how badly she had fouled up. She could have objected, but she chose to put up with it because she knew the alternative was her death. In prison, she remained silent and didn’t even offer an alibi in support of herself. Consequently, we can infer that there was no probability she would be released from prison any time soon.


Nadia has always been a rebellious soul who strives to better herself and bring out the best in her. As a result of what Joe did to her, she would not be that simple to tame. She might have remained silent in defense because, in the absence of strong support, she wouldn’t have chosen to move forward. In light of this, “You” season 5 may reveal her to be one of Joe Goldberg’s fiercest foes. Nadia will probably make a comeback in season 5 along with Ellie Alves, (who was also very much alive and knew Joe’s identity) or Marienne to exact revenge on Joe Goldberg and reveal his true character to the people he had been deceiving all along. But it’s doubtful how far Nadia could push Joe Goldberg, given Kate Lockwood’s unbounded resources and power. Every episode of “You” Season 5 may be a firecracker, and we could just hope that Joe Goldberg would finally receive the punishment he truly deserves after ruining so many lives.

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Poulami Nanda
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