‘Yellowstone’ Season 3 Recap & Ending Explained: Who Attacked John, Beth, And Kayce Dutton?

The second season of Yellowstone ended with a face-off that involved the Dutton family and Thomas Rainwater coming together to eliminate their common enemy, the Beck brothers. Teal was killed, but Malcolm’s survival is unclear. He was confronted by John himself. The man could either be dead or choose to stay away from ranch politics. Beth and Rip finally fell in love as the latter came to her rescue when she was under attack. Kayce and Monica came back together and were far closer than before. Tate was rescued by John and Kayce, and they avenged all the havoc unleashed on them. Beth was happy to find her father showing emotion for the family.


Spoilers Ahead

What Were The Repercussions Of Tate’s Kidnapping?

Tate was waking up to nightmares about the trauma he had been through. Since all of them moved back to the ranch, the kid had a lot more people taking care of him and helping him deal with his nightmares. John Dutton, the patriarch, was trying to spend as much time as he could with Tate, as he was his only grandson. John Dutton, along with his workers at the ranch, and Kayce took Tate on rides around the property every day and conversed about how the animals are reared and raised and what his role could be growing up.


John had created a bond with the boy, which was evident from Yellowstone Season 1, and continued to do so to make sure he left a lot of himself behind for Tate after his passing. There was always a looming fear of his passing in case the cancer recurred. The family was on the right track so far. Jamie was made the livestock commissioner, and he was serious about the job offered to him.

What Was The Market Equity Plan In Montana?

Beth was the first person from the entire community to come across the plan to turn her father’s property and many other ranches into an airport, along with other commercial properties. It was projected to give many jobs to the locals, something that the current governor would never be able to say not to. Beth was quick to understand the ploy to grab her family property and force her father’s hand into giving up on the large ranch for the sake of development. These projects were streamlined and funded by Market Equities, a New York-based firm that was very keen on these projects and the kind of money they would bring to them, and the politicians involved. Beth was the first person who could smell the trouble too, and she confronted Roarke Morris, one of the high-paid executives with Market Equities, for trying to get the project going by bullying John Dutton and Thomas Rainwater. Beth was not new to these kinds of ruthless negotiations, and she was willing to play dirty to make sure Yellowstone Ranch remained untouched.


What Were The Official Positions John Decided For His Sons?

John Dutton and Governor Lynelle Perry were trying to shuffle the official state positions as per their needs in the hope of retaining their power for a long time. On Lynelle’s suggestion, Jamie was made the state prosecutor. Jamie had been after this seat of power for a while, and finally, he believes he now has power and he could prove his mettle to his father and the rest of the family, especially Beth.

Kayce, who was content with life on the ranch with his son and Monica around, was offered to be the livestock commissioner. Kayce was not in favor of taking up the job because he was more of a soldier than a leader. He could never be a politician like his father, who had a penchant for establishing his influence over the powerful people of the state. Kayce eventually took up the job. John Dutton now had two of the most powerful positions in the state secured, and he could partly retire from his life to give time to Tate and be the support system Jamie and Kayce would require.


What Was The History Behind Jamie And Beth’s Animosity?

Beth, at the tender age of 15, had gotten pregnant and requested that her older brother Jamie help her get to an abortion clinic. A terrified Jamie took her to a clinic meant for the Native American community where sterilizations are carried out. Jamie was given the option of driving to another town for an abortion, but he chose to take Beth to the native American clinic that carried out the sterilization procedure on the young girl, which rendered her barren for the rest of her life.

Jamie mishandled the situation, which caused a lifelong rift between him and Beth, and they chose to keep this a secret between them. Beth had gotten pregnant with a young Rip’s baby who had recently moved to the ranch to work with her father. Beth never mentioned the same to Rip as well. Beth had to inadvertently tell her father about everything thirty years later, and John was beyond livid at Jamie for putting his sister through a terrifying ordeal. The sterilization could be the reason why Beth always remained an angry person because an essential part of her body was stolen from her without her consent, and there was nothing to reverse it.

Was Monica Having An Identity Crisis?

Monica was indeed going through an identity crisis, as a woman from her native American community had gone missing. Thomas Rainwater had to step up and carry out search parties to find the girl and bring her back home. His request for Kayce to offer more manpower brought Monica and her students into the picture and helped with the search exercise. Sadly, the girl was found dead from her injuries by Thomas Rainwater himself, and it made her wonder about the safety of the women in her community and how much was being done for their safety. Years later, a lot of rights and protections were not set up for them.

A while later as well, Monica was stuck in the middle of nowhere as her car broke down. A seemingly good Samaritan offered to help her by giving her a ride to the next garage. To her horror, the man turned out to be a rapist who tried to molest Monica as she tried to run away from him. The man was killed by a guard at the right time. Monica was under the impression she had given up on her identity after the big move to the Dutton ranch, and there was a crisis in her mind concerning her past and legacy. She feels she may have abandoned it for Kayce and Tate, and she would want to reconnect with her roots.


Did Beth’s Plans Backfire On Her?

Beth Dutton was under the impression she could outmaneuver Market Equities by tanking their shares in the market, which would leave them too bankrupt for the large-scale projects to take off by buying off the Dutton ranch and other ranches around it, which would include the reservation land on which Thomas Rainwater was set to build his casino as well.

The matters were escalating between the firm and the locals as Roarke had sent across two rogue cowboys to wreak havoc on the Dutton ranch, injuring their workers as well. Rip, along with John Dutton and other workers, was able to handle these trespassers, but the bigger bullies needed to be taken care of inside the boardrooms and the offices of the officials. In a ruthless takeover, Willa Hayes of Market Equities took over Schwertz and Meyer, which put Beth Dutton out of a job. Willa Hayes took over the Montana office as a show of power that forced Beth to take extreme steps.


On the day of the meeting of Jamie Dutton and Lynelle Perry with Market Equities, Thomas Rainwater, and John and Beth Dutton, Jamie took over the conversation and allowed Yellowstone Land to be used for the construction of the airport. John claims his rights to his land and walks away from the meeting in the end. In the interim, the news of Willa Hayes’ misconduct towards an employee breaks, which forces her to leave the meeting, and Roarke takes over. Thomas Rainwater, along with his lawyer, plans to sue Market Equities for trying to encroach upon native American land, which is ecologically sensitive as well.

Who Attacked John, Beth, And Kaycedutton?

Kayce was being encouraged to run for the post of Montana State Governor, and the man was considering it. Beth’s office was bombed as she was moving with her belongings. Kayce’s office was attacked by gunmen as he was speaking to Monica and asked her to move into the bunks with Tate. Monica was attacked by an unknown man at home who was killed by a gun-wielding Tate. John Dutton, on his way back to the ranch, was helping a woman with her car when a gunman rained down on him, which brutally injured him and killed the unknown woman. All these attacks happened simultaneously, and Jamie was the only one who remained untouched till the end.


The attack could have been carried out by Jamie to pave the way for himself as the ranch owner and prove his power. This theory is not likely to be proven true because, despite all the animosity, he respected his family, and his identity will always remain a Dutton. Jamie, at the end of the meeting for the new airport, also stated that he was working for himself and that he was given the authority to make rules, decisions, and arrests. This makes him a suspect. The attack could have been orchestrated by Market Equities as well. If the most influential man and his family in Montana were killed, all the officials would be arm-twisted into agreeing to their terms for the large-scale projects, which they claimed would bring employment as well.

The least talked-about candidate would be Thomas Rainwater, who was being egged on by his lawyer to fight and eradicate those trying to kill their culture by ruthlessly taking over in the name of commercialization and progress. Yellowstone season 4 would bring to light who made it out alive from the attack and who was responsible for the attempts on the lives of the Duttons and their ranch. 


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