‘Yellowjackets’ Season 2, Episode 3: Recap & Ending, Explained: What Happens To The Girls?

Episode 2 of “Yellowjackets” Season 2 ended with Shauna and the rest of the girls devouring Jackie’s burnt flesh, which has not turned to ashes yet. This happened in the middle of the winter, when all of them were starving for some meat and weren’t getting any. Nat and Travis had a hard time finding a dead animal. The adult Shauna is trying hard to cover up the fact that she didn’t know Adam Martin, while Misty ends up getting contacted by someone who has a witness who might have seen what has happened to Natalie. Taissa, on the other hand, hallucinates her son being at her place, but it turns out he never came by. Amidst the terrifying conversation, Taissa and Simone get into a deadly car accident. How will the girls, now that they are amidst the worst winter they have faced, deal with the situation at hand?


Spoilers Ahead

The Aftermath Of Jackie’s Cremation

The girls wake up the next day and feel completely weird about what happened the night before. They had ended up eating Jackie’s charred flesh from her body, and all that was left of her remains were the bones. Their coach refused to join them for dinner the previous night as he’d felt disgusted. Taissa, though, has the loudest reaction to what they did to the body because she was sleepwalking, and she does not remember being involved in the eating of the flesh at all. Van helps her recollect the memory, but Taissa has a hard time getting over the fact that she ate human flesh. The girls had no other choice at the time but to resort to cannibalism. They were tired and hungry from the winter, and with no meat going into their bodies, they had no choice left. Shauna, too, was a victim of her hormones acting up, which led her to push everyone around her to eat the flesh. The girls are not content right now, but it just feels weird and awkward to even talk about it.


Misty’s Newfound Friend

In 2022, Misty was hell-bent on finding out what happened to Natalie, for it had been days since she had heard anything from her friend. Misty, though, is contacted by a person from the citizen detective online community board about something he might have found out. Misty is not sure whether to include one more person in the equation of what happened all those years ago and what happened with the painter Adam Martin. Misty is the most careful person in the lot, and she brings only people she trusts into her circle. She is not sure whether to entertain this person at all. But she takes the gamble and decides to meet the guy who she had the chance to have made eye contact with at her nursing home. The anonymous citizen detective turns out to be a rich man named Walter, and he claims to have information about Natalie’s disappearance, which Misty has been trying to dig into. Misty is intrigued by Walter, and she agrees to let him join her in her quest. Misty would go to any lengths to get her answers, and Walter could be of great use to her as one of her information-getters to make sure she gets to the endpoint.

Lottie And Natalie

Lottie and Natalie are trying to find solace in each other. It is more like Lottie is trying to make Natalie open up about her past and the trauma. Natalie is far from open about her trauma. She has been through a lot other than the flight crash she was a part of. Natalie feels whatever Lottie is doing right now through her commune is never going to help them recover from whatever they have been through in the last 25 years. Natalie is not sure how long she will be stuck here or for how long Lottie is planning to keep the charade going. Natalie is just aware of the fact that there is no way she is going to fall for any of Lottie’s so called tried and tested methods.


What Kind Of Incident Do The Girls Come Across In The End?

Shauna and Jeff, though, are having a hard time getting over the fact that their marriage has reached a rut. Jeff wonders if there was something that he did that made Shauna distant and led to her ending up cheating on him. Jeff has accepted her apology, but he wants to know what about them made her take a step like that. Shauna mentions that there was no spontaneity in their relationship, and eventually, she became the boring person in the relationship. She explored the fling with Adam so that she could get out of her boring personality and become an interesting person just for herself. Shauna wanted to feel better in the relationship, but she did not. The cheating happened because she wanted to explore a side of herself that did not exist in her. To impress her, Jeff makes a spontaneous decision to head out of the city when they are robbed, and the robber drives away in their car. Though Shauna did try to help get them out of the situation by snatching the gun from the robber, Jeff was horrified to see what Shauna was doing, despite what they had been through in the last few weeks.

Taissa, on the other hand, is having a difficult time, with her wife getting most of the damage from the accident. She has not regained consciousness yet, and Taissa again goes through tons of visions and hallucinations that she has no answer for. She is not sure what exactly is bothering her at the same time, and she refuses to consult any psychiatrists to help her determine what’s been causing the back-to-back episodes that have happened to her. Maybe her mind is reacting to her wife’s departure in a certain way, which is triggering a lot of trauma from the past. This is something she will have to find answers to on her own. Taissa, back in 1997, is again going through sleepwalking episodes where this time, she asks Vanessa to join her. Taissa, in her sleep, talks of a man without eyes asking her to follow her, and there is a woman too. Vanessa concludes that a sleepwalking Taissa sees herself, but again, there is no answer to why her body and mind are behaving in this manner. Senator-to-be Taissa has to find an answer to what is bothering her and why it has resurfaced after all these years.


Misty comes to know that Walter’s witness to Natalie’s disappearance is Randy, her classmate from school. She pushes Walter to question Randy and pretend to be from the FBI. As Walter starts questioning him, they realize Randy does not have much information except the fact that he noticed a group of people wearing purple-colored clothes around the hotel. This was the lead they were waiting for, and they decided to go ahead and dig up information about it. Misty is the pushy kind of person who knows what buttons to press to get answers out of people. She finds that trait in Walter, and they decide to become a detective duo. Misty also tells a white lie that she knew Adam Martin’s mother, and she would want to hurt her by revealing heartbreaking information about how the man disappeared. By the looks of it, Walter has fallen for Misty’s lie, and hopefully, they will become the unexpected duo who will find the answers they are looking for.

Back in 1997, the girls finally start to understand what Shauna is going through as a young pregnant girl who has no medical help in sight. Shauna, too, is going through a phase where she feels weird all the time, and with Jackie’s death and what they did to her body, Shauna feels all wrong about herself, and she is leaning on Lottie to seek solace. Lottie guides us through her problem, and she finds a tad bit of contentment in her words. The girls decide to throw a baby shower for her, and they end up giving her gifts made from things around the cottage. As a part of the ceremony, Lottie gifts a blanket to Shauna with a strange symbol on it that ultimately becomes controversial topic of discussion for the group. Some don’t agree with the symbol, while others do. Shauna has gotten numb to all of these because of what has transpired with all of them in the last few weeks. But suddenly, there was the sound of something on the roof of their cottage. The last scene of “Yellowjackets” Episode 3 has the girls finding all the dead birds on the snow-filled ground and on the roof of their cottage. The girls have no idea why this happens. Is there some supernatural occurrence that has happened to them, or is this some natural phenomenon that happens all the time in this area during the winter? The girls will hopefully find an answer to that occurrence.


What To Expect From Episode 4?

Episode four of “Yellowjackets” Season 2 will have the girls trying to find out what led to all the birds in their vicinity falling dead in the middle of the peak of winter. Misty and Walter will find a breakthrough about where exactly Natalie is, and that will get them in touch with Lottie. Shauna and Taissa will have to find answers to questions that have been bothering them for a while. Taissa hopefully will be starting to seek help for her condition, while Shauna will try to be there for her family, but her killer instincts will keep resurfacing, making her family wonder what she is even capable of.

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