‘Woman Of The Dead’ Episode 6: Recap And Ending, Explained: Who Had Killed Mark? 

Previously in episode 5 of “Woman of the Dead,” we already saw Blum execute the fourth member of the group who used to torture and kill the young women. However, Blum was suspected when authorities were looking into these people’s disappearances since she was frequently found to be the last person these victims had seen alive with.

Spoilers Ahead

Did The Police Arrest Blum?

Many mysteries, including the real cause of Gerda’s absence, were solved in the sixth and last episode of “Woman of the Dead.” Gerda experienced this tragedy when she was very young. Sebastian wasn’t even present when she was summoned to the Schonborn Ropeway by her friend Edwin. Edwin’s buddies Ludwig, Bertl, and Jaunig were already present and led her to the ropeway. Suddenly, above the cliff, Edwin halted it and revealed his actual self. Inviting Gerda was part of his plan to exact revenge on her for her father’s refusal to collaborate with the Schonborns by giving them his land. All of these boys started torturing and assaulting Gerda sexually. Back in the present, we witness Blum being taken to the police station and interviewed by Wilhelm and a Federal Officer, Wallner. Wilhelm questioned if she had been at Jaunig’s house on the day he was burned. Blum reacted positively, stating that she had visited him with her daughter Nela. The important proof, however, was in the hands of Wallner, who showed it to Blum.

Johanna had given the police all the photographs of Blum taken by Edwin. As Wilhelm asked her about them, she chose not to answer. She was adamant that her meeting with Edwin and Jaunig had nothing to do with what had happened to them. Wilhelm urged her to give her exact whereabouts on the night Jaunig was slain, so Massimo backed her up and stated that she was with him that night at a bar. Blum had no more questions to answer, so the cops let her go. Wilhelm, on the other hand, was well aware that Massimo was attempting to cover for her. Massimo backed Blum and wanted a date night with her in return. He stated that his wife had left him, and they were on the brink of the end of their marriage; thus, their home would be empty. Blum didn’t want to go there, but she thought she should because Massimo had spared her from arrest. She even discussed it with Reza, who didn’t like the idea of her going to Massimo’s house. However, Blum had come to Massimo’s place as promised, and in the meantime, we saw her father-in-law, Karl, who had finally discovered the information about the black Range Rover. He discovered that his car had arrived at the shop where Mark’s bike was sent for repairs. He addressed the mechanic and inquired if he was the car’s driver who ran over his son. So, the mechanic answered him by revealing that cops had arrived earlier in his garage to pick up the black Range Rover. Therefore, it was clear that the driver of the Range Rover was a member of the police force. Karl understood that if a law enforcement officer himself had broken the law by killing an innocent person, it would be impossible to track down the killer.

Who Had Killed Mark? 

Previously, Reza had found that in the video where these four men were torturing a woman, a fifth man dressed in a black suit and a mask had arrived to kill her. He assumed that the fifth individual was Massimo, the perpetrator of these murders. As Karl got home and told Reza about the fact that the police had been involved in this murder, Reza felt he had his suspicions confirmed that the murderer was none other than Massimo. In the meantime, Massimo spoke briefly with Blum, sharing his knowledge of the circumstances surrounding her murder of all four offenders. Blum was shocked to learn that Massimo had been aware of these facts the entire time. She was compelled to share a private moment with him, but she quickly recognized that she was being intimate with a murderer. She discovered the Boy Scout emblem on Massimo’s body, which made her horrified to learn that Massimo was actually responsible for her husband’s death. She confronted him and questioned him about his connection to the four violent offenders who were torturing the women. Massimo replied that he was the fifth person who had actually killed them, as the other four simply had the guts to display their most repulsive traits but were not capable of committing a murder. It was actually Massimo who had arrived to execute Gerda after she was assaulted by those four. He was the one who had gathered these guys to form a group, swearing an oath by having this emblem stamped onto their bodies. Therefore, Massimo had to assume responsibility for killing Mark, as he had all the information to expose them. Blum was terrified and enraged, so she erred and held him at gunpoint, but she found that the gun was empty. Massimo questioned her, asking how she could possibly think that he would allow her to walk around him with a loaded gun. Massimo knocked her unconscious and drove her to the mountain, where they frequently carried out their nasty activities. Reza had also arrived at Massimo’s, while Blum was unable to return his calls. However, he then remembered that Blum once mentioned that these men used to take their victims to the mountain, so he hurried towards the mountain and eventually discovered their secret meeting site.

The moment Blum regained consciousness, she rushed to kill Massimo. Massimo grabbed Reza when he arrived at the location. While he was about to shoot him, Blum attacked him from behind, stabbing him with a knife. Though Blum had saved Reza’s life, he had been injured by a gunshot to his hand. Massimo was repeatedly stabbed by Blum as she vented her rage on him. Massimo had finally passed away, and Blum and her accomplice Reza returned to their house with Massimo’s body loaded into her car. She reassured Karl that the issue had been resolved, so he could put his worries to rest—at least temporarily. The following day, authorities discovered all these missing people’s possessions inside Massimo’s house, proving that he had burned down the priest, vanished Edwin, and removed Ludwig’s body. Blum was temporarily happy that she had been able to defend her family and bring justice against the murderer of her husband, but she would eventually lose that sense of relief because problems were awaiting her. The lack of a dead body prevented the local police from conducting an investigation, but the Federal Department wasn’t so willing to let the case go unattended. Wallner contacted Wilhelm and told him to hand her everything they had discovered in Massimo’s home so that she could carry on her investigation to find out who had actually killed all these five men.

Johanna had contacted Blum in the meantime, and it was clear from their conversation that Johanna wasn’t particularly pleased with Blum’s inadequate punishment for vanishing her son. Sebastian had previously given her a pen drive so she could witness the malicious actions her son had been involved in. Even though Johanna was upset by all of these things and was aware of all her son had done, she found it simple to forgive him. She had also been successful in getting her clients to agree to invest in their ski resort during this time; however, it appeared that her investor was not just a businessman but also a dangerous and powerful man. He told Johanna that he didn’t want any issues to come up at the ski resort because he had committed to investing in her company. So, he would be willing to get rid of anyone who might cause difficulties in their path. Their exchange of information made it evident that Johanna would most likely ask her investor to kill Blum and her family to avenge her son’s death. Therefore, we might see Blum in a more dangerous scenario, battling to preserve her life and her family from Johanna Schonborn in the next season of “Woman of the Dead.”

Final Words

“Woman of the Dead” was a really good series with a riveting storyline. It contained well-crafted sequences that kept you in suspense. The performances were excellent, and the plot was masterfully constructed to tie everything together at the climax, but it lacked a few antagonistic details and failed to portray an intriguing motive as to why the villains were torturing those young women. Just as Massimo needed a back story to explain why he was involved in such a crime, which was something this series lacked. Otherwise, this is a well-made thriller everyone should go for without hesitation. 

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