‘Woman Of The Dead’ Episode 5: Recap And Ending, Explained: Who Was The Fourth Guy Among The Group?

We previously saw Blum go to Puch’s restaurant to kill Bertl Puch in Episode 4 of “Woman of the Dead.” Bertl’s life had already been shortened by the toxic shot she had given him. However, Bertl continued to attack Blum and stabbed her with a knife till he passed away. He locked her up in a freezer, where Blum had called Reza to come to her aid. In “Woman of the Dead” Episode 5, we’ll find out if Reza was able to save her life.

Spoilers Ahead

The fifth episode of “Woman of the Dead” continues from where Episode 4 left off. Reza, as we can see, had gone to the bar’s kitchen area to help Blum and found Bertl unconscious. Blum was injured when he took her out of the freezer. Bertl approached them at that precise moment to attack, but Reza ended up shooting him with Mark’s revolver. Blum discovered that Reza had kept her husband’s gun the entire time, to which Reza claimed that he handed it to him the night before Mark was killed. Blum advised that they take the body with them because there wouldn’t be a crime if there was no body. Reza assisted in covering Blum’s wound with a bandage and removing all evidence of the crime. He placed the body in their car before leaving the scene. Reza pledged to always be by her side, but he wasn’t willing to kill everyone instead of informing the police. Blum had already killed three of these men, and the fourth was still alive, but she had no idea who it was. She had discovered that Zoe Blenc was not a person but rather a location. So, she went there the next morning and discovered Mr. Thiele. She spoke with Mr. Thiele, who provided her with some information regarding the Schonborns and their business. Schonborn had built ropeways to connect the entire territory of Zoe Blenc in order to take possession of it. This acreage contained Mr. Thiele’s land, which he refused to give them by showing them the evidence of his lease agreement. However, as a punishment, the Schonborns may have murdered his daughter Gerda. Thiele still regretted the decision that caused him to lose his daughter. Concerning his daughter’s disappearance, he blamed it on Sebastian Hackspiel, who worked for Schonborns. Blum tracked him down and went to his house to apprehend him. However, by the time she was able to catch him, she was becoming weak due to the rising pain of her wound. She urged Sebastian to strip so she could discover the symbol, but she eventually passed out from the pain. Sebastian escorted her to the hospital.

Massimo and Wilhelm, on the other hand, began looking into Bertl’s disappearance. They received a complaint from a neighbor who claimed to have heard some noise coming from his pub. Even while researching, Massimo discovered human blood and an earring on the floor. He discussed the situation with Wilhelm, who advised him to question the security guy. The security guy verified that he saw no suspicious activity, but he did notice a gray car passing by. Wilhelm cast his doubt on Blum, claiming that she had that car and must be connected in this case. Wilhelm was even aware of her past and how she had lost her parents. He was positive that it wasn’t just a coincidence.

Meanwhile, Blum regained consciousness in the hospital where she was being treated. She received a message on Edwin’s phone from the fourth guy, whom she mistook for Sebastian, but it wasn’t him. Doctor Ludwig, who had previously been shown in “Woman of the Dead” Episode 1 announcing Mark’s death, had come to her to find out how she had harmed herself. When he came out of the room, he discovered that every time he texted Edwin, the message was being received by Blum’s phone. We finally recognized that this doctor was the fourth person Blum was looking for.

Dr. Ludwig also realized that it was Blum who had killed each member of their group, so he took a high dosage of insulin in a syringe and went to meet Blum. He confessed to her that he enjoyed killing these young women as if it were his desire to see people die. When he was gloating about his dirty desire, he showed no regrets. He admitted that he did not run over Mark but that he could have saved him when he was taken to the hospital. But, because Mark had found the entire truth, it was necessary to eliminate him. Blum was collapsing from the large dose of insulin and appeared to be dying. After Ludwig left the room, Blum tried to gather strength and crawl on the floor to get out of the room. She took a cola drink and went back to her room, pretending to be dead. When Ludwig returned to see if she was still alive, Blum attacked him by strangling him with the IV set. She had strangled him to death by the time Reza arrived to save her. Sebastian had called him to the hospital. He assisted Blum in concealing the body and loading it into their car to return home. Blum arrived at the house satisfied that all four people had received the punishment they deserved. She gazed at her children and felt relieved that she had been able to keep them safe. She may have been to blame for her foster parents’ deaths, but she did not end up like them; instead, she reared their children and respected their wishes. She was also strict, but just to protect her children. Unlike her father, she had never endangered her children’s lives.

In the concluding scene of “Woman of the Dead” Episode 5, we see Sebastian approaching Blum with a pen drive he discovered in Edwin’s photo gallery. He admitted to Blum that he knew Gerda but had nothing to do with her disappearance. He received a lot of criticism after Gerda went missing, but only Schonborn gave him a new lease on life. Therefore, he was obliged to work for Schonborns and did something that he never wanted to do, but he had no alternative. When he located the pen drive, he realized what crime Edwin Schonborn had been involved in. He urged Blum to go to the police with this information so that these people might be punished. Blum took the drive and played it to discover how these guys had turned on the girls and photographed them. She heard her doorbell ring after a few moments. When she opened the door, Wilhelm was there to take her into custody.

Blum discovered these videos, which had four males wearing animal masks, but the question is if all four were in the video, who was filming them? However, since Wilhelm had already arrived at her home to take her into custody, it appeared that Blum would struggle to prove her innocence to the police. Let us investigate this in the sixth and last episode of “Woman of the Dead.”

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