‘Woman Of The Dead’ Episode 4: Recap And Ending, Explained: What Happened To Bertl Puch?

Previously, in Episode 3 of “Woman of the Dead,” we saw that Blum had murdered both the church priest Jaunig and Edwin Schonborn. She had been followed by a gray Volvo dispatched by Schonborn, which had increased Blum’s level of worry. Let’s see if she might discover Mrs. Schonborn’s motivation for spying on her.

Spoilers Ahead

The fourth episode of “Woman of the Dead” opens with a flashback to Blum’s childhood, during which we learn how strict her foster parents were. Her father was an undertaker as well, and he was showing her daughter how to sew a corpse’s mouth closed. She was too terrified to do it and opted not to, so as a punishment, her father ordered her to spend some time inside the coffin. Her flashback seems to show that her childhood was spent leading a hard lifestyle influenced by her parents. She may not have wanted to be an undertaker like her father, but her parents compelled her to be, which harmed her mental health and caused her to live in trauma. We returned to the present, where Blum had already discovered who owned the gray Volvo. Meanwhile, Mrs. Schonborn continued to press Wilhelm to find out where her son Edwin was, but he was unable to respond. The investigation revealed that the tire tracks of Edwin’s Porsche had been found near the house where Jaunig had been burned. So he expressed his suspicion that Edwin was involved in the priest’s murder. Mrs. Schonborn completely dismissed these suspicions, telling him that her son had vanished and that his life was in jeopardy, so there was no way Edwin could have killed the priest.

Mrs. Schonborn was required to attend a conference regarding their business deal to make a ski resort in the Alps. This conference was supposed to be attended by her son, but now she had to do everything by herself. Blum followed Johanna to her conference. While she exited her hotel to see off her clients Blum discovered her kissing Bertl Puch, implying that they must be in a relationship. However, Johanna had already sketched out a master plan as well, so it wasn’t just Blum who was following her. Johanna had one of her men abduct Blum’s son after school. Knowing the whole situation, Blum was furious and hurried into Schonborn’s company to face Johanna. When Blum questioned her about the whereabouts of her son, Johanna eventually admitted that she had been keeping a watch on her ever since learning that Blum was the last one to meet with Edwin before his disappearance. As Edwin had the habit of saving the photographs in his system, Johanna was able to get all of Blum’s photographs that Edwin had taken. Blum made the false claim that she went to Edwin’s because she was smitten by his photography but discovered there that he was nothing but a sexual predator. Therefore, she threatened to report Johanna to the police for harassment and kidnapping if she didn’t tell her where her son was. Johanna was forced to inform her where her kid was kept, so Blum rushed towards the spot and found her son. But she was unable to locate the man dispatched by Johanna.

Massimo discovered a dead body in the river a few days later, and Blum recognized it as Dunja’s. She didn’t tell Massimo that she knew her, but she was scared to see Dunja dead. Massimo wanted to date Blum because his relationship with his wife was deteriorating, and they couldn’t even produce a baby because of her complications. Blum was more certain after Dunja’s death that she needed to kill the other two guys of the group, and one of them was Bertl Puch, as she had seen him earlier talking to the priest about Edwin’s disappearance. She stuffed a syringe containing a lethal chemical into her bag. On her drive to Puch’s restaurant, a flashback of her life was shown to us. When she was a young woman, her abusive foster parents were with her when she was on the boat in the middle of the sea. They teased her for not picking up a good bottle of wine. But as soon as they got off the boat to swim, Blum took the ladder up and left them to die in the water. Her parents began to scream for help, but Blum paid no attention. As a result, her parents’ deaths were not accidental; Blum was the one who had ultimately killed them. This particular occurrence suggested that Blum had a killer instinct all along. Her father’s authority and her mother’s ignorance had mentally tormented her, turning her into a monster inside. Though she had changed after finding the right guy and family, Mark’s death hit her at a vulnerable point and turned her into a killer once again.

When Blum arrived at Puch’s, she discovered that Bertl Puch had closed his hotel bar. She approached him and asked him to accompany her to the pub. Bertl welcomed her and offered her a mojito, but Blum swiftly took the syringe out of her bag and poked it into his neck. Bertl tried to settle himself, but he couldn’t even stand due to the poison inside his body. When Blum tried to capture him, he took a knife and wounded her in the leg. Bertl gathered himself and took her into a walk-in freezer. Blum was in more danger at the end of “Woman of the Dead” episode 4, and her only escape was death. She was imprisoned in a freezer, where she made a plea for assistance, but no one could hear her. She might have called Reza, who was the only one she could trust. But outside of the freezer, Bertl might have alerted the police or his other accomplices, who could have arrived and dealt with Blum in a similar manner to how they dealt with Dunja. We will therefore learn what fate has in store for Blum in the upcoming episodes.

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