‘Woman Of The Dead’ Episode 3: Recap And Ending, Explained: Why Did Blum Kill The Priest?

Blum had previously discovered the photographer with a Polaroid camera who had taken some ominous and unsettling pictures of dead victims in episode 2 of “Woman of the Dead.” She ran into Mrs. Schonborn’s son, the photographer Edwin Schonborn, and nearly knocked him out. Let’s see if Edwin makes it out alive or if Blum has finished him off.


Spoilers Ahead

“Woman of the Dead” Episode 3 begins as Blum puts Edwin’s unconscious body in a casket and transports it to her funeral home. She continued to shock him while keeping him inside the impenetrable box. As a result, Edwin couldn’t last long. Blum opened the box and discovered him dead. When she tried to unlock his phone, she discovered his mother’s missed calls. She dismembered Edwin and placed him in a box. During the process, she discovered the same symbol on Mark’s body she had seen on the priest’s arm. She photographed it and presented it to Dunja, who was angry to see that Blum wasn’t finished with her inquiry. Dunja forewarned her as she noticed a gray Volvo parked outside her house, possibly someone from the Schonborns, keeping an eye on them. Meanwhile, Blum remembered Edwin’s camera, which she had forgotten in Edwin’s secret gallery. She ran toward the place and discovered it. But, in the meantime, Edwin’s mother came, and Blum managed to flee the scene, hiding. She returned to her funeral home, where she displayed all the photographs of the camera, one of which was of Priest Jaunig. She presented the photo to Dunja, but she couldn’t place him because they had all been wearing masks. Blum was convinced that the priest was involved in tormenting these women and killing her husband, so on the very next day, she went to his place with Nela.


While Nela was apologizing for her behavior at school, Blum kept her gaze on the Priest. Jaunig was baffled to see that Blum was suspicious of him, so he told them to leave. However, Blum wasn’t done yet; she followed him to the church and hid behind the walls, only to discover that Bertl Puch had arrived to speak with the Priest. Both of them appeared to be participating in a big scheme that included Dunja’s kidnapping and the murder of Mark. She exited the church and followed Jaunig to his home. She went to Jaunig’s residence and told him she had killed a man. She inquired about her husband’s death, but Jaunig refused to speak to her. While she tied him up and questioned him about their dirty business, Jaunig was unable to reveal anything. Therefore, Blum set him on fire, resulting in his death. Blum had gone insane that night. She got drunk at a bar and noticed Massimo staring at her. They exited the pub and had a brief intimate experience, but Blum quickly realized she couldn’t do it because Massimo had a wife and Blum was still in love with Mark even though he would never come back to her.

When she returned home, she saw that Dunja had vanished. Blum was terrified after hearing about her escape since she assumed that if Dunja was out there, she would face a lot of problems and may not even be alive. Blum and Nela were driving to Nela’s school the next morning when they came across the gray car, which was keeping an eye on her house. Blum tried to follow it, but the car sped away. They arrived at the priest’s funeral, where Blum discovered a boy scout emblem that matched the one in Priest Jaunig’s arm. She was horrified to see that and wondered if she had killed the wrong person. She began to regret her actions and became ill as a result of her guilt and anxiety. While she was throwing up, she noticed Bertl Puch, who had previously come to meet the Priest in the church, seated directly in front of her. She begged Massimo to look at the number plate of a gray Volvo that had been following her for fewer days. After Blum and Nela had arrived home, Reza told her about the vehicle that had once again driven close to their house, and that the driver might have broken into their home. Blum was completely perplexed by all of these events, and she was at a loss as to who might actually be playing the game. Massimo informed her that the gray Volvo belonged to Mrs. Schonborn, who had her men keep an eye on Blum. Blum suspected Johanna of knowing something, which prompted her to spy on Blum. What was it that she was aware of? Let’s find out in the next episode of “Woman of the Dead.”


If Johanna Schonborn had suspicions about Blum, she might have gotten information indicating that Blum was the murderer of her son. On the other hand, we’ve already seen Karl, Blum’s father-in-law, begin to inquire about a black Range Rover in this town, which could lead him to the actual killer. In the next episode, we may see Blum connect the dots to figure out who murdered her husband and why.

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