‘Wolf Pack’ Major Characters, Explained: How Did Harlan, Luna, Blake And Everett Accept Their Union?

“Wolf Pack” had a compelling plot, fascinating characters, and an intriguing psychological viewpoint to explore in its earlier episodes, but as the series progressed, the plotline grew lethargic, the characters ended up exactly where they had started, and no real plot twist emerged. We may have all assumed from the beginning that Kristin Ramsey (Sarah Michelle Gellar) would have some type of link to the pack, and it ultimately turned out rather predictably that she was the most notorious mother wolf who took on a human shape in order to find out about her son. Even we could tell at the conclusion that the pack had found their father, who was none other than Garrett (Rodrigo Santoro). Although I’m not sure how much of this makes sense, yes, it is what happened at the end of “Wolf Pack: rather than revealing who was the real father of Harlan and Luna, the story took a turn, and through the transmutation process, Ramsey wanted Garrett to turn into a werewolf to complete their pack. The identity of the anonymous caller and his relationship with the pack were both kept secrets until “Wolf Pack” season 2, so we don’t even have any idea who he would be.


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How Did Harlan, Luna, Blake, And Everett Accept Their Union?

In season 1 of “Wolf Pack,” each member of the pack was introduced to us. Two of them were Harlan (Tyler Lawrence Gray) and Luna (Chloe Rose Robertson), who were the inherent werewolves discovered nearly twenty years ago at a wildfire by a firefighter named Garrett. Two additional werewolves were developed with Blake (Bella Shepard) and Everett (Armani Jackson) twenty years later at another wildfire. After Harlan and Luna’s long-lost brother, Baron, morphed into a violent werewolf, he bit Blake and Everett and turned them into werewolves. However, becoming werewolves isn’t something these two are used to, so they struggle to accept their destiny. We knew right away that Everett had a major problem with panic attacks, but instead of stifling them, he sought help. But after this horrible transformation had occurred within him, it was able to eliminate his anxiety. Moreover, Everett developed tremendous strength, implying that his strength provided him with confidence, which assisted him in curing his panic attacks. But he still didn’t have an easy life.


Towards the end of “Wolf Pack” season 1, his parents mistreated him and admitted him to the hospital without even trying to understand what their son’s real problem was. Blake received the same treatment; during their moment of self-discovery, she and Everett grew closer. The two of them understood and welcomed one another’s vulnerability despite their disparate lifestyles, but Blake wasn’t yet courageous enough to jump into situations the way Everett did. Everett understood that with this superpower, he could change certain things in nature, such as becoming a protector of the weak, but Blake was solely worried about the negative sides, considering how Baron killed every night despite his best efforts to do good. Blake withdrew from pursuing Everett because of this. She was currently most concerned about protecting her brother, who was her main priority, but Ramsey’s proposition worried her.

Danny, her brother, would be cured of autism if he underwent the transformation to become a werewolf as well. Blake must now decide which option she will give her brother. From the beginning to the conclusion, Harlan and Luna maintained the same facial expressions. Almost everyone got familiar with Harlan having a short fuse, and he remained the same till the end, except for his friendship with Everett and his view of their group as a wolf pack. Yet, Luna has always wore a guilty-looking expression, so I truly don’t know what’s going on with her. She had a troubled past with the murder of one of her horses, which may have been the cause of her seeming more uptight than even Everett was. Although at the start, she believed in her heart that she had found her pack, up until the end of the season, we see her in a different frame of mind, which may be the result of her ordeal after seeing Baron, her brother, suffer from pain.


They had all accepted one another and understood that their union was predestined, but even though they were werewolves, they couldn’t act like a pack of fierce wolves simply because they were. Instead, they discovered how to control their inner beast, a process in which Garrett played a significant role. These four werewolves are on a quest to master their inner wild monsters in order to maintain harmony and cohabit peacefully with humans in the world.

What Would Drive Garrett To Change Into A Werewolf?

Kristin Ramsey, a werewolf disguised as an arson investigator, is a very shady character. She gave us a hint that she was connected to the wildfire and the pack of wolves right from the start. Finally, in a rather bizarre way, we learned that she was the mother wolf who had lost her son Baron in the wildfire twenty years earlier. She started the fire in recent times to uncover where to find her son, but the fire made matters worse and strengthened Baron’s drive to hunt and his appetite for human blood. He became aggressive due to the heat, which is why, towards the conclusion, we see that only a drop in temperature could make him convert back into a human. We are still not convinced by Kristin, despite her assurances that she would not harm anyone, as we witness her killing the security guy, whose life she has no justification for taking. This series came to an insane conclusion with little explanation of what Kristin was actually doing. Was she really a mother, or was her only goal to start a pack? Or, Presumably, she made Garrett and Danny werewolves for some sort of villainous reason. We’re still baffled as to why Garrett would take the deal and transform into a werewolf. If he did it to win Harlan’s love, that would be a really ludicrous reason. Unfortunately, we will need to wait until “Wolf Pack” season 2 is out in order to find a satisfying conclusion and have all of our doubts resolved.


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