‘Wolf Pack’ Episode 8: Recap And Ending, Explained: Why Did Ramsey Ask Garrett To Join Her Pack?

Previously in episode 7 of “Wolf Pack,” we saw Everett determine who would be the werewolf’s likely next victim, and it turned out to be Austin, considering how he had behaved towards Blake earlier at the party. Austin was harsh, but the four of them couldn’t just let him get killed by the werewolf. In order to eventually transform the werewolf back into a human, they came up with a plan. They captured the werewolf after luring him into a walk-in freezer. The four of them held off the werewolf’s immense strength until its heart rate dropped and it returned to its human form. As the howling stopped, suggesting that the werewolf had succumbed to the cold, Austin brought the silver-dipped knife and stabbed Baron’s chest. Let’s see if we can learn more about Baron and his origin in this final episode of “Wolf Pack” and discover why he was compelled to kill every night.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Started The Wildfire? Who Was Ramsey?

The most confusing journey we’ve ever experienced in “Wolf Pack” was Episode 8, which left us trying to figure out a lot of unanswered details. This episode opens with the wounded Baron, whose blood now contains silver as a result of the stabbing, having hallucinations in which he lives each of the pack members’ lives. He first found himself as Everett experiencing panic attacks in the hospital, and then he found himself as Blake in her father’s car as her parents were arguing. Nonetheless, he always perceived Garrett as his father and Ramsey as his mother each time he encountered their parents, indicating that he could only see them if they were either already members of their pack or soon would be. He eventually discovered himself in the different moments of Harlan and Luna’s lives, where they discovered they were still capable of cruel deeds despite being humans. He slowly started to regain consciousness and return to reality as we saw him still lying on the bed, bleeding. Everett was unsure of how to keep him alive, but he soon received a call from that anonymous source, who offered to help by pleading with them to remove the silver from his body so that he might survive. Yet he also said that once Baron passed away, their problem would be solved, and all four of them would once again become humans. Blake wished for everything to return to normal, so she persuaded Everett to let Baron die. Nevertheless, Everett couldn’t let someone die just for his personal gain. Everett and Blake were left alone with Baron as Harlan and Luna went outside to check on Cyrus, who had been taken into custody. Cyrus admitted to Harlan that he was responsible for the wildfire that occurred twenty years ago. He started the fire in an effort to learn more about his father, but it ended up killing him and harming the wolf pack, for which mother wolf Ramsey is now seeking retribution. After connecting the dots, Harlan and Luna had doubts about Ramsey. Blake and Everett, meanwhile, made the assumption that Ramsey was aware of the werewolves because, following the fire, she was constantly in their vicinity shaking their hands, which might have been a sign that she was marking them as safe. Garrett finally learned about Baron from Harlan and Luna, which prompted him to run to his house and rush Baron to the hospital, but Blake didn’t accompany them. As she got home, she learned that Danny would be taken away from her. Ramsey counseled her to consider Danny’s recovery, by which she meant that she intended to transform Danny into a werewolf so that he might return to normal. Since Blake didn’t want her brother to turn into a vengeful monster as she had, she was unable to show her approval for this weird idea.


The FBI stepped in to conduct an investigation after discovering all of the dead bodies at the building site. Everett was brought to a hospital center for his mental health while the police detained Harlan on suspicion that he killed officer Miller. Nevertheless, it was later discovered that Malcolm, who had previously been seen in episode 6 explaining the wildfire, had taken Baron to a deserted location in order to finish him off. He disclosed that the recent wildfire was started by Baron’s mother in an effort to identify her son. Ramsey, the mother wolf, started the wildfire in an effort to track down Baron, who was the one who was attacked in the blaze and transformed into a monstrous werewolf.

Why Did Ramsey Ask Garrett To Join Her Pack?

Ramsey rushed directly to the location where Baron was taken after receiving a tip from the anonymous caller. But she had to deal with Malcolm, who wanted to kill her. Garrett eventually showed up and was able to save Baron’s life after numerous gunshots. As Garrett pointed his gun at Ramsey, she revealed herself to be the mother of Harlan, Luna, and Baron. She also outlined the unique supernatural abilities that each member of the group possessed. As Harlan and Luna had their heightened senses of sound and smell, Baron had the power of transmutation, enabling him to transform a human into a werewolf. Since Garrett finally trusted Ramsey, Malcolm interfered and attacked them, but he was knocked unconscious by the two of them. Ramsey told Garrett that a certain type of predator that is present in any ecosystem is essential to that environment. She suggested that he transform into a werewolf and join their pack. By doing this, Garrett would win Harlan’s love, which he had always desired, and Ramsey would create a pack, or family, as they like to call it. Although it was unclear whether Garrett accepted the offer or not, we can see that Baron was about to assault him in order to turn him into a werewolf.


Expectations From Season 2

The first season of “Wolf Pack” had a lot more to say at the beginning, as well as some extremely interesting characters and a psychological angle to explore, but nothing transpired by the end of the season. We can see that no real revelation has come to light, and those which came out were pretty much predictable from the beginning. Everything seems to have been preserved for season 2’s unveiling, including the identity of the anonymous caller, whether the pack’s father would return or not, and whether it is appropriate for the pack to include Garrett in their cruel act. We anticipate finding all of the answers in season 2, although its release has not yet been announced. So keep on waiting for “Wolf Pack” to return with its next season in order to ultimately reach a satisfying finish.

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